It evolved and changed in the 1980s to become the technical section. Dupuis-Déri, Francis. Ranks of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal: Directeur (Director) Associate Director; Assistant Director; Chief Inspector; Inspector; Commander; Lieutenant / Detective Lieutenant; Sergeant / Detective Sergeant; Constable; Canadian Auxiliary Police Ranks as follows: Auxiliary Staff Superintendent; Auxiliary Superintendent; Auxiliary Staff Inspector With about 4,600 officers and 1,600 civilian staff, it is the second largest municipal police agency in Canada after the Toronto Police Service. In order to be recognizable as police officers by civilians, the first uniforms were created in 1848.

[16] According to Francis Dupuis-Déri, a political science professor at Université du Québec à Montréal, police officers employ this tactic because of a "deviance" radical political demonstrators pose to media, politicians and police officers themselves.

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The SPVM covers an area of about 496 square kilometres and 1,958,000 residents of the island of Montreal. [11] Remington 870 shotguns and FN P90 sub-machine guns are also stocked by the SPVM and its Emergency Response Team armory, but these long guns are rarely used. The Museum of the Montreal Police (French: Musée de la police de Montréal) was established in 1992 to preserve the history of the Montreal Police Service. Prior to the Glock 19 officers carried the Walther P99 9mm as the sidearm which replaced the .357 Magnum revolvers in the early 2000s. Trudeau, known as "Officer 728" for her badge number, was found guilty of assault in February 2016 for using excessive force when arresting Serge Lavoie outside his home. [18], In 2012, the SPVM also came under criticism regarding their handling of the 2012 Quebec student protests. Copyright © 2005-2014 The International Encyclopedia of Uniform Insignia. Hračky, pěnové puzzle a kočárky pro panenky, JFolder::create: Path not in open_basedir paths. Police ranks are a system of hierarchical relationships in police organizations. PRINTABLE PDF: ... Official Website of Service de police …

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) (French for Montreal Police Service, Montreal City Police Service or City of Montreal Police Service) is the municipal police force for the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada and the neighbouring communities in the urban agglomeration of Montreal.

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