How to install fence posts that are steel is a similar process to installing wooden posts. Speak with one of the specialists at Pacific Fence on how to install fence posts.

Maintenance of your wooden fence is key in saving yourself from having to shell out unneeded money to have the fence replaced if damage goes unaddressed for too long. It is recommended you stick with pressure treated wood that is rated for ground contact.

Aside from the cost of repairing cracks and chipping, brick homes start to look weathered very easily which will require a complete […], link to 13 Ideas for Patio Shade to Beat the Heat this Summer, link to How Long Does German Smear Last? Then, move the railing out of the way and drill through the steel where the marks were made to make new screw holes. Another approach is to use concrete on every other post and each corner post. Furthermore, you increase the speed that your post will rot but not encasing it in concrete. For  a sturdy post you should try and make your hole at least 2 feet deep. For a very sturdy fence you can pour concrete in every hole.

Begin digging around the base of the post to reveal the concrete base that the post is set in.

Wooden fences are an awesome part of the aesthetic and security of millions of homes and are a major part of making your yard look the best it can. 13 Ideas for Patio Shade to Beat the Heat this Summer, How Long Does German Smear Last? You need to keep your posts in a completely straight line. Installing a fence post can be tricky business but with right knowledge and tools, you can get the job done. As previously mentioned, the whole point of this article is to give you the best shot at avoiding a costly full fence replacement. Once your posts are set allow the concrete to dry and soil to settle before moving on. Once you have dug around the post, prop it up into the most upright position you can without causing too much strain on the wood using either a 2×4 angled into the ground and secured to the post or a rope tied around the post that can pull the post into an upright position. Tips for Installation. You can check your work with a level and by making sure your string is setup in straight line. Builders often use pressure-treated wood for posts. Use the level to make sure your post is straight (plumb) and take the pieces of wood and lightly nail them to the post and push them into the ground to act as a temporary holder. This way you can ensure everything is lined up correctly and minimize your mess to just one day if you are pouring concrete.

The Home Finisher is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to By holding the fence post in an upright position, you will likely notice a gap between the wood and the concrete base that the post is set in, this is where the post mender will go to stabilize the post in this position. This is also recommended for areas with soft or wet soil as it will help slow down the rate of post rot. In just 1 day, you can have posts in the ground that will last for a long time! Visually inspect the fence post or posts that are leaning and determine if the post appears to still be in good condition above the ground. Today’s pressure treated wood no longer contains this poison.

Also, a stronger post reduces the need for fence repairs after a storm. It resists rot and can last for decades. We can build your fence either way. All rights reserved. After you have secured the bottom railing back into the post, reattach the top railing, drilling back through the same holes that were used to attach it to the post previously. Often, the best area of your home to entertain or hangout with the family is the patio. Put the post mender on either side of the post that runs parallel to the railing, NOT the side that the panels will be reattached to. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a2baec313aa04a68267329a3a9aab39e" );document.getElementById("gfe01dfae1").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Dog Fence Aggression And How To Prevent It, How To Stop A Dog From Digging Under The Fence. If you are going to surround the post in concrete or gravel leave a little extra room to fill it in. Dig the hole to be a little bit bigger than the fence post. As stated in a previous article about wooden fence maintenance, replacing your fence is quite costly and can run anywhere between $3 to $13 per linear foot just for materials. Once this is done, simply reattach the fence panels in the same position the were in before you took them off and Boom! Digging fence post holes is backbreaking work so make sure you have the right tool to make it easier. Even then it’s back breaking work. Does Staining a Wood Fence Make it Last Longer? The idea is to seal off the wood so when water is running around the fence post it will not make contact with the wood and rot it out. He has been an avid DIY'er for years. Using your string line, you will run the string on the outside of the soon to be installed fence.

To do this, hold the railing back into place where it was previously secured. Re-stabilizing a broken fence post is just a losing proposition because the fence will likely sag again as the post continues to split. This can easily throw your fence line out of alignment. Install fence posts in a straight line. Regular visual inspection and maintenance of your wooden fence will allow it to last much longer than the typical 10 years that the majority of wooden fences do.For another helpful article about wooden fence maintenance and specifically staining your fence to protect the wood, check out our article titled, Does Staining a Wood Fence Make it Last Longer?

So, removing three or four fence panels on either side of the post should give you enough space.Next, unscrew both the bottom and the top fence rails that attach to post to the rest of the fence. Once all posts are temporarily set you can proceed to mix any concrete you are going to use or backfill in the holes with dirt or gravel.