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When the glint didn’t go away, he figured either way he was fucked.

is the obvious one: it has to be Winteriron. won’t put them at risk.”, Tony nodded. Their night ends better than either of them expected. “Well, yeah. Bucky found videos of Tony talking online, and those helped a bit. Clint She patted the cushion next to her. Be all romantic and forties about it. Like every time the Winter Solider comes out, he follows Tony everywhere and is constantly touching him. His legs were shorter than Bucky’s but excitement was making him walk fast enough that Bucky had to make an effort to keep up. Give me your gorgeous works and let me share them with the world. everyone assumes your straightness.

person B: oh, this? This is a 100% no stress, no restrictions event! “What’s up?” Bucky asked, curiosity driving him to jog across traffic to see what had KT so worked up. He knew he’d probably get busted down to traffic cop for his trouble, but it was the right thing to do. So Bucky got more immersed in it, found what sounds he liked and what ones he didn’t, what channels were the best. Rhodey laughing every time the team says that it’s bc Tony doesn’t want to embarass himself. And Tony being Tony waltzes in and just burrows in the Solider’s chest because he’s warm and Tony is so tired. Tony. All of which meant that Bucky had given himself permission to not be on duty during this dinner – he wasn’t going to try to glean more information about Tony’s operations or ask any probing questions so he couldn’t make the conflict of interest any worse. Art for the perfection that is Potrix' entry for the Winteriron Big Bang 2015 "Love Is For Suckers" ♥, Art for Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar)'s absolutely ingenius entry for the Winteriron Big Bang 2015 "Last Toast" ♥, You also HAVE to check out the absolutely gorgeous art by chrisdoritoevans (Popcornzoe). Next open prompt day TBA. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

You have an abundance of winteriron feels, a new headcanon or a funny, cute or maybe even smutty prompt idea? What that had to do with appreciating the community Bucky had no idea; it’s not like Tony was giving away the cars he stole…right? how are you? You’ve got six weeks to break out your skills and make some amazing fills. He glanced at the clock, saw that they had a few minute before people were supposed to arrive and dipped his head for a quick kiss. “Your Natasha could be fucking with (P.S. further every moment, Natasha picked Bucky. Little does he know Tony is none other than Tony Stark, the richest man in the world. “I’ll be working with you today, name’s John Johnson.” As Bucky stared at him in disbelief, the man sighed. Give me your gorgeous works and let me share them with the world. And of course Steve ask Bucky if it bothers him. Natasha pulled a vial out of her pocket and tossed it at James was the first to fall, finding the anomaly that was Tony Stark breath-taking and stimulating all at once.

A few interviews even had him using that deep, raspy voice that gave Bucky tingles.

His eyes trailed down the line of Tony’s throat, to the shadowed divot at the base of Tony’s throat; Bucky wanted to put his tongue there and taste Tony’s skin. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. “‘I wasn’t Hydra’s agent. like, around 8 pm on Friday? , Hit reblog so this hits the eyes of all your friends and fave creators! “Does this mix with alcohol well or do we Ask him out.”, Clint threw a cookie at Bucky. Anonymous said: Truth serum, angst, happy ending, go wild! Are you ready for this? “So I don’t talk to anyone about SI, not even Rhodey.”. Sure, it was reasonable, in theory. “I thought he was dating Pepper.” Bucky fiddled with his spoon as he stared at his oatmeal. Prompts Currently CLOSED. Bucky had come to grips with the fact that he didn’t understand half of what went on around him, and just grew to accept it. It’s irrational, this fear Tony has that he’ll be judged for every little imperfection, this idea he has stuck in his head that no matter how hard he works, how hard he tries, he’ll inevitably fail and disappoint and not be good enough. About mostly pointless things, really. A week or so later, Bucky met KT up for their usual shift and was surprised to see that the normally taciturn man was visibly excited, rocking back and forth on his heels as he waited. Art, Moodboards, Songlists, Meta, Fic?

But his voice was soft and perfect, and Bucky was able to lose track of the time listening to it. And Bucky almost snaps and says “If you ruin this for me, Rogers, I will beat your ass again and leave you in that river”. At least that way, he’ll know exactly who he’s fighting for.

Especially when your voice gets deep and whispery like… when you’re tired or something.” Bucky felt his cheeks heat. so, this blog hasn’t been active in quite a while, but i’m interested in bringing it back to life once i go on summer break. Any questions you have, I’ll gladly answer, don’t be shy, this is supposed to be fun so hit that Ask Box liberally. Natasha and wasn’t likely to die right then and there. WinterIron one shots Fanfiction.

because i’m not. And included some lesser known fics, since apparently I haven’t read as many as I thought I had!

You’re a fan of their uncanny ability to fill every situation with drama and angst? They manage to keep their relationship private from fans and media for a whole year before Tony blows it by interrupting Bucky in the middle of a live broadcast. Following this post, another will appear in the next few days containing three prompts per day of the week that will run from the 22nd of July to the 28th of July. Who incidentally was the one who built his new metal arm.

Tony can't say no to that offer, because there's just something special about Bucky. Yet he doesn't exactly expect to accidentally hit someone with his car. Since he knew he wouldn’t be coming back to this apartment, provided as part of his cover, he packed up everything he couldn’t bear to lose. All the time. Trusting people and getting fucked over, and SI getting