Catholic Review: Has this last year given you new insight into the importance of Catholic education? We want them to go out and say, ‘Our Lady of Grace is a wonderful place!’ If somebody’s out there hunting, that helps. People love this school, but if they have no money to send (children) to school, what are they going to do? WCDSB Main Website, School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement. We get a lot of ‘somebody told me.’ You’ve got to keep the families happy, because if they’re talking negative, it does phenomenal damage. Catholic Review: That’s a struggle many schools are facing…. Ricketts: Families give us information about what they can relatively afford, then we have a team that I’m not involved in and looks at it to see what we can offer. I want them to love coming here and share themselves with each other. Our Lady of Grace is a Title of Mary. Thank you again to our Search Committee as well as to all our staff who have assisted with the Principal Search Process. 12:55 p.m. -- Classes Resume Many parishes, churches, and schools bear this name. What you can do is try to make people delighted with what you have. He has a brother Michael, niece Jennifer and nephew Michael. Kitchener, Ontario, Mrs. Vance joins us with 26 years of experience as an educator and 19 years of experience as a principal, most recently, at Notre Dame Academy in Minnetonka. Catholic Review: What do the school and parish do to address that? This may sound corny and I don’t mean it to be, but it’s out of your hands.

Dear Our Lady of Grace Community, My name is Mrs. Ginger Vance and I am very humbled and excited to be joining Our Lady of Grace as the principal of your phenomenal school. The feast day associated with this title is February 7. Our Lady of Grace C.E.S. Extended Day Cell Phone: 519-505-5739, 8:55 a.m. -- Supervisor on Schoolyard The joy and the silliness, that’s wonderful. I knew Catholic education is wonderful. As you embark on this process I hope you will consider Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy. Contact Us. Our middle school tends to have fewer children. Through his Spirit, the Lord Jesus lives in those who believe, and reaches into our world with his saving message and healing love. Our Catholic Faith is taught, reinforced and celebrated in our school, homes and parish. Phone: 519-745-3961 Fax: 519-745-5636 Extended Day Cell Phone: 519-505-5739

It’s really a team effort. The parents can accept it or not. Now in her second year as principal of Our Lady of Grace in Parkton, Alberta “Byrdie” Ricketts is excited about the possibilities of Catholic education. I look forward to meeting each of you as I begin walking the new path that God has laid before me. She explained her administrative philosophy as well. Let our hearts be filled with joy for the leadership of our Catholic schools' principals and for our children who fill our hearts with delight especially during these unusual days. Catholic Review: A lot of schools are worried about enrollment numbers and are trying to figure out what to do…. Our Lady of Grace School. Following in the footsteps of a much loved and accomplished, Maureen Trenary, will be an honor as I partner with the community to impact the students Catholic identity and their academic prowess. The title of Our Lady of Grace is venerated in many countries throughout the world under various aspects. They have a team leader so that if I have something to ask to get a feel for the climate, I’ll go to that one team leader. At this stage, I find it exceptionally exciting because in the public arena I could always live my faith, but I couldn’t speak it.

I am excited to announce that after working with the Search Committee as well as school leadership, faculty and staff, we have selected Mrs. Ginger Vance to serve as our new principal at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School effective Wednesday, July 1, 2020. We’re ‘happy, celebrating people’ here. First Parlour Bar Food Truck Fundraiser a Success! God calls the Catholics of the Archdiocese of Baltimore to be a welcoming, worshipping community of faith, hope, and love. Catholic Review: You started the day with your staff members by saying a prayer. Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church5071 Eden AveEdina, MN 55436, Parish SchoolYouth MinistryBecome CatholicHomiliesFuneral NoticesBecome a ParishionerSubscribe to our Email Newsletter, St. John Paul II Catholic School - Read to Lead Fundraiser. Now in her second year as principal of Our Lady of Grace in Parkton, Alberta “Byrdie” Ricketts is excited about the possibilities of Catholic education. The Catholic Review is the official publication of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. © 2020 ARCHDIOCESE OF BALTIMORE, ALL RIGHT RESERVED, Charity In Truth: The Blog of Archbishop William E. Lori, The Joy of Believing: A Practical Guide To The Catholic Faith, 2020 School Policy Manual (Updated 10-19-20), Archbishop William E. Lori Offers Congratulations to Newly Elected, Prayers for the Country, Watch Mass from the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen for All Saints Day, Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Installation of the Ministry of Lector and Acolyte; St. John the Evangelist, Westminster, Statement on Cardinal-designate Wilton D. Gregory. Marquette University. Ricketts: A team is extremely important since we are a small school. 3:40 p.m. -- Dismissal. A product of Archdiocese of Baltimore schools, Ricketts spent about 30 years in the public school system as a teacher and administrator. If you’re thinking of that Catholic school for high school, some think they should try now. Ricketts: Relationships that you build with people are extremely important in making them aware that you feel they are important and they are a part of the school. One of my biggest challenges is to keep the children from the fifth and sixth grade because of their options. 70 Gracefield Crescent, I really feel he put me here. Teamwork is one of the best ways to get that good feel. From teaching at Highland Catholic to being a principal at Catholic schools in the Archdiocese and St. Mrs. Ginger Vance will be building on a tremendous 70 year legacy of excellence led for the last 29 years by Mrs. Maureen Trenary. 70 Gracefield Crescent, Kitchener, Ontario, N2E 1R9. An offer is made. He attended Our Lady of Mount Carmel School in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. School Year Calendars N2E 1R9, Phone: 519-745-3961 Rent Our Facility For me, it is not a question of embracing either Catholic identity or academic excellence – it’s about embracing both. Ricketts: Marketing is extremely important.

