Pleas, when we will have the opportunity to try this beauty?!! In heavily modified X-Ray engine. Ray of Hope is a massive multiplayer online project, based on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The train track beams bent up like that looks really freaky, Is it from an anomaly? The "Ray of Hope" modification is the dream of the most in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. We'll post frequent patches and updates. Bitte lese die Regeln - bevor du hier Beiträge verfasst. Mutants have a system of a "lair" implemented, where they will be able to reproduce, but not outside it.

Interactive objects are being worked on and developed still. Reset No files were found matching the criteria specified. and I am sure, if you get to release it in the end, all this effort and time spent, gonna pay you back.

Now that everyone is being hopeful about modders now I think we are getting somewhere with good support. We're working with Shoker, but our system is different, it's imported a little and more practical. Also what are are some of quest types we can expect to see in game? ;D. Seriously, if you guys get this game feature complete and just need more content, you should consider talking to GSC about selling this thing on Steam. Some people may say that they are just working on the game instead of making screenshots. I'd certainly be willing to pay for it if it's of the quality you've demonstrated so far! It is also important to mention that our screen writers have recieved a handy instrument called "Dialog Editor", which makes creation of dialogue free of specific skills, connected with SDK. I dont know, but I get a feeling that these wonderful teams putting out amazing quality mods like this just postpones the date for stalker 2. We hope you'll enjoy the main features we're working on as they take a lot of time to be done properly. In level design we also have made a decision to discard the older versions of our locations due to numerous factors, including optimization, and move to the Nikita Lebediev's version, customizing it and adding some of our own content. Amazing team. Those fluid anim blends are a very nice addition, almost Far Cry 2 level (and that's a truly great thing :D). This is awesome, I'm assuming by "new attachment system" you're referring to Shoker's? Their attachment system is insane, scopes, handguards, stocks, muzzle brakes, everything! This mod gives you the possibility of surviving in the zone with your team-mates, with not only NPC, but also other players. But that takes just five minutes and they even had a community manager specially for these things. "Personal Stashes" system was implemented and intigrated into the multiplayer mode, making the contents of such stashes available from different places on one server, or on different servers. Good luck with the job @ hand I would love to make videos on this bad boy. so will it be for example possible to remove the buttstock for a lighter weapon, or change to a sniper buttstock for more accuracy but less handling?

very impressive work!

In today’s large post, we’re going to tell you all about our new basic technical implementations and about the progress regarding the scenario and sound.- A new weapon attachment system, it's much easier to use and doens't have presets as the old version: now you have full customization. Partically, we have 3 big bases (Bandit base on the swamps, Loners base on Kordon and a Black Market on Garbage), which have their own unique characters (traders, mechanics, etc.). The work with unique sublocations and general reimagination of the global picture of the world is continued. For example, when filling the location up we were met with a certain obstacle of the SDK, a limit of objects. Apart from fixing some minor glitches after having transferred to an x64 system, we’re working on making groups function properly and improving the loading speed (important because of the world dimension). To summarise the previous years, we can say this: development of project has become more complicated and fluent, the project itself had some things added and dragged for a little bit longer, then we expected. You should call this Ray of Hope (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. In other news, we’re still working on custom audio files. As soon as it will be interesting to play for a few months. We wish you all the best and we will see you real soon! This uses more of the HD’s resources, but the memory needed for loading is now lowered from 6 to 2GB.- A new quest system allows us to create dynamic quests for both solo-players and people who prefer to play with their friends.

Still, this only motivates us as creators of Ray of Hope to set bigger goals for ouselves in a pursuit of a complete project, which can be picked up by any fan or just a person that likes complex multiplayer games and for ourselves as developers of the project. Can´t wait for more news :) Awesome work :). Post news RSS Stalker: Ray of Hope - Open World Online #Update. There isn't a single part of this update that isn't amazing, you guys are doing god's work. For example, spawn of loot outside of the players' loading zone would cause the last to fall through the map, because the physical engine (client-side) did not have information about the location loot spawned in. Wishing you only the best and every success for the new year!! The factions will have bases (customizable - we plan to make players able to work: moving objects and defences, weapons and barricades) while groups of loners can have their territory and their camps, but nothing bigger. Chunks... You are already familiar with pros of this system, now we are going to go over cons. I'll be damned if I can't run this in a stricly LAN environment. --- Happy Birthday S:T:A:L:K:E:R, Alle Metro Games (2010- 2018) [ Evolution der Graphik ] in HD, Deutsche Übersetzungen von XenForo/- Addon's and Speddy20537 ©2018. That can't be said about the Freedom Camp in Dark Valley, as it is only being populated. System of weapons is slowly, but steadily acquires new features, which might not be visible to a regular player but most surely affect comfotable experience with the game and involve simplification of weapons overall. We have also completely revamped back-end of the server API to C#, which solves the problem of the massive scale of the world and works times faster, then the old version on PHP. Stalker: Ray of Hope - ROH. von "Ray of Hope" mitgemacht haben .

I'm sure that with roleplay its easy to do, but what if NPC can be used, too? Here are some minor details regarding that:- New atmospheric menu tracks- A high-quality ambient layer for every location- More than half of the planned sound effects are ready for in-game use- More than 60 tracks and more than 600 unique SFXRight now, we’re focusing on the scenario, adding various quests, dialogues, notes and many other details which will enhance the atmosphere and make the world of the we all know and love more dynamic and interesting than ever! This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. An old and rusty title may come useful sometimes. Spiele. 's community, it's like the name says. Most places have their own spots of interest, like crates and stashes, including random item spawns.