Principal Cast: Robert Taylor (Johnny Eager), Lana Turner (Lisbeth Bard), Edward Arnold (John Benson Farrell), Van Heflin (Jeff Hartnett), Robert Sterling (Jimmy Courtney), Patricia Dane (Garnet), Glenda Farrell (Mae Blythe), Paul Stewart (Julio). So beginning with A Yank At Oxford (1938) in which Taylor showed off the hair on his chest, MGM began putting him in more he-man roles. Seeing how distraught she is, Johnny begins to understand what love and decency are. Jeff returns and takes the dying Johnny in his arms. Johnny? the shell coming in. You have no new messages. When Johnny is approaching the Fifty-First Ward Social Club right before the gun battle, his tie and shirt can be seen over his scarf. Hup! On opening night, Johnny runs into Mae Blythe, an old girlfriend who is now happily married to a policeman. English subs by edam17@KG Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. - What's your pleasure? [6],, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Byron Shores as Officer 711 (Mae's husband), This page was last edited on 8 July 2020, at 09:20. Johnny Eager (1941) bloopers, mistakes, errors in continuity, plot holes, anachronisms, spoilers and more. John Benson Farrell: You couldn't stop being a thief any more than a weasel could stop sucking chicken blood. Kill the freak!

Still, glamour or not, Taylor's performance Johnny Eager is one of his best. Goetan 2013-06-05 . Okay, fellas, food time.

According to MGM records the film earned $1,596,000 in the US and Canada and $990,000 elsewhere resulting in a profit of $1,110,000. Director: Mervyn LeRoy And I don't want to get tired of you. Didn't think so. Robert Taylor and Lana Turner, two of the most beautiful faces ever to appear onscreen, were dynamite in their one and only film together. Farrell gives in. the northeastern end of Nova Scotia... As a crusading prosecutor, Farrell was responsible for sending Johnny to prison, and now as the district attorney, he has gotten an injunction preventing Johnny's expensive dog racing track from opening. Johnny cannot figure out his "angle", why he would do such a selfless thing. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! District Attorney's daughter falls in love with a gangster the D.A. When childhood friend Lew Rankin (Barry Nelson) gets fed up with his subordinate role in the gang and starts plotting against him, Johnny murders him without the slightest qualm. Jeff chastises Johnny for his cold-blooded treatment of Garnet and says that the only reason Johnny keeps him around is that "even Johnny Eager has to have one friend." [5], Variety magazine reported, "Johnny Eager is an underworld meller with a few new twists to the usual trappings, but by and large it's the familiar tale ... of slick gangster vs innocent rich girl. See more » Shop Johnny Eager: Amazon - Free 2-day Shipping w/ Prime. (11 reels), Here is a photo taken behind-the-scenes during production of MGM's, 9,642ft Johnny Eager was another attempt by the studio to toughen up Taylor's image and rid him of the "pretty-boy" label once and for all. And I don't want to get tired of you.

It's your horse? With the... [Dogs Barking] Mae (Glenda Farrell), a prior girlfriend, asks him to help get her incorruptible policeman husband transferred back to his old precinct because his long commute is straining their marriage. ©2020 Turner Classic Movies, Inc. A WarnerMedia Company. Lisbeth picks it up and shoots Julio when he seems to have the upper hand. Johnny admits to Jeff that he feels badly about Lisbeth's obvious pain but thinks that she will soon get over it. Paroled gangster Johnny Eager pretends to be an honest taxi driver, but actually runs a large gambling racket. Whatever the truth, the attraction between the two stars only helped the film. Johnny knocks it away, and in a struggle, yells for Lisbeth to pick it up. . BLING BLING Although he supposedly lives with his cousin, Johnny actually lives in luxurious quarters at a closed dog track. . Web. - Good day, Lapham. When she declares that she will give herself up after Johnny's parole is over, he tries to tell her about the ruse, but she thinks he is merely being kind. [1][3], The New York Times film critic called the film "a tight tale of underworld terror that drives hard—even in the clinches" and, though not a "serious drama", "as pure melodrama 'Johnny Eager' moves at a turbulent tempo" .... "Mr. Taylor and Miss Turner strike sparks in their distraught love affair. I've probably changed a little But as good as their performances were, they were overshadowed by that of Van Heflin as Taylor's alcoholic, intellectual best friend. Johnny says he cannot help her, even though it was Johnny who had her honest husband removed from his old beat because he caused problems for Johnny's rackets. All Rights Reserved. All right. Johnny not only lies, claiming he no longer has any influence, he also hides the fact that he got the man transferred in the first place because he would not look the other way. Pawnbroker: Say, it just goes to show you what luck is.

A Hollywood Reporter news item announced that Randall Duell was to be the art director for the film, but only Stan Rogers was credited on production charts, reviews and the onscreen credits. When Jimmy Courtney (Robert Sterling), Liz's high society former boyfriend, becomes alarmed because Liz is going to pieces due to a guilty conscience, he offers Johnny all his money to leave the country and take Liz with him. This will be the best kiss of your life. Jeff has an insight, telling his boss that "even Johnny Eager has to have one friend.".