[3], On November 10, 1859, Omaha Central High School began as Omaha High School in the Nebraska Territory capitol building. As. Aug 24 Girls Varsity Golf at Bennington High School, Elkhorn South High School, Gretna High School, Westside High School Invitational @ Pacific Springs Golf Course 9:00 am | Pacific Springs Golf Course Aug 27 Boys Junior Varsity Tennis vs. Gretna High School Gretna TBA | Omaha Central High School Aug 27 Boys Varsity Tennis at Charles Drew Student Based Health Center Physicals, Win at Fundraising: Order Chipotle, Raise Funds for Your Teams | Presented by VNN, All Teams Schedule: Week of Aug 31 – Sep 06, All Teams Schedule: Week of Aug 24 – Aug 30, All Teams Schedule: Week of Aug 17 – Aug 23, All Teams Schedule: Week of Aug 10 – Aug 16. [13], Central has had youth-led media for some years. Even the smallest donation helps! This support stopped the paper from being shut down. [11], The staff of Central's student newspaper, were awarded the Student Press Review's Edmund J. Sullivan Award in 2002 after they wrote a series of articles exposing several controversial topics throughout the school. Thank you for your support of Central High School! There is no shipping cost! There are many ways to contribute to the Central High School Foundation. In 2007, the Eagles became the only high school in Nebraska to have won championships in three main sports in the same calendar year. "I had Mr. Dan Daly for Advanced Placement English in 1990-1991. In 1869, after the territorial government was removed from Omaha, the capitol building was donated to the City of Omaha by the Nebraska state government for educational use only. Many graduates have gone on to participate in collegiate athletics. Throughout its history, Omaha Central has won numerous state championships in various sports. ow.ly/T7J050Ax2PL Click here for a form for the Student Based Health Center: ow.ly/c9CT50Ax2PM, The health and safety of our students and staff is our priority. KIOS-FM (91.5 MHz) is a National Public Radio member station in Omaha, owned and operated by Omaha Public Schools.

After running the story, the paper was threatened with being shut down. A gym was added to Central in 1930, and this building is still in use today.[4]. Chipotle has always been committed to preparing real food made with real ingredients, and is a long-time supporter of local high school teams and clubs. When we were studying European languages and their roots, he mused out loud, 'I wonder why the English put an extra E on words, like Ye Old Coffee Shoppe?' Omaha Central High School, originally known as Omaha High School, is a fully accredited public high school located in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, United States. https://nebraskascreenprinting.com/product-category/nsaa-state-championships-apparel/nsaa-boys-basketball/ Let us know if you have any questions/concerns! The baseball and softball teams compete at Boyd Stadium, a renovated park three miles northeast of the campus. In 1872, it was replaced by a four-story building that hosted kindergarten through twelfth grades. [10], After running a controversial story in 2001, the staff and the paper were rebuked by the administration. Initially, all male students were required to participate.