In the manga, he later appears in the Jinchū Arc to help uncover information about Enishi. He decided that the story involving the two coming together was taking "too many" pages, so he made the duo as brothers instead of being "circumstantially-related." His battle technique is called Hiku Happa, in which he uses dynamite to lift himself into flight and attack with from above. He mastered "God Speed" by the age of 14, and according to Kenshin, had surpassed even God Speed.

He is an expert at explosive weapons and gunpowder, and intends to use them against the Meiji government. Voiced by: Sumi Shimamoto (JP - Anime), Michiko Neya (JP - Drama CD), Michelle Ruff (EN - Anime). In the anime Yutaro's father, a well-known swordsman, is dead. Watsuki had no models for the visual design of the characters. He was his first loves younger brother, and though he was born with black hair, as he grew older it turned pale white from stress. [47], Voiced by: Akio Nojima (Japanese), Tom Wyner (English), Han'nya (般若, Hannya?) Seikū realizes the importance of Kenshin's struggle and hands his father's sword to Kenshin, who uses the sword to defeat Chō; the opponent is still alive as, to Seikū's surprise, the sword is also a sakabatō. He joins Kaoru's dojo to become a stronger swordsman, becoming the first graduate of Kamiya Kasshin-ryū. Since Shishio and Sōjirō were present and Kenshin needed to go to Kyoto, Watsuki decided to make Senkaku a "violent village despot." Instead Raijūta became "a total fake" who became "a smaller and smaller man" as the story progressed, until he was "defeated by a single blow—ending almost as a villain."

She's revealed to have been this to the fighters of the Jupon Gatana, as they made her feel useless to Shishio, who always respected strength, Interposes herself between Kenshin and Shishio, allowing the latter to stab through her and wound Kenshin. After Shishio's death he began wandering the earth on his own, trying to find a purpose. being a member of the villainous Juppongatana.

Voiced by: Junko Takeuchi (JP), Sonja S. Fox (EN). for Gohei. Watsuki described the sketched out character sans an already-created personality as being "kind of timid." Himura Kenshin is the titular "Rurouni" (wanderer) and main character of the series. He somehow managed to get the services of Aoshi and the Oniwabanshu with him...only to be beaten by Kenshin severely for his crimes. ), a polite, humble verb used by Kenshin. ), Shiro (白? However, he still makes bombs solely as a hobby-he has several to give Sanosuke just before following Kenshin to Kyoto.

Since he believed that the movement exposed the truths and lies of the Meiji Restoration, he decided to include the movement.

He is one of Kenshin's greatest rivals and friends. However the chief ordered Anji's residence to be burnt to the ground before he had a chance to leave with the children. Watsuki added the bandanna and the "oddly-patterned" jacket as he wanted "artist-y" clothing.[57]. Gohei, a former samurai who is 6 shaku and 5 sun tall (1.95 meters, over 6 feet),[5] became a murderer and falsely used the name "Hitokiri Battōsai" while Kihei did housework for Kaoru to gain her trust.

When Arundo, fearing for his safety, decides to cut ties with Shibumi and go out of the country, Saitō appears and decapitates Arundo with a strike from his sword; he kills Shibumi shortly afterward. The purpose of his opium business is to generate enough profits to bring in modern Westernized weapons such as the Gatling gun and become an arms dealer. When Watsuki determined that Sanosuke needed to become more powerful, he introduced Anji as being a counterpart to Sanosuke's fighting style, so Watsuki would give Sanosuke a strong opponent and increase Sanosuke's power. And given the way Monk Anji fought, it's very likely he would have crippled Kenshin or Saito, who are more skilled than Sanosuke but can't just stand there and tank hits. ), also known as Okina (翁? (in Western order, Jinei Udoh), was a hitokiri during the Revolution, and there is evidence he continued killing people well after the end of the Revolution.

