The interesting part in this suffering for Christ is what awaits us at the end. ( Log Out /  Prophet TB Joshua followed his calling and before he could notice, the clear evidence of outstanding miracles and wonders were following him. He would pass most of his time preaching, healing, and delivering those with evil spirits in the Synagogue.

The church was constructed as directed by the Holy Spirit in order to reflect the glory and majesty of Jesus Christ. The SCOAN and its General Overseer received all types of persecutions from men and women who were influenced by the Devil. The problem lays at the point where men start attributing the works of God to Satan. We’ll only have ourselves exhausted if we try to start writing these miracles down. I am in Johanesburg is there any worship gathering up here. Amen. The Scriptures say that a servant is not greater than his master. In the life of every man of faith, there is what we call the invisible hand or the divine hand. The SYNAGOGUE, CHURCH OF ALL NATIONS (SCOAN) USA, a non-profit 501(c)(3) Religious Organization, wishes to acquire some land in New York to build The Synagogue’s Worship Center and equip it with auditorium seats, musical instruments, computers, cameras and restroom facilities etc.

That’s why you can easily hear names like Synagogue Church Of All Nations Nigeria or Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Nigeria. For more information on visiting the church and directions on how to find us, contact us: Every week, people from all walks of life are prayed for in the prayer line to receive a touch from Jesus Christ which will turn the situation of their lives around.

This gives us a sufficient reason to thank God for being our provider. Also, watch the live service with Prophet T.B. Before the eyes of many, the lame began to walk, the blinds had their eyes opened, those with cancers were healed, and the lame could walk. Those who are called by God to minister in his presence can be mentored or trained by Prophet TB Joshua. The Synagogue Church Of All Nations did not just appear from nowhere. And since then, the ministry has been experiencing an exponential growth. Blogs Blog Tools Allie Marie. For information about tours to the headquarters of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Lagos, Nigeria from South Africa, please contact us by email, fax or call the church office.

Although spiritual gifts are not rewards but unmerited favors from God, we ought to prove ourselves trustworthy to handle them. It displays all the manifesting gifts and powers of the Holy Spirit through the authority in the name of Jesus Christ. Cape Town Branch Church venue: Among them was Tyrone Crossney, who was brought by his mother, Ms. Berenice Crossney, who was suffering from a skin disease – a severe case of eczema which prevented him from enjoying life like his playmates could.