Church of the Seven Rays. [22], The group also emphasizes personal freedom, embracing patriotic symbols, and often displays American flags in its Temples or other offices. Your words and expectations definitely play a role in your life and how God works in your life as well. I am. Recommendations from the African Diaspora. | Enough Light, Are you astonished? Also, the book speaks of doing things to get/attract God’s favor. The reason we must speak these affirming words about our self is that when we “continue to speak them, they will become a reality.” (pg 13), According to Osteen, words have creative power. Christianity promised, but did not deliver. These are things I often tell my own clients, as a psychologist. This isn't really a question but a comment. [7] Guy Ballard spoke under the pseudonym he used in authoring his books, Godfre Ray King, and his wife used the pseudonym Lotus. In the Power of I Am, Joel Osteen shares the importance of speaking positively and saying powerful I am statements. I recently wrote a book where I researched the history of the positive thinking movement. Being from a Southern Baptist background I've always knocked preachers like Mr Osteen. But not so as it stands.

( Log Out /  Hopefully, whatever circumstance or celebration that comes your way, you have words of comfort, in this beautifully written book, to carry you through. I was honestly amazed at how much I could relate to his message. And thank you for the review. [1] Guy Ballard, his wife Edna, and later his son Donald became the sole "Accredited Messengers" of the Ascended Masters. He begins the book by revealing how countless people are declaring negative I am statements over their lives and they are cursing their present and their future. [citation needed] Meetings became limited to members only after hecklers began disrupting their open meetings. Filled with everything that can change the way you feel about life no matter where you are, or what you are going through, this book is the key to a happy, fulfilled and successful life. I think Osteen is a naturally optimistic type of guy, and it was easy for him to inadvertently (?) See through a pair of red coloured glasses, and every thing will appear red. The book offers the key to personal transformation, peace and fulfillment, empowering you with the awareness of how to immediately understand, change and create your experience of life as desired.

The philosophy Osteen is promoting about the power of our thoughts/words comes from the “New Thought” mind-power movement of the late 19th century. Share.

I am positive.” “I am passionate. Enter your email address to follow Enough Light and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Shasta. If you are grouchy and angry all the time, this will not likely lead to a promotion at work.

I am free. 1941),, Information on the website of the Saint Germain Foundation,, Short description is different from Wikidata, All articles with vague or ambiguous time, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. I am familiar with Joel books, teaching and television ministry, so I knew what I was getting. It's not a bad thing. [20], The movement teaches that the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent creator God ('I AM' – Exodus 3:14) is in all of us as a spark from the Divine Flame, and that we can experience this presence, love, power and light – and its power of the Violet Consuming Flame of Divine Love – through quiet contemplation and by repeating 'affirmations' and 'decrees'. [3] They accepted donations (called "love gifts") from their followers across the country, though no such donation or dues were required. I am patient. They will be viewed as self-important egomaniacs. “What follows those two simple words will determine what kind of life you live.” (pg 1). [4][4][7] The Ninth Circuit overturned the conviction on the grounds that the judge improperly excluded the credibility of their religious beliefs from consideration, and the government appealed to the Supreme Court.

[12] This modified and more practical definition of "ascension" is used by all Ascended Master Teachings religions today, although they still believe that a select few, the higher level Ascended Masters such as Jesus and St. Germain, entered heaven alive. I found this book to be empowering and uplifting.

I am focused. I am accepted.” “I am approved. It did not. Congratulations! I am disciplined.” “I am determined. God is here for us at every moment. The Power of I am, Two Words That Will Change Your Life Today. Phew. Or perhaps just viewed in a sad way, as deeply insecure individuals. the bread of life, the good shepherd, the way, the truth, the life . I wrote a chapter in my own book (Positively Powerless) on the dangers of pride. That is the difference between followers of Christ and New agers etc. When you talk like that, the seeds of greatness God has placed inside will begin to spring forth.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. [21], The spiritual goal of the teachings is that, through a process of self-purification, the believer may attain the perfected condition of the saints, or become an Ascended Master when leaving their body, contrasted to common concepts of 'ordinary death'. God looks at our hearts. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. By Joel Osteen. Recorded in a dictation prior to Guy W Ballard's death a new dispensation to make the Ascension after the passing of death and cremation was given, and is recorded at the Saint Germain Foundation. Pingback: Hey, what do all those book covers have in common? And yes, if the focus was on Christ first and foremost, with some appropriate “affirmation” teaching flowing from that, it would be a more acceptable book. The suit was dismissed for failure to state cause of action.

You are welcome. [1], At the height of his popularity, Guy Ballard died from arteriosclerosis at 5:00 A.M. on December 29, 1939, in Los Angeles, in the home of his son Donald.

I've expected a healing from chronic Fibromyalgia and in the last two weeks I have had almost no pain at all and I'm expecting zero pain period when its all said and done. Remove the tinted glasses and everything becomes clear. Joel Osteen encourages the reader to speak positively about life and refuse to be sad and defeated. But if you speak life and believe what God has said about you, then you will call in good things and your life will dramatically improve. Start by marking “The Power of I Am: Two Words That Will Change Your Life Today” as Want to Read: Error rating book. It's free with any donation....looking forward to start reading it after it arrives. We all born with a default “Not OK” But we have the power to change our “Not OK” status; Learning out inner Child and Parent is how we strengthen our Adult, our mind and how we get rid of games and improve our relationships ; Full Summary. A book to love! I am attractive.” “I am valuable.


He wants us to have a good life here for the short time that we are here. This book is such a great inspirational book to read and add to your collection. [10], The first of many "Conclaves" held in scores of cities in their national tours was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 10–19, 1934. I think it is very important to read the Bible in context. Yes.

I have a problem with the church that I attend posting Joel Osteen’s quotes.

The Power of I Am. Cal. Then Ballard came in contact with the Mahatma called "Ascended Master" Saint Germain. This is what Guy Ballard had claimed his followers would be able to do if they followed his instructions. Yes, the lack of discernment is concerning…. JOEL OSTEEN is the author of seven New York Times bestsellers. Osteen says that we must dwell on these I am statements about our self, and he provides a list of I am affirmations.

Thanks Rachel for perusing my blog and commenting on several posts. [2] The movement had up to a million followers in 1938[3] and is still active today on a smaller scale. It is easy to get into negative thinking. Several annual conclaves are held at their 12-story "I AM Temple" at 176 West Washington Street in downtown Chicago. Even if you are skeptical there is no harm that can be done in any of the recommendations contained in this book: be more positive, help others, and even increase your own motivation and awareness. There had also been questions raised about devout members who had died without entering heaven alive. I must emphasize that this is NOT about having a good or bad attitude in life. The Bible should inform and guide our hearts. “You have to send your words out in the direction you want your life to go.” (pg 42)  You must “invite” good things into your life through the power of your words. I AM is your true identity, you are a creator and you’re creating your life every day with what you attach to your I AM. [2][3] Over their lifetimes, the Ballard's recorded nearly 4,000 Live dictations, which they said were from the Ascended Masters. Welcome back. Interpreting this decision, the Ninth Circuit later found that the Court did not go so far as to hold that "the validity or veracity of a religious doctrine cannot be inquired into by a Federal Court.