"Act 19: Daughter of Aizu. ), the mother, and Arai Iori (新井 伊織? He meets Kaoru and develops feelings for her. When Watsuki wrote the creation profile of Senkaku in Volume 8 of Rurouni Kenshin, he still felt regret about the development of Senkaku; what he regretted most was how he was unable to use Senkaku's hissatsu-wata special technique "Piercing Head-Butt" in the storyline. send you an email once approved. Chizuru tells him that Muneiwa's son and daughter-in-law, Chizuru's parents, died when caught between government and revolutionary warriors. He is hired to attack Kenshin, a former Ishin Shishi, but when Sanosuke is defeated he becomes Kenshin's best friend and fighting partner. He later gets a pair of upgraded Tekkō from Enishi and fights Sano again in the attack on Kamiya dojo. was taught Hiten Mitsurugi by his uncle.

Only the hands of men can save the world of men. Kurogasa is obsessed with defeating the famous Hitokiri Battōsai (Himura Kenshin) when he meets him during Kurogasa's attempted assassination of Tani Jūsanrō, a government official. Sad 1.

)'s personality and motives differ in the manga and anime. Watsuki felt that the design looks less like his counterpart than Kenshin looks like his counterpart.

It is also noted that Iwanbō's skin was thick enough to withstand attacks. ), his own version of the word de gozaru (でござる? Makimachi Misao's dialog about the Sū-shin being "mass-produced," in Watsuki's words, "hits the bulls-eye."[37]. Gentatsu's best friend, whom also befriends Kenshin. Watsuki added that he found "refreshing" the fact that Azusa is the first female character he designed who shows her entire forehead.

Also known as "Sword Hunter," Sawagejō Chō (沢下条 張?, IT) possesses quite a collection of rare and unusual swords, including, his favorite, a long flexible sword he keeps hidden around his waist named urumi, and double bladed sword known as a renbatō.

Kenshin then frees Kaoru, while Kurogasa picks up his wakizashi with his left hand, and stabs himself in the heart. The diamond edged steel wires he uses (Zankosen) to control his puppets can also be used as a weapon as they are sharp enough to cut flesh and break bone. After Shishio Makoto's death, Chō pays Kenshin and his friends a visit to inform them of what happened to members of the Ten Swords after Shishio's demise, then he goes on to work under Saitō Hajime as a spy and informant. Kaoru and Misao defeat Kamatari. Tsukayama Yutarō (塚山 由太郎?) Sojiro was a poor farm boy taken in by Shishio, and then became the amazing swordsman he is now. She serves as a holy mother to their crowd of followers and a teacher to the young children. She has a twin sister named Sae managing in a similar restaurant called the Shirobeko in Kyoto. They appear throughout several episodes in the anime. In retrospect he believed that the character resembles President of the United States Abraham Lincoln, another historical figure that Watsuki had respect for. At the hospital Tani, described by villagers as being "wrapped like a mummy," mutters "evil scary, evil scary.

Watsuki said that since he had never drawn a figure like that before, he experienced initial difficulties while drawing Hyottoko. She also tries to "help" Kaoru to come to terms with her feelings toward Kenshin so that Kenshin could lead a long, happy life. [19], Watsuki added that, of the Ten Swords, Saizuchi got the "short end of the stick" since the character did not have a chance to fully display his intelligence. Nobuhiro Watsuki admits in Yatsume's character notes that his design was partially based on Venom. When Kenshin asks Seikū to make a new sword, Seikū refuses because he wants to live a peaceful life and does not want to make any more instruments of war. In the first issue of Rurouni: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story, Kenshin (not named in the actual story) meets Raikōji Chizuru (来迎寺 千鶴? A native of Osaka, Chō has a very calm and cool exterior, and normally keeps one eye closed when talking, and only opens both eyes when excited in the heat of battle. Watsuki said that he did not use a specific model for Tsubame's personality. He manages to kill the four Oniwabanshū as they protect their leader Shinomori Aoshi with a suicide charge.