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If you are looking to give feedback on our new site, please send it along to, To view this site properly, enable cookies in your browser. Additional details on the offshore streams can also be found online. The $75-million offshore stream has two components: Michael Ferguson,Minister for Infrastructure and Transport The Tasmanian Liberal Government is committing $5.15 million in…, 2020 Seniors Week commences tomorrow and runs until Monday, November 16 Celebrating older people’s valued…, “I am saddened to hear of the recent passing of former New Zealand International Film…, Employees in female-dominated occupations now have a clearer pathway to pay equity, with changes to…, Peter Gutwein, As we begin to rebuild a stronger Tasmania together, the Tasmanian Government is…, The Victorian Government has released a healthcare worker wellbeing package to support healthcare workers who…, /Public Release. 2015 marked the dawn of the red wave in Newfoundland and Labrador. O’Regan and his husband were guests of the Trudeau family during the December 2016 trip, first revealed by the National Post, which was organized by Trudeau’s wife Sophie … "This is what happens often," O'Regan said. O'Regan will arrive in Calgary on Thursday. I love my job, I love doing what I do. I love getting out there.

I think we’re a very forgiving bunch. Backed by a unified party, the ever-present support of volunteers and positive feedback from constituents, O’Regan relishes the road back to Ottawa and tackling what challenges may await him if the will of the people favours him at the polls.

As Veterans Affairs Minister, O’Regan tried to relate to his stakeholders by comparing the sunsetting of his own career as a broadcaster to the challenges faced by active military service personal as they transition to civilian life. Wilson-Reybould flatly refused the position.

Here’s what Justin Trudeau said about O’Regan: Facts about @SeamusORegan: 1) He’s known as Trudeau’s worst minister 2) He mishandled numerous key files for veterans 3) He was in Trudeau’s wedding party 4) He joined Trudeau on his sleazy vacation on a private island with a billionaire lobbyist #cdnpoli This incompetent boob is a deliberate spoiler who will fumble his way to Alberta’s ruin #ableg #cdnpoli

“We’re taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in partnership with Canada’s oil and gas sector. View in full.

The loans “may be” forgiven if companies eliminate their methane emissions, O’Regan added, but there is only a requirement that funds are used to reduce them. Some information in it may no longer be current. In the wake of decision to allow Ontario’s carbon pricing system for heavy industry to replace the federal scheme that Ottawa admits is more stringent, Marshall said he fears the Liberal government will weaken Canada’s climate actions to reduce conflicts with the provinces. The government has pledged to outline its plan to increase Canada’s efforts to slash emissions over the course of this fall. In a dark navy suit, tie and a crisp white shirt, he looked down solemnly and paused. Yet, the sector makes up for 15% of Canada’s GDP and spins off hundreds of thousands of primary and secondary jobs. Who's who in Justin Trudeau… I went 'OK, this is not in question anymore,'" O'Regan said in a recent interview. To encourage thoughtful and respectful conversations, first and last names will appear with each submission to CBC/Radio-Canada's online communities (except in children and youth-oriented communities). The Honourable Seamus O’Regan, Minister of Natural Resources, today launched the $750-million Emissions Reduction Fund to reduce methane and GHG emissions. "I'm trying to make sure we have an industry that is thriving, that people realize is stable, that people who work in it have stable incomes and can look forward to stable futures," O'Regan said. “So while we want to have the incentive there to try, not everybody is able to do it and we have to offer that flexibility.”. Electors returned zero seats to Trudeau in both Alberta and Saskatchewan when all the votes were counted on October 21st. And because it’s their home they feel very much empowered because you’re on their property. Premier Jason Kenney urged the new federal cabinet ministers to listen to the province's concerns and to take them seriously. I love talking to people.

Justin Trudeau views the oil and gas sector in opposition to his agenda of renewable energy and reduced carbon emissions. The St. John's South–Mount Pearl Federal Liberal Association represents Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team in your local Electoral District Association (EDA).

It is more important than ever that we work together on market access constraints and ensure pipelines are built. Four years later and Trudeau may not be, in the eyes of many, the anointed prince promised. This attitude is fomenting Western alienation. Much has happened in four years. Toronto Star articles, please go to: Seamus O’Regan is best known for having a morning show on CTV, and and for being in Justin Trudeau’s wedding party. “Let’s judge the man on the present.

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presentation-ready copies of Toronto Star content for distribution When Gerald Butts shuffled Jody Wilson-Reybould out of Justice where she was making too much trouble for Trudeau’s principle secretary, she was moved to the Indigenous Services ministry. Methane emissions make up 13 per cent of Canada’s total greenhouse gas output, and the oil and gas sector is its largest source, according to government data. He’s not naive to the shifts in the at times turbulent political landscape.

The Liberals did not win a seat in Alberta in the 2019 election after nabbing four in 2015, and O'Regan is likely to be tasked with bridging some lingering divides.

The Offshore Deployment Program is a $42-million investment supporting capital projects designed to either reduce offshore GHGs or improve the environmental performance of offshore oil spill monitoring, detection and response activities. When I returned to Canada I went to the commissioner's office and voluntarily disclosed the trip," O'Regan told CBC in 2017, adding that he flew on his own and did not travel with the prime minister.