The most important thing is not that they have wealth, it's that they're using their wealth to ride roughshod over the American people. Not today anyway.

I find it impossible to believe that you are peddling the notion that our colleges and universities are controlled by anyone other than radical leftist (Socialists)! Koch Brothers Exposed. The Kochs rarely talk to the press, and conduct their affairs behind closed doors. The 2 party system as it is presents a false choice. Shut the politicians up. You don't have to be Einstein to see the Koch propaganda in the comments below. All kids need is a good reading writing and arithmetic. Again, don't fool yourself. Search. The pair that would become known as the Koch brothers are in fact two of four - Frederick is the eldest, born in 1933, followed by Charles (1935) and twins Bill and David (1940). Other members backed by the Kochs belong to the right-wing Tea Party bloc that took the US to the brink of default in July by refusing to consider a budget deal that would include tax increases. Americans for Prosperity, which has 33 state chapters and claims to have about two million members, has close ties to Tea Party groups and played a key role in opposing Obama’s health care initiative.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. They are working and not just living the life on the Atlantic or Pacific.

of the Koch's and the Super jew race! That wouldn't fit his agenda now would it?

True, but Trump strikes me as more of a simple, one-trick a$$hat, a crass New Yorker, as opposed to the Sith-level wickedness of the Koch brothers. It's disturbing that they want to resegregate schools-going down that road will surely lead to the reinstitution of slavery. The Netherlands is not country made up of pathological liars. The $18 is only a supplement, added to, her income to meet a standard of living. This comment is a truthful statement of the facts which are entirely essential to take this hate torrent you are allowing from the realm of discussion to understanding the true nature of those who continue this hatred. According to Kert Davies, the director of research for Greenpeace in the US, the Kochs have spent more than $50m since 1998 on “various front groups and think tanks who … oppose the consensus view that climate change is real, urgent and we have to do something about it”.

The Jewish people are NOT gamblers. It's 10X harder than my PT fast food job and yet it pays the same-BS! Sad that so many are afflicted. You must have attended one of their schools. I learned it from my parents and grandparents, who lived there and lived through the horrors of the Nazi invasion and occupation.

Until then, you are ultimately nothing to them, expendable, and whatever chains they can buy to throw around you are only what your kind deserve.

The legislation passed by Walker makes it more difficult for unions, which are major backers of Democratic candidates, to secure funds for political purposes. When the Manzo Nazis took control of Germany, Germany, despite the depression, had the largest gross national production equal to more than England and the United States combined. Germany had the largest economy in the world when the Nazis began their genocide.

Koch Brothers Exposed is a hard-hitting investigation of the 1% at its very worst. We no longer have the workers rights that we used to have,wages have stagnated,except for the CEO's and owners of these corporations,yet the prices and cost of living continues to rise. However, the paga neo-christians need to destroy the name of G-d from the face of the earth. "invading Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium," - sorry but it was the British invasion forces in those lands that precipitated all that. Madame la Guillotine was made for just such stiffnecks as these.

Released by The Real News Network on October 31, it was narrated by actress Emma Thompson.. References

Can't wait for the documentary exposing the evils of George Soros and the true background of B. Hussein Obama. When you combine their fortunes, they are the third wealthiest people in the world. They performed hideous medical experiments on children without anesthetic. That filthy creek would benefit from HEMP and so would the people. If the Russians, British, or Americans were your neighboring countries and you conspired against them the way you did with the British and French against the Germans. None of those are "conservative" values. Even Ms Tate would agree, I'm sure. Not sure if he's the main topic but he's used as the cover image for the doc. The bill is going to come due. No principles, no shame, only blindly following the golden rainbow at any cost! However, there are also many who use their money and power to exhibit undue and unethical influence on the US government and our lives, including trying to buy election results. Get rich, really rich, if you would like your life and family and world to be as worth considering as their own.

Unfortunately most seem to use that power to increase their wealth. I have never seen a senator take out in a Canadian newspaper. The Doubt Machine: Inside the Koch Brothers' War on Climate Science is a 2016 documentary short about Koch Industries and its efforts to discredit climate research.