His power can´t match Sairaorg, also speed Saira is in favour. It should be any character, either from the 72 pillars, angels (both fallen or pure) or even mythologies, and how it should play out. It’s revealed that Hades found Lilith in Rizevim’s laboratory under the intel of Aži Dahāka and Apophis. Due to the immense pain, Vali suffered in his childhood, Vali held a strong hatred towards his father (and grandfather who was the one responsible for the abuse in the first place), to the point that Vali fully intended to commit patricide even if Rizevim did not kill his own son and when he learned of his father's demise, Vali felt great joy instead of sorrow. He strives to become a Familiar Master. Cleria made a brief appearance in Volume 18, embracing Masaomi while in Heaven before his official death. In the civil war between the Satan army and the Rebel army, Damaidosu leads the Asmodeus army to face the Rebel army where Serafall served as an ace on the defunct territory of the Valefor family, and he along with his army almost became cornered by the overwhelming ice magic of Serafall. Although he is a Low-class Devil, his power is stated to be that of an Ultimate-class Devil, as he possesses immense physical strength. She was first mentioned at the end of Volume 4 in a conversation between Azazel and her husband. He was poisoned during the sudden appearance of the Fly Chimera and was forced lie down in a bed at the medical camp for officers. She participated in the Great War against God and the Fallen Angels alongside the Original Satans. Beluga: "I am the Knight that serve Lord Sairaorg Bael… Opinions on which character shall Sairaorg face in an official Rating Game? Fun fact (and related to my thread in the CJ): I searched for Sitri Group in Google and stumbled upon a Chinese company that deals in market innovation with the use of the internet. His facial features resemble that of an anglerfish. According to Magdaran, Lord Bael is extremely prideful even for a Bael and never showed any sort of fatherly love towards his sons, as he was greatly angered with his elder son Sairaorg for not born with the clan's Power of Destruction. Eneely Vassago (エニーレィ・ヴァサーゴ Enīryi Vasāgo) is the elective head and next heiress of the House of Vassago. Damaidosu Zereikel Asmodeus (ダマイドス・ゼレイケル・アスモデウス, Damaidosu Zereikeru Asumodeusu) is the son of the original Asmodeus, who was preparing to assume the position of Satan Asmodeus alongside the other Satan descendants and restart the Great War against the Angels and Fallen Angels. If thats the case then this guy would low-diff Laxus butt just the same. His first request was to destroy the House of Lucifuge as Euclid will become a threat to the Underworld, stating the House of Lucifuge would be better off destroyed than to be used to bring chaos to the Underworld. She has almond eyes and long blonde hair tinged with blue at the tips. Calfa Belial loves her son dearly and like her husband, she made many sacrifices for Diehauser by selling valuable jewelry for Diehauser's education. All the girls shriek on the top of their lungs to see Kiba in the giant screen. He is participating in the Azazel Cup under Team Imperial Purpure as Sairaorg's Bishop. Tsufaame Tereaku Leviathan (ツファーメ・テレアク・レヴィアタン, Tsufāme Tereaku Reviatan) is the daughter of the original Leviathan, who was preparing to assume the position of Satan Leviathan alongside the other Satan descendants and restart the Great War against the Angels and Fallen Angels. The Breast Chimera is a creation of the Gentleman Alchemist that appears in the OVA episode "I'm Harvesting Breasts!" Lucifer, because of his ideology, had so much pride in his actions and this trait would be passed down to his son and descendants. This is Base Sairaorg, who could keep up with Issei in his Balance Breaker armor. A silver-haired man with a fearless face. He asked Rizevim if he was leaving Lucifaad and why he didn't fight as he could defeat the Rebel army, the Angels, Fallen Angels, and even the Gods of the other mythologies.

He doesn´t have or doesn´t use magic. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. When things were looking bad on his end, he left the battle and summoned a Kraken to ensnare Lilitifa and all of the ORC girls, Issei then donned his armor and blasted the Kraken with a Dragon Shot, defeating Gragg.

He also had immense arrogance as according to Azazel, Lucifer and the other original Satans tyrannically desired to become the Kings of the World by destroying the World to create their own definition of a new world of Devils. Announcer: "Against him is the Knight of Sairaorg Bael, Beluga Furcas!" An unnamed female Stray Devil that only appeared in the first episode of season 2.

