Posted: 22 Oct 2010 8:28 pm. The occult has played a pivotal role in the evolution and development of genre cinema. I'm not the best at reviews but I did want to inform future customers of the Night of the Demon (Maria's "B" Movie Mayhem) version of this movie. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Really neat guitar work again, combined with some messianic, apocalyptic lyrics. There are three songs on here that can get the ‘ol heart rate pumping a few beats faster than normal: “Ride the Wind”, “One Helluva Night”, and “Decisions”. Night of the Demons DVD Review.

Some times though those make good bad movies (I would put this movie into that category) to watch with buddies over a couple of beers. Thus the listener is treated to a pleasant alternation of moods and tempos all tied together by the common blues matrix. Unintentionally hilarious at times, gruesome at others, Night of the Demon even manages to be slightly chilling in some moments.Night of the Demon features all the things that make cheesy horror great: bad acting, slimy gore, gratuitous nudity, and BIGFOOT! SHARE ON: Rob Aldam — October 22, 2018. Nothing from Amazon that it was on the way, but what a treat this was to get it the day before Halloween. Not great, and not a lot of bigfoot in the film. User Ratings A college professor brings several of his students into the woods for no apparent reason other than to get killed. Album Review: The Cribs – ‘Night Network’: their best yet? Tell us what you think of Night of the Demon 1957 in the comment section below! Dave Hill showcases a great display of hard rock style vocals, always appropriately supported by a fittingly simple rythm section, contributing to making this song a true classic of its kind. Adam Scovell is a writer and filmmaker currently studying for a PhD in Music at the University of Liverpool. Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2018. One of the major scenes cut for the US release is Holden's (Andrews) visit to the Hobarth farm. To mellow 70s flute music they travel into the woods, the hazy travelogue punctuated by the professor’s tales of grisly deaths at the hand of the legend.

I don't remember it's original release, so it must have come and gone through the drive-ins pretty quick in 1980. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. James C.Wasson's NIGHT OF THE DEMON is a strangely entertaining, even compelling (if it hits you in the right frame of mind) slice of zero-budget horror that certainly delivers the goods if you're looking for mean-spirited, violent thrills and spills. Starting off with a dark, slow, misleadingly foreboding mantra, the album goes off like a firecracker with the second track "Night of The Demon", featuring a very simple four chord riff, standing to this day, after eleven albums and almost twentyfive years, as one of the catchiest offerings from this band. They are honest, simple rock songs that would easily fit to a party but they inevitably lose in comparison with the first tracks and eventually they sound a bit off when you hear the whole album. The restoration is terrific and there is a wealth of supplemental material, including an 80-page booklet on the making of the film.

Problem is when your theme over the opening credits uses a flute as its main instrument it doesn't bring fear.

Outstanding tale of witchcraft and curses, Reviewed in the United States on September 1, 2019. NIGHT OF THE DEMON opens w/ the recounting of several deaths, allegedly caused by bigfoot. Then, it’s the ultimate anticlimax; the title track kicks in and it sounds like… Deep Purple, maybe Thin Lizzy, one of those hard rock bands that overlap with the heavy metal genre. It's also extremely disturbing in several parts. DISC TWO: Nugent and his team press on. Heed my warning if you want and proceed with caution, don't set you standards too high. "Night of the Demon" is so cheesy it's good. Naturally, things do not go well. This movie screams to be massacred on MST3K. • Original mono audio

Is the Avebury Red Lion Pub, the Most Haunted Pub Ever?

Think Blair Witch (1999) meets Boggy Creek II: The Legend Continues and you have this film in a nutshell.

It is vile, graphically violent, mean spirited, and totally distasteful at times. It's a wonderful set I'll be returning to regularly. • Speak of the Devil: The Making of ‘Night of the Demon’ (2007, 20 mins): a documentary featuring actor Peggy Cummins and production designer Ken Adam As far as I am concerned, it is maybe the first metal album presenting such a macabre, ghastly imagery in its cover.

A beautiful blue ray.

ANN MASSEY looks at the episodes and characters of TV comedy paranormal horror, Truth Seekers. So got to watch it. They called themselves “Demon.” They must be one of the heaviest, most evil bands in all of England, right? Better known in the US as CURSE OF THE DEMON, the original British production includes 14 minutes of extra footage. a very strange movie, but that isn't a bad thing.

Despite being a very simple easy-listening release though, Demon's debut album does not fail to keep itself enjoyable even after many listens: what this album lacked in complexity, it more than made up for with its vast number of catchy riffs, and with Dave Hill's excellent vocals, which fit the songs perfectly, adding a personal and unique touch to each song. I wouldn't want to ruin any points of this masterpiece for all you other "Z-Movie" fans out there. A professor and his students trek out into the wilderness in search of Bigfoot.

This is an extremely glum and po faced film which isn`t even so bad it`s good . All the songs are about mid-paced, with lots of good and simple guitar solos and fills, but it’s nothing even remotely extreme.