What is the relationship between werewolves and vampires in Balkan folklore? So why can humans see and interact with them?

In fact that would be a common problem with most possible solutions, it's already not easy to make a vampire disappear from the mirror. ( Log Out / 

Could this be done technologically, assuming the mirrors are completely normal ones and there are no psychic powers in this universe? If you cannot see into the water, a reflection is, merely a reflection. We need to delve deeper than that, agree that though a still mind reflects, it takes more than that to project. And if the molecules in your retina react the same way, you will be able to see the vampire if you look at it straight-on. Similarly, we must see past our angry partners. To display this imagery, the fabric is covered with hyperpixels, each consisting of a 180 x 180 LED array behind a hemispherical lens.

Maybe people. Used again in the second movie at Johnathan and Mavis' wedding when a picture is taken of both the couple and their parents. It turns out it isn't a mirror, it's a window to an identical but reflected room.

Doubly Linked List Data Structure ADT in C++.

Unfortunately for him, this, along with the heavy curtains and slightly suspicious behavior, causes Cordelia, who has encountered vampires before, to figure out exactly what he is. The word that describes the item is Шип which can be translated as pretty much everything in between a stake, spike and a big needle. But when the water is still, you can see your own reflection. Why do so many cultures have monsters that prey on families? Being unable to enter churches. A diagram of such a sensor/emitter pair from the article: To achieve true invisibility, optical camouflage must capture the background from all angles and display it from all perspectives simultaneously. But think of the potential limbo victories! Lots of possibilities - thank you! What would be the hazard of raising flaps on the ground? And that is the real problem, for a vampires true form is so horrible that the human mind simply rejects it because to do otherwise would lead to madness. ", A second wrote: "Connie, should have said - obviously it's funny when you notice the 'penis' but you're a stunning girl. Holy water. It would be difficult to pull off well, but if done right could make an interesting story. (This also explains why the vampire's clothes aren't visible in the mirror, even if she changed after she rose from the dead. Putting a poetic spin on the light absorbing properties of a vampiric corpse, you might say that the hungry spirit which animates the flesh eats the light in the same way it drinks human blood. Scene from the 1972 film, Blacula. Is there any plausible way for something to be visible directly but invisible in a mirror? One commented to say: "Yes I spotted it now after about a minute looking. A robber, sitting still, is no peaceful mind. Compare Casts No Shadow, which is to this trope what The Shadow Knows is to The Mirror Shows Your True Self. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. So the clarity of the pond can allow the person to look into the pond and see the ring lying in the bottom of the pond, and reach out into the pond to retrieve the lost ring, and reunite what is lost with the one finding. Alternately, the god of shadows absorbs the reflections of his servants the vampires to feed his own powers. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. How can I design the rules so that they are in keeping with familiar vampire mythology, and still self-consistent when exploring consequences? Of course it's not really physically possible, but it sounds more plausible than "magic". Furthermore, the sources themselves seem shoddy. Now we come to the interesting bit. It's later revealed that this is another side effect of Gecko Moria's shadow-stealing powers. Being unable to enter a building unless being invited. The inability to cross running water. They take from you as much as they can. They can also use this glamour to make you not see them.

@dsollen Reflection can certainly impart polarization: polarizing sunglasses cut glare precisely because light reflecting off certain surfaces is polarized. The mirror behind Connie reflected the back of her ankle and foot to appear in between her legs, which caused some people to double take as they thought it resembled something far more inappropriate.

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Stoker spawned a huge cult to his creation, not the mythological being vampyr. This could also suggest that souls have a regeneration/healing rate... and if you allow your soul time to recover between photos, then no problem.

I'm assuming this will have to be magic, as I am unaware of any way this could be possible physically. If you let the tiny robot swarm get very advanced, perhaps involving femtotechnology rather than nanotechnology or perhaps some particles unknown to current physics, there could also be an alternate solution that doesn't involve selectively detecting nearby eyeballs. Johnathan pulls out a mini-mirror to shave only for Dracula to come visit in his room all of a sudden. I agree with trichoplax, a ball of matter emitted only infrared light would appear black, not invisible.

site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Mirrors force vampires to confront their nature of existence as an undead, which is why many vampires do not like mirrors. Which mean the lack of reflection would be a property of those objects regardless of who were wearing them.

Far from invisible or transparent, they would reflect no light from themselves but also consume all light coming from objects behind them... effectively leaving their spot in the reflection absolutely black. I'm asking for the origin of the myth. Otherwise, the accepted answer was pretty much the last edit of my post. Making what is behind the vampire appear in the mirror though is far harder still. A woman's innocent post on Instagram has gone viral after she failed to spot a very unfortunate reflection in the mirror behind her.

Thanks to the commenters in the question sandbox for helping refine this question before posting. What defines a JRPG, and how is it different from an RPG? To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. But maybe that could be explained as a simple misunderstanding due to the wording of no reflection being interpreted slightly different from how it was meant in the first place. How does vampire-dad keep the masquerade to his daughter. They all describe different vampires. ...and you'd notice no drop in temperature when they walk between you and a roaring fire. How is secrecy maintained in movie production? I'm more interested in the myth's earliest use / origin than a description of it. If this is done at every point along the body for light rays coming in every direction (even if it's not perfectly fine-grained so the emitted light is a bit pixellated), you can have a form of practical invisibility. Johnathan is startled by his presence since he didn't see him in the mirror. @Philipp plausible explanation, but you may want to know that red blood cells, @Philipp Just stopping by to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your answer. The only problem with this is that if the software sees someone's eyes in a reflective surface like a mirror, and interprets that as another set of eyes, then if it fails to send the masking rays in the direction of the reflected eyes, the person will be able to see them in a mirror. What would cause cyborgs to not have a reflection? Perhaps certain mirrors are specially enchanted as vampire-detectors. When the photons of these radiation bounces of the mirror (or any other reflective surface), they lost some of their energy and their frequency drops to the infrared radiation spectrum. Due to the physics of how it works, the emitted light would be lower energy than the light you shine on the vampire. Vampires and bloodsuckers, in general, are far older than the bible itself and appear through out the history in almost all mythology from China to Egypt and eastern Europe. If there could be a dead cat and a living cat superimposed in Schrödinger's box, why couldn't there be an undead vampire and a dead body superimposed in your world?

Conceivably the effect was imperfect, and did not work as well on animals; but, worse, the effect was originally limited to a "blind field", so the vampire was visible in reflections. We want them, of course, but not too many. Origin of the 'vampires have no reflection' myth, J Gordon Melton's "The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead", Creating new Help Center documents for Review queues: Project overview.