As the demon-possessed truck driver opened the driver door to the Impala, a conscious but injured Sam Winchester pointed the Colt at him. The Winchesters were left fighting for their lives in the Supernatural Season 1 finale. Watch your favorite shows on fuboTV: Watch over 67 live sports and entertainment channels with a 7-day FREE trial! We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. John Winchester was Sam and Dean's father, and husband to Mary Winchester. If Dean stays, he will become the thing the Winchesters hunt. It turns out she was the reaper and wants Dean to crossover with her. you will find out what has happened in season 2 episode 9 and 10 Bobby needs to salvage it. In a couple of episodes later on they had a younger John Winchester, but not played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Plot Jo first meets Sam and Dean Winchester in the second season episode "Everybody Loves a Clown".

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At this time, it was unknown to him that his father Henry Winchester belonged to a secret society called the Men of Letters, as had his grandfather and his great-grandfather before him. Henry was a member of the Men of Letters, who intended to induct John into the order when he was old enough. Did you expect to see the twist at the end of the episode? 4 years ago. It doesn’t look like Dean will survive this. Mon-El, Saturn Girl & Brainiac 5 suit up in new Supergirl images. It all started with the aftermath of the crash. What if John Winchester was the one to die on the ceiling in the pilot episode? John also reveals that he knows all about YED’s plans for Sammy, but he’s definitely not there to kill Yellow-Eyes. It’s a complete write-off, but Sam makes it clear that Dean will rebuild Baby with just one working piece. Henry Winchester was a member of the Men of Letters.He was thefather of John Winchester and thepaternal grandfather ofDean, Sam, and Adam Milligan. Henry also states that he bought John a little music box which played \"As Time Goes By\" fro… John was born in Normal, Illinois, to Millie and Henry Winchester. He summons the Yellow-Eyed Demon with a deal: take John instead of Dean. Dean is returned to his body, with no memory of being a spirit. John was born in 1954, presumably in Normal, Illinois, as this is where we see John Winchester when he was younger at the start of As Time Goes By. John leaves, with the offer of the Colt, just as Yellow-Eyes wanted.