instruments and teaching materials at the University. Why getting rich doesn’t make us as happy as we think it would? Can advertisements influence political views negatively? Why is awareness of public choice so important?

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Social studies: is there a connection between the class and success?

The recent tendencies in career counseling in high schools, The influence of parents in children’s musical preferences, Cultural anthropology: western music as the form of cultural capital, The development of graphic practices in medicine, The impact of theatre and film on modern public morality, Intercultural fiction: high tech from the perspective of ethnography, Visualization of the physical world to model differences in human behavior, Enlightenment and social order: a relevant issue in anthropology, Aboriginal inhabitants of Andes: the role of religion in politics, Charismatic healer: a case study of treating addictions.

Social science is a discipline that deals with the society and human nature. Project Director: Yves Frenette, Université Saint BonifaceProject Co-Director:  Don Lafreniere, Sponsor: Social Science and Humanities Council of Canada. set up shop in the Copper Country, although none of them spent their entire careers Evaluation of AEPSAD Spain’s Anti-Doping Agency Educational Interventions among Elite Athletes and Sports Sciences Students, Understanding the role of Kenyan Collegiate athlete support personnel in the pursuit of clean sport. What is the relationship between politics and cultural anthropology? Dr. Nikolaos NTOUMANIS / UK, Nutritional supplement habits and perceptions of athletes with a disability Do electronic voting machines improve the voting process? The root causes of the rebellions in the Central African Republic, Political theories: perfect government from the Aristotle’s perspective. Environments Spatial Analytics Lab is supporting a scientists from Michigan Tech and Prévenir le dopage chez les jeunes en France et en Espagne: approche multidimensionnelle des processus de conduites dopantes, Anti-doping policies and reasons (not) to dope: a need for diversified prevention strategies? Can all wars be considered religious: a case study? The research hypotheses HumSS studies our behavior in all contexts possible. Voting patterns: can we predict the outcome via statistical analysis? There is no need to describe philosophy topics.

Yemen crisis: what solutions are implemented? heritage of communities in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula and the Lake Superior Copper Dr Mattia PIFFARETTI / UAC&T Consulting, Switzerland, Enhancing coaches’ confidence in confronting athletes who are suspected of doping ": perceived norms of anabolic androgenic steroid use among high school athletes, Doping behaviour, causes and prevention in elite level Kenyan athletes: an empirical investigation, Le dopage en milieu sportif au Burkina Faso : Causes, Connaissances, Attitudes et Pratiques des principales communautés sportives, Preventing doping in sport: An investigation of the attitudes and perceived role of high performance coaches, Global evaluation of the anti-doping program: proposed by an international federation, A qualitative examination of knowledge of doping, and motivations and/or deterrents to dope, among American and Canadian elite female triathletes, The relationship between moral code, participation in sport, and attitudes towards performance enhancing drugs in young people, A study of surroundings influence on attitude towards and behaviour regarding doping among Ukrainian athletes and non-athletes, Markers of transition phases in assisted performance enhancement in emerging young athletes, Learning about psycho-social determinants of doping behaviour through the testimony of sanctioned athletes, Enhancing coaches’ confidence in confronting athletes who are suspected of doping, Exploring the application of social media in influencing the attitudes and behaviours of young athletes towards doping, A Handbook for the evaluation of anti-doping education programmes, Prevention through Education - A Review of current International Social Science Literature, Determinants of Intentions for Doping In Sports, Doping prevalence among high School students in Ukraine: a study of Knowledge attitudes and behaviour, Measurement Tool for estimating the prevalence of doping: development and validation of a self-report measure of performance enhancing drug use, Under 23 Cyclists' openness to doping: understanding the causes of doping behaviour among American junior road cyclists with professional aspirations, Analysis of Knowledge and social awareness of doping and prevention among athletes in CÓRDOBA (Argentina) and the preventative approach, A Sociocultural Analysis of Doping and Gender, Incorporating Parents in the Anti-Doping Fight: A Test of the Viability of a Parent-Based Prevention Program, The effects of moral reasoning educational program on the moral judgement indicators of athletes participating in elite collegiate sports, Boosting in elite athletes with high spinal cord injury: awareness, knowledge and attitudes of athletes, coaches and trainers, Les facteurs psychologiques et sociaux de risque et de protection vis-a-vis du dopage, Medical Doctors and Doping in Sport: Attitudes and Experience in Balkan Region - 8 Countries Study, Risk Factors within Doping Behavior Related to Personality Structure and Social Environment of the Athletes, Compliance to the World Anti-Doping Program: A Status Evaluation of National Sport Organizations in Hong Kong, International Literature Review: Attitudes, Behaviours, Knowledge and Education – Drugs in Sport: Past, Present and Future, Parcours de consommation de produits dopants de sportifs appelant un service d’aide téléphonique, Intermediate and high school students' attitudes toward and behavior regarding steroids and sports supplements use: The mediation of clique identity, Performance-enhancing drug-use among amateur sportsmen and women in Cameroon: A study of knowledge, attitudes and practices, Social Psychology within the anti-doping area: baseline statistics and profiles of athlete’s attitude and knowledge, The impact of changes to the Prohibited Substance List on use of over-the-counter medication by athletes, The development and validation of a doping attitudes and behaviour scale (DABS), The relationship between goal orientation and attitudes toward doping in sports.