Firefox or IE10 (or newer). Where to submit a well record. Alberta Water Wells map makes use of some of the latest in browser technology, and works best on Chrome, Safari, Retrieved [date of retrieval], from I could dedicate an entire website just to the stories that I can tell you! Well Diagram. A list of the wells will show up on the right side in a table. Data provided through this website are preliminary in nature. The owner name found on the well report can be compared to the owner names found on historical land titles (or vice versa). Property owners may carry out activities at or near well heads that can threaten the ground water resource.

The government has well record data from 1899 to present. When trouble shooting a water well problem the Water Well Log needs to be available otherwise we may be doing a lot of guessing, the information will be most important when making an assessment on a well. You are not currently using one of these browsers. I don't like to gamble with my own money and I feel exactly the same about my client's.... dealing in good faith can cost someone plenty of money and grief down the road. The Find Water Wells tab provides several options for searching and viewing water wells. Print Preview - click the Print Window button; a window will appear with a preview of the map. Perhaps the Water Well Log cannot be found for whatever reason, many states and provinces provide an online Well Search Database.

We also had a lot of surface water that runs year-round through a nice healthy layer of peat (on a dairy farm none-the-less) which wasn't visible, this surface water was entering the well just below the casing, no one would have known.

Most Realtors if experienced in wells, septic and rural properties etc. browser to view Alberta Water Wells maps. Sometimes the driller may not have submitted the report.


The Water Well Log may or may not indicate the static water level (SWL), which is the distance from the ground to the actual water level in the well.

Other parameters (well depth, casing size/material, distance from top of casing to ground level, date drilled, and driller name) can sometimes be used.

The data is for the sole use by the client who has acquired the database.

This software will enable you to read and print reports in PDF format. We only ask that: Alberta Water Wells map makes use of some of the latest in browser technology and works best on Chrome, Safari,

Report 2 and Report 6 . These have been adopted in varying degrees by water well drillers, consultants in the industry and local governments but are not mandatory on a province-wide basis. Fortunately no one ever had a chance to drink the raw water. The Atlas is an iMapBC application with enhanced query functionality to enable the display of detailed water related data, including watersheds, water quantity and quality monitoring sites, aquifers, water wells and flood protection works.

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The pump system installed down the well was very expensive due to the excessive depth of this water well and if I did not install deep then I knew that this well was going to load up with mud and organics... just turning the well into a 750' deep septic system.

Point sources of contamination such as abandoned landfills, chemical spills and former industrial sites are also causing water quality degradation in some areas.

Casing3LengthFrom A Well Log also known as a Water Well Record in British Columbia, is a British Columbia Ministry of Environment document that must be completed by the water well drilling company upon the completion of drilling any water well in British Columbia.

These folks were misrepresented... whether it was fraudulent or innocent misrepresentation, I don't know. Well drillers may also apply for certification as a Water Well Driller.


Casing1LengthFrom If the report still cannot be found call 1-800-222-6514 to report a suspected non-submission of the drilling report. How to locate a water well or well casing: this article describes how to find a water well at a property.

If the number in the CHM column is underlined then you can go directly to the well water chemistry report and print it off.

Statistics compiled in 1981, showed that 22 percent (600,000 persons) of the province's population depended upon ground water for water supply.


Water Well Drilling Association and the Ministry of Labour.

Click on the Print tab in the upper right hand area and follow the directions. But they now have very good water quality (almost bottled water quality) as a result of the ozone system but even that is always an added concern for any homeowner as it is added maintenance.

well interference where large capacity wells lower water levels and yields of neighbouring wells, (e.g. WellYieldMethod Users are encouraged to update their database frequently in order to have the most up-to-date version currently available. If no GPS has been provided but just an LSD (SW, or 05, for example), then the well dot will appear in the centre of the quarter or LSD.