In this form, she is capable of wall crawling and spewing webbing from her opisthosoma as well as acid that while gives a light burn the skin upon contact, it mostly burns away inorganic matter like clothes. Although it was an intense battle, Issei sure earned that hard-fought victory over Sairaorg. He is the father of Iryuka. At this point, Sairaorg deactivated his Touki (Seals, to suppress his power) In the novel his punches creating earthquakes or they looked at least like that. A majority of the countless armies of devils that served under the 72 High-Class Devil Families also died in the process. According to Grayfia, the Gentleman Alchemist created the Breast Chimera so that every flat-chested girl in the world would have large breasts by eating its fruit. She initially had the appearance of a normal human with shoulder length blonde hair and red eyes, however she's able to shift into a creature with a spider-like body (albeit with six limbs), she has sharp teeth within her now big mouth, large eyes, pointy ears, a huge horn form her forehead and 6 spider legs sticking out vertically from the sides around her head. He is a Devil from the Bael Clan as well as one of the two surviving members of the Marchosias Clan. At some point in the past, he had arranged an engagement for Sona to marry, but she was able to call it off after beating her suitor in a game of chess. It is mainly used for transportation, searching the enemy and also to annihilate grunts. Well it's true that Vali can't be beaten by Sairaorg right now due to having vast amounts of energy, but pitting him against Sona Sitri's group might be a tough one, yet don't forget that Saji can go berserk at any time if he transforms into Vitria. Because Lucifer's son, Rizevim, was not interested in the future of the Underworld, the pressure exerted on Lucifer's right hand, Lucifuge, was great and he often acted on behalf of Lucifer. The Devil wife of the Fallen Angel Shemhazai, who he married some time before the series and became pregnant with his child. Following Rias and Sona's example of being a fellow High-class Devil heir, she also wanted to have her own base in Japan and it was decided that she would live around Kuoh Town for the purpose of expanding and gaining experience. His defeat was assured. Due to the scandal caused by Diodora's betrayal, it was decided she would be the next Head of the Astaroth family early on and unlike Diodora, she doesn't discriminate against Low-class or Reincarnated Devils. Belonging to the branch house of the Naberius clan, he was entrusted by the House of Nebiros to research information about how to artificially create Super Devils. and Death- Distance: 10m Based on the novel, Sairaorg stomps Laxus already in Base. Sirzechs gave him one last chance to change his mind, but he did not change his intention to defeat the angel Michael and the fallen angel Azazel, so he received the last sphere of destruction from Sirzechs and finally said; "The blood and wrath of the Satans will always be against you." High School DxD Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. I don't really get it. However, due to the fatigue and injuries from the previous matches, he was losing his stamina as he was pushed back by Sairaorg's team, with his team losing the match due to Shooting Star being retired by Sairaorg. He also had immense arrogance as according to Azazel, Beelzebub and the other original Satans tyrannically desired to become the Kings of the World by destroying the World to create their own definition of a new world of Devils. Thus Razevan began to constantly and viciously abuse Vali without any remorse or hint of guilt. Later in the Rating Games, Sairaorg shows his full Power (Still Baseform): Here he fight against Kiba, Xenovia, and Rossweisse . He married his second wife and had his second son Magdaran, who was born with the clan's trademark, but wasn't as talented as Sirzechs and Rias and was very displeased when he was defeated by Sairaorg for the title as the next head. Sure that he's aiming to become an Overlord, but what if Sairaorg faces the likes of Sona Sitri, Diodora Astaroth, or even Riser Phenex? Voiced by: Hisao Egawa (Japanese), Justin Cook (English). She was the High-class Devil who ruled Kuoh Town before Rias Gremory. He is worried that his daughter's mental fortitude may be crushed due to the pressure of assuming the role of Archduke, so he taught her to relax by watching mecha anime. The Gentleman Alchemist (錬金術師の紳士 Renkinjutsu-shi no Shinshi) is an unnamed Stray Devil who appears in the OVA episode "I'm Harvesting Breasts!". Short of Sirzechs volume 12, we never really get to see their power. She purchased a haunted house near the station and then hired the Youkai and Devils who live there as servants. She is also extremely protective of her son as she was initially against Diehauser's participation in the Rating Games out of fear that Diehauser may get hurt. He was one of the 72 Pillars clan leaders who joined to form the Anti-Satan Faction during the Devil Civil War. He did not recover from the poison and called for only Grayfia and Sirzechs at the bedside, hoping for the last visit. 72 Pillars [edit | edit source] Lord Bael [edit | edit source]. Considering that the Astaroth Clan needs to take risks in order to restore its lost reputation, she accepted living in Kuoh Town, which is likely to be attacked by hostile organizations. And also, it's up to Volume 10, not beyond Volume 10. Rizevim honored his mother by naming the spawn of Ophis, Lilith, after her. This inferiority complex escalated into extreme terror, resulting in Razevan turning to Rizevim for advice out of desperation, who casually said to bully Vali if he is that terrified of his son.