Vancouver Board of Education. If you prefer to provide a hard copy of your submission, including perhaps supporting material, please mail to: Secretary Treasurer's Office Go to to learn more and have your say by: - Completing our survey to tell us about your priorities for City spending and managing your tax dollars – closes September 20. District staff required additional time to consider the financial impacts the pandemic created on the budget, as well as how to continue to engage the community. The City will use your feedback, along with many other inputs, in developing the budget for 2021-2022. Why aren't Community Amenity Contributions included in revenue - or are they under a category like "Licence and development fees"? The timeline for the development of the 2020 -2021 budget changed as a result of the uncertainties related to the COVID- 19 pandemic. In addition, because the budget will be balanced using surplus funds, there is no meaningful option for a broad-based online engagement. Development contributions such as CACs help fund the capital budget, as part of the City’s 2019-2022 Capital Plan ( ). In early December, the draft budget for 2021 will be presented to City Council for review and approval. Currently, it is forecasting lower deficits of $33.1 billion in 2021-2022 and $28.2 billion in 2022-2023 if economic growth progresses at a … In addition, Committee-of-the-Whole meetings previously held had delegation presentations. Hello, you can find Council voting records on our open data portal here: ^JL, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. What’s the point of telling council where to spend money if the outcome is already predetermined? For example, recently there's been a lot of talk about defunding the police. Have a voice in your government. All funds for new recreation should stop.

(Please be sure you are using the most current version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox to use the simulation tool.). They’ll do nothing...until the highest bidder comes through with their bribe. Input from the District's stakeholder groups was gathered through in-person meetings in January and February. However, because of the changing landscape with the COVID-19 pandemic response, it was decided to forgo the engagement at this time.

Necessary for enabling core functionality. Eliminate overtime, in particular in public safety to stop pension spiking, City of Vancouver 2021-22 Budget Development.

City Council's 2021 Budget Priorities . Where can we go to see how they vote on certain issues...or should I just blame all the cities problem on Kennedy Stewart's and vote against him in the next election. Recreation, while wonderful, is optional. The three columns in the document are (left to right) the preliminary annual budget for 2019-2020, the Year to Date actual results to May 31, 2020 and the Draft Base Budget for 2020-2021. The District will be balancing the budget by using prior years' surpluses. Is there an income statement version, with notes, of the 2021 budget? The timeline for the development of the 2020-2021 budget has been changed as a result of the uncertainties related to the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve seen some improvements lately and hopefully they get ramped up throughout the city So much open space sitting around that could be used for basketball courts/street hockey courts/skateparks/art spaces etc...and the park bathrooms...some are 70 years old and smell of ancient, fermented urine deposits. Many are making 40 and hour and up to sleep in their vehicles. I guess they force traffic and block some weird moves that help during higher traffic times, but they seem unneeded generally. Vancouver councillors are focused on keeping next year's city property tax increase under five per cent, as they voted on earlier this year.The question is how they get there. Please use this interactive budget tool to "balance the budget" by making your recommendations for reductions or investments in the General Fund categories and submit your comments by Sept. 30. Please see the summary report here for the 2020-2021 Budget Development Engagement. Update: The timeline for the development of the 2020-2021 budget has been adjusted.

Vancouver School Board Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For what it’s worth I think city parks need major upgrades on a wider scale. We’ve introduced new ways for people to provide their input online as part of our annual engagement on the City’s budget. 2nd Floor - 1580 West Broadway Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to share their input either by writing to the Secretary Treasurer's Office or providing input via email ( . It's probably only used a little bit for guiding policy, if at all. The electronic translation service is hosted by Google Translate. Please review and manage the Cookie settings below.

The parks staff evidently have all day to get paid to sit on their asses as you can see in plain sight...might as well get them doing something productive. The Vancouver School Board is committed to parent, family and community engagement, and it is our hope that by providing this tool on our website that we are making our information more accessible to families whose first language is not English and thereby enabling better engagement in public education. Edit: I swear they only responded to prove me wrong, check out their user post history. Thank you for your feedback! If the public pushes back, cut core services until the public complains and then raise taxes saying "you demanded it". Cookies help us deliver our Services. A budget consultation summary report will be provided to share input about the 2020-2021 budget development provided by the District's stakeholder groups and members of the public. They need to create a "Vine Line" cost center to see the true cost of operating 10 (one million dollars each) articulated buses. All written submissions to the Board are considered to be public documents. What are your priorities for City spending in 2021? Contact us for any help on browser support.

I think they'd prefer that you express an opinion and preferences on spending.

Translations available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Punjabi, Vietnamese and Tagalog, - Trying to balance the City’s budget with our new interactive 'Balance the Budget' tool and let us know where you think we should spend more or less: We pay a lot of taxes and some of them should be allocated to make decent public recreation available to all citizens. C-tran financial figures are skewed. Vancouver, BC  V6J 5K8 Be sure to take our short surveys and share your ideas below! 2021 Budget How we engaged. What a waste IMO. Engagement for the 2021 budget was conducted between August and September 2020.