Vincent G. Chirichella BA, MA, M.Div.,RT (R) was born on November 4th, 1968 in Brooklyn New York, to John and Michela Chirichella. Being part of a parish with a strong commitment to its school will allow me to live out my vocation each day. We want them to be glad they’re sending their children here. Fax: 519-745-5636

We only have one teacher in each grade. Really, it’s a higher level and it’s more me. It’s been a great blessing. At Our Lady of Grace School we believe each person is made in God’s image and that our life task is to come to know Him and to grow in love and respect for God, self, and others. Ricketts: I have always known Catholic education is extremely important because I am a product of it. We have really good schools in the neighborhood, so we have to stay on the top of things and be really strong to keep them. We encourage a love for learning, help students develop their God-given potential, and teach them the life skills necessary to take their place in Church and society. I have been blessed to witness the special connectedness of the entire parish community since I met with Father Kevin and others through the onboarding process. My name is Mrs. Ginger Vance and I am very humbled and excited to be joining Our Lady of Grace as the principal of your phenomenal school. Rev. St. Marys C.S.S. Word of mouth is extremely important. 11:55 a.m. – 12:55 p.m. -- Lunch * The (Kindergarten), 1 and 2 work as a team, then 3,4 and 5 and 6, 7 and 8. Welcome to Our Lady of Grace Catholic School located in the beautiful town of Westmeath. I am thankful for the commitment demonstrated by our dedicated Staff and School Parent Council wherein we are united in our common goal to make decisions for the betterment of our students. I want children to be happy here. A product of Archdiocese of Baltimore schools, Ricketts spent about 30 years in the public school system as a teacher and administrator.

It’s a challenge, but we’re doing well I think. Report this profile; ... Our Lady of Grace School 2:15 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. -- Afternoon Recess That’s not what we’re about. She addressed many of the challenges facing Catholic schools and what her 213-student institution is doing to remain viable.

It’s hard to be the only one there, so what I try to do is build teamwork through vertical teams. Being part of a parish with a strong commitment to its school will allow me to live out my vocation each day. Over the past few months we have conducted an extensive national search to find and hire a new principal. I believe in providing an atmosphere filled with faith, service, learning and fun. Kelly Wolf, Principal of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy. Special Education Advisory Committee

Catholic Review: You seemed as excited as anyone about the first day when you were meeting families before school. Our Lady of Grace C.E.S. I’m hoping that’s on its way out. Principal at Our Lady of Grace School Chicago, Illinois 307 connections. You have an option of staying here and graduating from Our Lady of Grace, which is a very small, close community or going to another Catholic school. Join to Connect.

You are in an environment where the belief system is there. Britain Images. 52 Grace St. Westmeath, ON K0J 2L0 Tel 613-587-4837 Fax 613-587-4695. The values were always there, but I was always praying behind closed doors. The economy is a large piece. You can’t make people come. I would like to thank all of the families within the Our Lady of Grace Catholic School Community for your warm welcome and continued support of our “special gift.” GO GATORS! At Our Lady of Grace, we are also very excited as we continue to implement the 21 st century competencies of Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking throughout all the grades. Ricketts: It’s scary. It is easy to see that our school community is AWESOME, and this new school year will be marked with numerous events that continue to create a positive school climate which is readily witnessed by all who will visit. There will be an opportunity for everyone in the OLG community to meet Mrs. Vance during the summer, after the school year has concluded.

9:10 a.m. -- Entry School Safety / Bullying Report Cloud Diocese, the impact of my decisions on a student’s faith development and academic growth has always taken precedence in my leadership. I went to St. John in Westminster from first grade through 12th. Our tuition assistance (requests) increased three-fold this year. They have meetings and do things together as a group. It is evident that rooted in faith, all stake holders that make up our school community (Staff, Students, Parents and Blessed Sacrament Parish), work hard toward creating a school climate that supports gospel values, student learning, and the realization of the best educational environment possible. 10:20 a.m. – 10:35 a.m. -- Morning Recess They might not be sitting the in classrooms, but they are definitely a part of the school. The idea of truly enjoying life is good. We have to also be aware of what’s going on. I try to mix that in a good bit. A Message From Our Principal.

How to Register Principal: Julie Dumouchel School Admin: Nancy Schimmens Principal’s Message. She sat down with The Catholic Review Aug. 25 for an interview on the first day of school.