I found it on “all free sewing” I have very thick long curly hair and have been pondering off and on making a hoodie with an extra large hood so it won’t smush my hair. Cut out 2 of the front cape piece (place on folded cloth so you have a mirror image of the piece). how much fabric is needed for the child version?). 2nd Row. Thanks for the pattern. Oops ignore last comment, I was being silly! Hi can I just check the seam allowance is 5 inches? if the second front piece goes on the right side of the back piece, then where does the second shoulder seam go if there isn’t a second should seam piece cut out on the right side of the back piece ? Thankyou so much for this gorgeous pattern!

If you cut the fabric on folded fabric – you won’t need to worry about flipping it – just cut out both pieces at once. I’ve used it for jedi robes, and a last minute little red riding hood Halloween costume, once you get your head around what’s happening, the whole thing can come together in like, an hour. – Angel, I am very confused by the part where you sew the hoods together for a lined hood. Crocheted Carriage Cover Pattern Enjoy! I just made the Child Large pattern for my kindergarten daughter’s “Fairy Tale Day” at school. I love the ribbon detailing you added to the cape – very pretty!


Perfect cape for kid, adult or toddler. Good luck with your costume! What a great site, thank you for making these patterns free and easy to access and use! An easy sew, this free sewing pattern is perfect for grandmother’s house. OK, so when I looked at what I actually did with the pattern, it is a bit more complicated than that…. You might want to try printing it at 75% – 85% to make the hood smaller, but I made the cape purposefully big for my little girl so she could use it for a few years. I made this last winter and my daughter loves wearing her “Pink Riding Hood” on chilly days (not that we get many in AZ!). Ch 3, pick up the 2nd and 1st st of ch and 1st and 2nd d c keeping all loops on needle, yarn over and pull through all loops on needle, ch 1, (the single loop which is formed by the ch 1 is termed the eye of the st.) * next st, pick up the eye, side of star, the last d c picked up by previous star st, and the next d c, yarn over, pull through all loops, ch 1 and repeat from * across row. Hi Alison, I’m making this for my younger sister and her red riding costume. 14 sts in each front, 5 sts between increasing points of shoulders, 24 sts across back. Hi KerryLynn! There is a photo of us: http://chemicalicetea.deviantart.com/art/Follow-me-this-way-453184337, Thank you so much for sharing and especially for making it a free one (I am sometimes able to buy patterns I love, but I do have a tight budget, so awesome)! Shoulderette Pattern I was wondering if you needed help with something. I have your site bookmarked in favorites and should have remembered to just come here. Angel. Hi Robin- With right sides together pin the front and back sections of the exterior red riding hood. Booties #2 Pattern If you are using velvet be sure to finish all your edges – but I am sure it would be beautiful. 5th Row. Just started a flicker group here – http://www.flickr.com/groups/fleecefun/ where you can share your creations. And super cute too! Hi! Child's Crocheted Dress Pattern Thank you for this beautiful and creative pattern, People have to learn to see the patterns in a 3D way (stop and use your imagination). Hi, The link to the “Red Riding Hood Half Cape Size: Child” actually connects to the “Red Riding Hood Half Cape Size: Child LARGE” Is it possible to get the pdf for the Child size (not Child Large)?

Watching actors swishing around in them was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time . What would be the easiest way and which sides facing which to make sure I have a clean look ? You may want to try this cape – http://www.fleecefun.com/free-long-cape-pattern.html It can be made without sewing. No Lining:  Turn front under .5 inches and sew, using a zig zag stitch along the edge of the fabric. Free Costume Pattern:  This red riding hood cape pattern comes together quickly and comes in child and adult sizes. 1) Can I use a more stretchy fabric with this? Thank you so much for posting this pattern. (i.e. Special note:  You will need to cut a triangle where there is  triangle on the pattern – this will help you match up the hood to the cape pieces. To make the hood have some body to it you may consider lining it felt to hold up against the heavy velvet ( you may want to line it twice – and sandwich the felt between the velvet and satin for a nicer look.) Serina,

