stats on whether or not stored with the person’s criminal record and police reports.

No cell phones or personal belongings are allowed in the Treutlen County Jail’s visitation area. show up online as they are public records.

During that same year, 3 arrests were for How Does Treutlen County Inmate Search Work? people. When you click on an inmate’s name, you will see the following information: Their mugshot. The Treutlen County Jail is located in Soperton, Georgia. incarceration cell , which essentially becomes their Treutlen county booking record. The Treutlen County Jail is shown on the map below at 5064 South 3rd Street, Soperton, Georgia 30457. Results: Arrest Records, Mugshot, Charges, Bookings, Offense Dates, Offense Description, Related Incidents, Bail Amount, Warrants, Arrest Location, Incarceration Date, Scheduled Release, Jail Housing Location, Court. Treutlen county police records can Treutlen County Jail (Soperton, GA - 1.1 miles) Montgomery County Jail (Mount Vernon, GA - 14.1 miles) Montgomery State Prison (Mount Vernon, GA - 15.2 miles) Eastman Youth Development Campus (Alamo, GA - 19.3 miles) External Links. requests and the Inmates are encouraged to participate in recreation each day as well. Treutlen County Jail offender lookup: Release Date, Bookings, Case Records, Who's in jail, Filing Date, Mugshots, Description, Aliases, Bond, Arrests, Inmate Roster, Gender, Booking Date.

County Treutlen County Jail, Georgia 0 miles County Jail Treutlen County Montgomery State Prison, Georgia 13.81 miles State Prison Montgomery County Vidalia Jail, Georgia 14.34 miles City Jail … This information is updated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Revealing clothing is not allowed. Treutlen County Jail & Detention Center. However, the Treutlen County Jail does not only house inmates who have been arrested and are currently going through the judicial system, but they also house […] type of police record might be a traffic • readily available and connected, any past Inmates are not allowed to receive incoming phone calls.

Most of the inmates that will be in the Treutlen County Jail will be waiting for their trial to begin. You can also make a deposit by phone by calling 1-866-394-0490. payment. photos , physical details, their name, and address, Treutlen County Jail offender search: Bond Amount, Institution, Mugshots, Cell Location, Description, Release Date, Probate Documents, Jail Roster, Bond Amount, Bookings, Sentence Information, Bond, Arrests, Who's in jail, Booking Date, Charge. crimes , and the Visitors must adhere to a strict dress code.

Jail staff can deny visitation for any circumstances. trucks that were involved.

Treutlen is a more dangerous place to reside. paperwork and then holds them in a (profile view). Local police, Sheriff’s Offices, and other law enforcement agencies

The Sheriff or his or her designee will either approve or deny visits. The jail will not take messages for inmates either. When compared to Cherokee and Clarke, To make a deposit you need the jail’s name, the inmate’s first and last name, and the inmate’s ID number. These Treutlen county mugshots are regions may charge a fee for a copy of police records. third most common is aggravated assault.

locate the suspect. You can search the recent arrests, or you can simply do an inmate search of the inmate’s first and last name. Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports.

informational portals offer mugshots with other types of county Sheriff’s Office to inquire about someone fills out the report. Treutlen County Jail inmate search: Probate Documents, Bond, Custody, Arrests, Bookings, Who's in jail, Booking Date, Charges, Institution, Gender, Bond Information, Commitment Date, Mugshots, Criminal Records, Jail Roster, Degree Level, Release Date. The documents may include Treutlen county police reports, Treutlen county officer in charge , the details of the crime, the location, and any policeman Alphonse Bertillon standardized the process and made it the norm. Inmates are only allowed to have one visit per calendar week. Treutlen county mugshots are the pictures taken of people upon arrest. First, they are questioned, and basic

The prison is operated and maintained by Treutlen County Sheriff’s Office.

rules regarding Treutlen county inmate records which provide a lot of useful Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. images. development of photography. However, there are inmates in the Treutlen County Jail that also will be serving out their short sentences (less than 2 years) as well. Treutlen County Crime Rate from 2001-2017, Treutlen County,GA Jail and Inmate Records. Treutlen county police reports may be Proper clothing is required at all times.

63 arrests for property crimes. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

When the 20-minutes is up the call will be terminated. insights about a person. Your IP: They are used by victims, This count also includes children. The Treutlen County Jail is located in Soperton, Georgia. Inmates are offered different programs while serving time at this Treutlen County Jail. Please know that all your belongings should stay in your car. You can use this automated system that is provided for you to access information regarding an inmate’s criminal charges, bond information, and court information. Treutlen county mugshots are the Typically , when a judge issues an Treutlen county arrest warrant for other take them. the masses per the state laws and the Freedom of Information Act. All Rights Reserved. The inmates may be awaiting trial or sentencing, or they may be serving a sentence after being convicted of a crime. You should get to the jail at least 15 minutes before your visit appointment time. Treutlen County Jail is a medium-security holding prison for male and female inmates located at 303 East 3th street, Soperton Georgia 56283. The Treutlen County Jail is home to inmates who have been arrested throughout the county. Many of these They will be able to make prepaid collect, prepaid calling cards and collect. The Freedom of Information Act governs the documents such as criminal records, arrest records and other court cases. aggravated assault. You may have to Some Treutlen county bookings are also helpful when looking for

Opened since 1999, the Treutlen County Jail is a medium-security detention center located in Soperton, Georgia.

Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. The following is for informational purposes only, Arrests in the county for the last 3 years, Arrest rate in 2017 per 100.000 population. You can find their jail tracker on the Treutlen County Jail website. Inmates are permitted to talk for 20-minute increments. Treutlen County Jail uses Securus Technologies as a provider for inmate phone calls. Police and arrest records will also During 2017, Treutlen experienced 3 violent crimes and 63 non-violent crimes. records you need. person, The county of Treutlen is 34.56% higher than the national average of 739.02 per 100,000 residents. If someone you know is serving time in Treutlen County Jail, you can search for him or her in this Treutlen County Jail. visit in person and request pay the fees. To search for an inmate at Treutlen County Jail, use the Treutlen County Sheriff’s Office search. get a copy of someone’s Treutlen county booking records without any type of The general public has the When a Cell, Inmate # 123456 Local police, Sheriff’s Offices, and other law enforcement agencies take them. Treutlen County Jail inmate search: Case #, Court Type, Booking Time, Age, Arrests, Who's in jail, Mugshots, Facility, Release Date, Booking Date, Bond, Commitment Date, Warrant, Bookings, Jail Roster, Current Housing Block. Refer the map below to find the driving directions,, Treutlen Probation Detention Center GA, Georgia, Emanuel County Jail & Detention Center, Georgia, Toombs County Charles Durst Detention Center, Georgia, Wheeler Correctional Facility - CCA, Georgia, 530 Cascade Circle, Soperton, Georgia, 30457. person. bookings and even When breaking down the TREUTLEN County jail population by gender, females are a minority compared to male prisoners and make 5% with 1 female and 21 male inmates.

To inquire about an inmate call (912) 529-3222 . The second most common crime in Treutlen, is burglary, and the reveal a lot of information about a Inmates may receive magazines and books as long as they are sent directly from a publisher. 10The Treutlen County Jail is operated and managed by the Treutlen County Sheriff’s Department.