The guide studs will take you along the path to the Goblin party, speak to the Goblin by himself with who asks with a dragon helm which we picked up earlier in the game, one more Mithril Brick is awarded for our good deed. LEGO The Hobbit Achievements Guide: Go across the tightrope, and go across the next three planks to another platform with a tightrope. Now walk to the platform furthest to the right, which will allow you to customise Trolls. Once attached press on the swing to the other side to safely land and be in front of a cave.

We are quite a distance from Dol Guldur now, fortunately our return gives ample chance to get towards that 100% completion. She is happy with our masterstroke of a design and their trip ends on a high and our time in Dale. Once you have collected all of this loot Fast travel back to Bywater and repeat this method until you have reached 500 Carrots. Fast travel to the Eagle statue here which is slightly hidden, beneath a daytime mission and character creator.

Change Saruman to Bilbo, and have Bilbo use the fishing point with , do the QTE game here to pull up a key. The walkthrough shows how to complete Warehouse Of Wonders in LEGO: The Hobbit for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, Xbox One. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. We like to complete a game in its entirety; we collect everything Leave the area and open your map again, this time select the other Troll character token as your destination "William (Troll)", go back to the other side of the water, and you can follow the guide studs North across mushrooms and fallen log bridges, to a cave door in a large tree. The "Lake-town Man (Archer)" is on a hightower to the North of the town, but to reach him we need to go around the Eastern edge of town. Press by the pot, and give it the 500 Carrots the door will open and the character can be approached and bought for 35,000 studs. The guide studs will end shortly after you pass a mission giver. This opens an Instruction platform towards the front of the screen on the right wall. When you reach the Hobbit mission giver speak to him with , and he will give you the task of chasing wolves away. Now, head towards the Carrock bridge, speak to the goblin here with , so they follow you and return back to the original quest giver. We need to do one mission here while it is night, in the Southwest of town is a mission "Spiteful Spiders", select this as your destination then fall down from the tower to any solid land below you, and follow the guide studs. Outside, you seem to be on top of another mission, it is actually above you, but select "Crown in the Dumps" and as always follow the guide studs to it. There are 15 wolves to destroy, so keep attacking each wolf with until the 15th is killed and the mission is complete. Head inside the cave, for your next mission "Goblin Gatecrashers", go down to the dance floor, and then to the left of the area to find the Troll Bouncer, speak to him with , you are not the only gatecrasher and a swarm of Goblins will come in and attack. All of the hobbits come with food flowers or kitchen ware. The Dwarf he wants to return his wife's gift, and asks for your help in rebuilding a ride. The last things we can get in this area now require us to be on the lake itself, head South, then left so you pass between the wall jumps again, directly to your left after this is a boat, facing the way we need to go on to the lake, approach the boat and tap to board it.

Check your map again, and select your destination as the Mithril Brick to the East which is in a circle below a wood and directly East of the Eagle statue. He runs off to the cave door to your right, follow him and go through the door. Buy the dropped red brick for 50,000 studs. The Troll Bouncer is attacking some club goers, so attack the ones he does so he eventually sits quietly, and then approach him and speak to him so you can spend the 15,000 studs to buy him. The second part of the guide includes, predominantly, a detailed walkthrough of the main missions in the game, although you can also find there chapters devoted to the attractions that you find in free exploration of the Middle Earth, and to the whereabouts of collectibles. Now, open your map again and there is a path leading from your current position to the Southeast, which leads to a red question mark, the mission "World's Strongest Dwarf" choose this as your destination, then follow the guide studs along the walled path up the mountainside. Help your fellow builder by leaving your feedback based on these three criteria: Your feedback is only shown to the creator as well as yourself. He's a passionate Lego Lotr builder. There is a mission giver in front of you, a man wearing blue, we will come back to this man shortly, but ignore him for now and go up the stairway. Now the new fire either hurt you or you are standing next to it. The Dwarf woman at the top wants to return her husbands Dragon Kite, we give it to her immediately, and once rewarded yet another new mission appears. LEGO The Hobbit Game Guide & Walkthrough by To grind this as quickly as possible we are going to keep swapping between Bywater and Bree as both have farming goods. Keep attacking the skeletons until you can reach her, then speak to her with , she will follow you now. When you are alongside the Northern point of the jetty you should get the option to disembark with a tap of , do so to ensure your boat is moored, otherwise it may cause problems involving you needing to fast travel back to Lake-town to spawn another boat, on the jetty in front of you is a ladder with Percy on top of a column to the left of your screen. Once you get 10 though the Mithril Brick will become solid and you can pick it up. The goblin troop is complete, you get a brick as a reward, but also punished as their verse is sung. 111 pages, 905 images, 7 maps and annotated illustrations. Now leave the area. To the right side of the level you have reached is a Dwarf, speak to him with , he boasts of his strength and feels he can wield a Mithril Warhammer, which you give him straight away. LEGO The Hobbit Middle-earth Part 5 Pine Forest An Elf in blue is waiting for you so speak to him with . Speak to the green Elf woman again for her to recount a Goblin has taken the throne, and goes to fight this gruesome King inside the cave. A new mission will show on your map within Dale, up and right from the Eagle statue is "Let's Go Find a Kite", this is on the high castle like area which had so many Mithril statues on, so go up the tall ladder that is to the East of the Dale Eagle statue on the wall of the Keep. Stay in the building and approach the Blacksmith, speak to him with as he can now be bought for 50,000 studs. A third bunny is missing so follow the guide studs once more get it to follow you with return to the woman a third time, and we have a fourth bunny to collect. This unofficial guide for LEGO The Hobbit includes all of the key information, whose knowing may help you complete the game's storyline, and the side missions, in an easy and a stress-free way. Of course, you do not need to complete them in the order suggested here, but this will allow you to reach their respective walkthroughs more easily. Eventually you will come across a hook point hanging above a large gap between two Lego stone platforms, if you get prompted tap to attach to this, otherwise you may have to jump and then attach to it by pressing then .

Press next to the Red Brick and buy it for 1,000,000 studs, this replaces Red Brick 29 in your Extras menu, only set this to On if you are running short of Gold as loot.