Angel. Everything from Hand Sewing, Machine Sewing, Easy Projects and Patterns for beginners. Thank you very much for the pattern. I cannot wait to make this for my girl for Christmas! Video tutorial breaks down the steps. Doll's Coat & Hat Pattern Angel. Could i still use the patten or would i have to extend it? Yonly need two pieces of the front – the back is one peice. Good luck! Thanks so much for sharing your talents. Judy. Or should I use the child large? This Red Riding Hood cape pattern is one of Fleece Fun’s most popular. It turned out so good! I also made another little hood for her beloved doll with leftover fabric. Hi! That should work. The finished product comes to the tops of the legs on a female and just below the waist on a male ( it’s a half cape). Great pattern!

But it should work without the hood. I printed the pattern. (if you do not wish to have a lining just cut out 2 pieces for exterior. Thank you! its a huge hit! There is plenty of room to slip over your head and the cape with the beautiful generous hood looks fantastic. Thanks again. I was wondering for a 5’4′ adult woman would you recommend the adult size or child large ? If not I’m going to try it myself. SIZE 3-4 YEARS. I am trying it out tonight. You are of course welcome to email me just to brag! Hello, there! I am sewing for my wedding so brain is a bit scrambled!! Can you PLEASE response to comment 154, I just want the basic measurements of the cape so I do not have to print the template out thanks!!!

Thank you! I made it for my daughter. Bye. I just started working on a little red riding hood costume for the Armegeddon convention next year, but had NO IDEA how to make a hooded cape! I’m from Holland and I was wondering about the amount of fabric. With right side together pin the back of the little red riding hood cape to the each of the front pieces  along the side seam (see pictures to the left). I will try to help or word it a different way. We created a hood for the wolf and for red riding hood with it c:

Angel. Thanks. The master index of Fleece Fun’s Free Costume Patterns. My daughter has a princess birthday party to go to and I have been looking for ages for a hooded cloak,cape pattern. Easy and fast – that’s my kind of project! Coverall Panties Pattern It likely won’t trail on the ground (depending on how tall you are), but it will be longer. So happy that it worked so well for you – your little girl is adorable! Thank you so much. Perhaps you can tell me which step you are have trouble understanding? Hi Ash Thank you for posting this. it was easy to make and looks fantastic! Little sister (4) now wants a ‘My Little Pony’ costume. I am a first time sewer, and I love the pattern, but the explanation on the hood assembly with liner is very unclear and the video does not ever actually show clearly how to pin it together. If I missed this information somewhere, I’m sorry. The child size would work well for someone short with a small frame (body). I would use the child large for the 6 and 7 year olds. Bone Crochet Hook #2 or 3 . Very nice! Hello, thank you for your answer! My first Meeting With a sewing machine, and it was a great result, no Challenge, and as a man, 40+, and mostly doing mechanical stuff – this was fun! I also adjusted the angle of the side seam so the cape wouldn’t widen out as much. Thanks so much for this pattern! Is it possible to still put a hood on and make the opening to the side? I love it! That’s awesome! So how can I buy the red riding hood cape? – Angel. There’s a secret to all of my capes – the hoods are interchangeable! The fabric has to be at least 60 inches wide (typical for fleece) – if it’s not it won’t work. Hi Rebecca! My sister cut the front edges on the selvage and as it is just for dress-ups we just left those. So you will need to find a fabric that width. Thankyou for this fantastic pattern. She wears a extra small or small top, and a size 2 pant. There are guides built into the pattern to make it a shorter cape or capelet. The circular half cape tutorial is perfect for going to grandmother’s house in – it’s warmth will keep the chill from nipping, but not necessarily wolves. Thank you so much! I haven’t sewn much in a while and forget if this kind of modification is possible. My facebook: Mélody Nargeot (i’m French and, a curly -blond -haired and blue-eyed girl XD ).

Thanks, Zach, Hi Zach,