In 1915, during World War I, the Liberal H.H. Well said, Mr Sayer! The contents of this site are ©2020 Capitol Hill Publishing Corp., a subsidiary of News Communications, Inc. How to clean up the mess we've made that's orbiting the Earth, American Affairs editor: Republican Party focused on working class 'is really the only plausible future', Director of People's Action: Democrats need to embrace populism to win rural America. Lib Dem Newswire is a "must read" (Telegraph) and "excellent" (Vince Cable). But the more important point is it now has a Grade 6 reading score. It is why the last paper the party published on its core philosophy, in 2002, was called It’s About Freedom. A fourth proposal by the platform committee calls to eliminate regulations on “over-the-counter” contraceptives to help prevent unwanted pregnancies. […], […] Want to know more about what the Liberal Democrats believe? Our belief in the dispersal of power also affects many other aspects of modern life, including access to justice, corporate governance (including the rights of employees and shareholders and the obligations of companies to local communities), and the distribution of media ownership. Inequality itself undermines the ability of everyone, throughout society, to live a good life. gregjudge Glad you like it! We believe in the essential goodness and improvability of humankind – that, given the opportunity, in most circumstances most people will choose to do good rather than harm. Then join thousands of others in reading my free monthly email newsletter Liberal Democrat Newswire: […] Now I’m publishing a companion piece to go with it, on what the Liberal Democrats believe and the roots of those beliefs. Communities enable individuals to join together in the pursuit of common goals or activities, in the defence of their views, or simply to enjoy each other’s company; they are the main way through which people express their identity. […].

This is because of the need to deal both with market failure and with government failure, and because the appropriate level of state involvement, and the size of the state, varies so widely over time and across areas of activity.

Like to know more about the Lib Dems? […], […] New to the party? LDN #47 is out: do big name overseas political signings work? ‘Equality before the law’ was one of the great rallying cries of the Whigs, our seventeenth- and eighteenth-century forebears; and 150 years ago, in one of the few feminist classics to be written by a man, The Subjection of Women, John Stuart Mill argued ‘that the principle which regulates the existing social relations between the two sexes – the legal subordination of one sex to another – is wrong in itself, and now one of the chief hindrances to human improvement’. We also argue for effective international institutions, such as the United Nations and its agencies. […]. In an increasingly uncertain world, the security and prosperity of the UK and its citizens requires cooperation with the country’s neighbours, not withdrawal from them. A pdf version of ‘What the Liberal Democrats believe’ is available here. The Liberal Democrats are the heirs to two great reformist traditions in British politics – those of liberalism and of social democracy. Like all political philosophies, ours is based on a view of human nature. Liberal Democrats trust individuals to make their own decisions about how they live their lives; no one else, whether politicians, clerics or bureaucrats, should have the right to decide for them how they should live. By all means do share it with your local party, Is it a blank piece of paper (with ‘Vote Us Back In, Please’ in the corner?

Libertarians have faith in the free market and believe that there’s little the government can do to pressure businesses or individuals that would be better than the power of the “Invisible Hand.”. And in the free market, companies live and die without the help of the government, so no bailouts. Liberals demonstrated a willingness to adopt radical and often innovative approaches to reform, which often brought them close to the ideological space occupied by the Labour Party, though their social and political analysis was not rooted in class loyalty. And just as individuals’ rights and relations are most effectively protected when they are underpinned by a system of law, so relations between the peoples of the world are most successful and fair when they are based on law, and a system which is as democratic as possible.