Kennesaw Mountain Trail Club map The following three maps(Feb 2015) have been provided to us and the park by Larry Knight, they can be printed on standard paper. RECOMMENDED ROUTE Heritage Park Trail 3.2 mi 5.2 km • 157' Up 47.71 m Up • 157' Down 47.84 m Down. Popular but not overcrowded. Hiking info, trail maps, and 10 trip reports from Little Kennesaw Mountain (1,601 ft) in the Southern Appalachian of Georgia Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, Little Kennesaw Mountain Overlook Via West Trail. passion. Hikers can access the overlook by continuing on Little Kennesaw Mountain Trail or starting a 2-mile hike from the park’s Visitor Center at the intersection of Stilesboro Rd and Old Hwy 41. Nicely shaded on a hot afternoon. The summit is marked by an information plaque and three replica civil war-era cannons indicating the historic battles that took place here. • 205' Down 3.5 km It would be nice if people didn’t litter. Turn off your ad blocker to see a map of this trail, Kennesaw Mountain Overlook via West and East Trails, Kennesaw Moutain Overlook via Pigeon Hill Trail, Kennesaw Mountain and Visitor Center Short Loop, West Trail: Pigeon Hill to Kennesaw Mountain Visitor Center, Kolb's Farm Kennesaw Mountain East and West Loop, Kennesaw Mountain via Kennesaw Mountain Drive, Kennesaw Mountain via Mountain to River Trail M2R, Pigeon Hill, Brumby Camp, Hardage Mill and Noses Creek Trail.

It's a decent, short workout, as going up and over Big, then Little and Pigeon Hill, from the Visitor Center to Burnt HIckory road, and back again, takes 2.5- 3.5 hours, depending on who I'm with. The trail leads hikers through shady rock …

This is about an injury or accident • Taking other people's content (text, photos, etc) without permission is a copyright violation and From the parking lot at the top of the mountain, stairs lead to a higher overlook and trail. At mile one, enjoy the vistas to the north and south as you summit big Kennesaw Mountain. Marietta, GA. It starts with a steep uphill climb to the scenic and historic Kennesaw Mountain peak, continues through rocky terrain to the Little Kennesaw peak, then drops down to the base of the mountain for a nearly flat return. •

Enter your email and we’ll send password reset instructions: shows the mountain as a whole (not just the summit or views), is at least 1920x1440 dimensions and max size 10MB. • The trail is rated as moderate and is primarily used for hiking and running. Read more.. Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, When the going gets tough.. Summer 2015 Reflections & Explorers Log, 12 Perfect Places to view Meteor Showers in Georgia, In Cook Den: Advanced Training for Environmental Educators, Chattanooga Day Trips: The Adventure Begins, Tour the Barrel Cabins of Unicoi State Park & Adventure Lodge, Great Georgia State Parks Adventures for Kids to Parks Day. Great hike. Cross the summit road again. 16.21 m Up Trail. We spotted countless deer, and a Cooper’s Hawk on a hunt for “fast food.”. Thanks for contributing!

An engine of fascination, she can generate projects on a staggering scale, unleashing indiscriminate Various lichen and moss lend a colorful wardrobe to the ancient gray boulders and large twisted oaks.

4.7 km Not very long, but it's steep enough to give you a real workout. Being a jerk / offensive? RECOMMENDED ROUTE Heritage Park Trail 3.2 mi 5.2 km • 157' Up 47.71 m Up • 157' Down 47.84 m Down. Little Kennesaw Mountain is such a fun & interesting hike! Kennesaw Mountain Short Loop 5.2 mi 8.4 km • 954' Up 290.86 m Up • 935' Down 284.9 m Down. Download trail maps for hikes in Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park before visiting! GPS coordinates: 33.975640, -84.581611 Late winter/early spring view of a deer near Kennesaw Mountain A picnic in the park is a popular activity at Kennesaw Mountain. Cross over the rocky summit of Little Kennesaw Mountain and start into the real rock gardens. 412.93 m Up 9.8 mi From the top of Kennesaw Mountain the trail begins with a difficult descent into a the gap between Big Kennesaw and Little Kennesaw, crossing Mountain Road at a wide point in the road with a couple of parking places and an interpretive marker.

Hiking trail Parking area Picnic area Tour stop North 0 0 0.5 Mile 0.5 Kilometer. Spam? • Something else? Marietta, GA.

The first part is steep and the latter part is wooded - a good place for spotting wildlife. Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is one of the premier training grounds for long-distance runners and hikers.

Prominence is a popular metric for peaks for two reasons: 1) it’s objective and relatively easy to calculate, and 2) higher prominence peaks are more likely to be interesting with higher independence vs. peaks with lower prominence. It’s defined as the vertical distance between a peak and the lowest contour line surrounding that peak and no higher peak. Marietta, GA. 147.61 m Up 409.54 m Down, 3.7 mi In addition to historic Civil War earthworks, hikers enjoy spotting wildlife and exploring the unique rock formations. This out-and-back hike that combines a short portion of Pigeon Hill Trail with Little Kennesaw Mountain Trail is approximately 2-2.5 miles. Good add’l hike post Big K.

Beautiful out there! Virtual Tour of Little Kennesaw Trail. peakery features 1 photo of each peak - ideally one that: We'll select the best photo to feature. View from Little Kennesaw Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Directions and GPS Coordinates for the Pigeon Hill / Little Kennesaw Mountain Trail Hike. But the trail was nice. Little Kennesaw Mountain is a mountain in Cobb County, Georgia, northwest of Marietta and south of Kennesaw. 16.39 m Down. 85.38 m Up and "how much further?"" Amazing views from the top. 204' Up 1,344' Down

• Little Kennesaw Mountain Overlook Via West Trail is a 3.4 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Marietta, Georgia that features a great forest setting.