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Starting from the intersection of NC 280 and US 276, here are our top places to see: Find six waterfalls in Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, with short, guided hikes "off the beaten path" with the. These are the best places for budget-friendly waterfalls in Pisgah Forest: Continue your visit to, "So accessible, so Beautiful, its rushing crystal clear waters drop magnificently into a deep, "The 60-foot falls are right along US 276 as it winds up toward.

Looking Glass Falls is found about nine miles into the Pisgah National Forest on 276. I ran into others on the trail that also said they got lost. This is a roadside pull off. Known as one of the best waterfalls in all of Western North Carolina, Looking Glass Falls is a great spot for a hike and for incredible pictures. We don’t like SPAM and promise to keep your email safe. There are also several species of wildlife including White-Tailed Deer, Black Bears, Eastern Spotted Skunks, Peregrine Falcons, Hellbenders (Giant Salamander) and American Beavers. To get a closer look just head down the wooden stairs to another platform located at the base of the creek. more, #12 of 14 Nature & Parks in Pisgah Forest. Mostly flat and easy. The fourth of the Little River Falls, Hooker Falls only has about an eleven foot drop. a mini-version of Sliding Rock (see panorama shot below).

. I started driving when the night was really dark, the never-ending rain and the thick fog reduced the visibility and suddenly, everything changed … With the first light, the bright colors of autumn were visible, when I was finally able to stop I found a small waterfall at the edge of the road.

Looking Glass is literally right off the road and viewable from a platform that sits about halfway up the 60 foot (97 m) drop of the falls. During the summer you can swim in the creek but it can get very crowded which is why we made it our first stop of the day. Bridal Veil Falls – Featured in the Last of the Mohicans and The Hunger Games, this waterfall is pretty easy to access due to the two newly-opened routes. The name "Graveyard Fields" originates from a time when a great windstorm felled hundreds of spruce and fir trees in the area. No harm done as the rocks are smooth but it will get your attention. If going in the fall be very careful with your step, the leaves make it super slippery, and they weren’t even wet today. These scenic drives and maps take you to the best waterfall road trips to enjoy in western North Carolina near Asheville, including the Blue Ridge Parkway. I didn’t feel like it was overly crowded even with a pretty full parking lot, but we got there early-ish on a weekday and maybe all of those people were also lost? There are two options you can choose from, a 2-mile (3.2 km) or a 4.2-mile (6.8 km) loop hike. Scenic Loop Drive from AshevilleThis area is along a scenic loop drive from Asheville: take I-240 West / I-26 East. This is actually a popular place for people to take a dip at the base of the fall.

This is the National Forest 475 Road and it quickly turns into a not so smooth gravel road. I had no idea The Hunger Games was partly filmed in North Carolina. Close to the turnaround point you have to rock hop over some water.

There were areas near the top of Cedar Rock where it was a bit difficult to find or follow the trail, going back down, but I had my phone and backup GPS, so I figured it out without too much trouble. One of the four districts, "Pisgah Ranger District," is a favorite area of ours for hiking and waterfalls, especially along the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway! Started out chilly but the sun and hiking warmed us up quick. To make the effect even more dramatic you can walk behind the falls or even walk right under them (the rocks are very slick so be careful). Some are visible right off the road while others require a long and arduous (but always beautiful) journey to discover. Lots of mud and some very rocky areas going up to the top of the falls, but a good fun hike. Red and golden leaves in fall beautifully contrast with the soothing green of hemlocks. Directed by Gary Ross. Very rooty and some mud but not bad at all.

You will need to hike about 1.5 miles to get to the viewing area, after driving two miles once you enter Gorges State Park. Haha. Pretty falls at the top. Not only did we discover hidden gems but got gloriously lost in the bargain! There is a wood marquis that says “MOORE COVE” along the bottom that confirms you’re at the right stop. You will want to go past the Cove Creek camping parking lot on the gravel road until the road ends. As a rowdy young man Sheffey suddenly found God at a local revival and spent his remaining days traveling the central Appalachian region tirelessly spreading the word of God. A few other waterfall hikes to enjoy in the Pisgah National Forest include: None of the mentioned waterfall hikes found within Pisgah National Forest are overly difficult. This waterfall is very popular, as there is no hiking necessary to see it, making it quite accessible.

Here is a list of things we recommend you bring for the Pisgah National Forest: 17 Things to do on Chincoteague Island, VA, 27 Things to Enjoy Along the Upper Outer Banks, North Carolina, 32 Things to Enjoy Along the Middle Outer Banks, North Carolina. What is your favorite forest, park or waterfall? The 500,000+ acres of Pisgah National Forest surrounding Asheville feature some of the most beautiful and rugged mountain scenery, and the best recreational opportunities in eastern North America. It's an easy drive from Asheville, and it's near the town of Brevard (with restaurants, gas, supplies). Rainbow Falls is known as one of the most amazing choices in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Highly recommended! A short pathway from the parking area takes you to the observation platform overlooking the waterfalls. Some are very tall, while others provide a smaller waterfall with cascading levels.

Waterfall Hikes Found in Pisgah National Forest. There is a platform above the slide and one at the base.

If you are coming to North Carolina to visit waterfalls for the 1st time, this would be an excellent area to begin your journey.

Everything you want in a trail - wooded areas, grassy areas. Now I want to plan a trip and go see all the waterfalls. The trail itself is littered with exposed tree roots (one of my favorite sights), lush forests, creek crossings and rocky paths. 28803. . You will find 500,000 acres of hiking trails, waterfalls, and whitewater rivers. There are so many waterfalls in Western NC you could spend a lifetime finding all of them .

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This is the Land of the Waterfalls with hiking, biking and famous Sliding Rock. This hike can be combined with either the hike to the waterfall on Clawhammer Creek, or Twin Falls on Henry Branch - or both! I enjoyed reading your content and the tie-ins with the movies. Asheville, NC It’s also known as a popular place for swimming and provides access year-round. I mention this because it does not have a clear sign to look for so you might not even notice it on your way. The sliding rock looks amazing! Lots to see. It's steep and can be dangerous if you aren't careful. Here’s a look at some of the other waterfall hikes you can enjoy.