But children are so precious we have to make sure they are in a safe environment—with fit parents.”, Back in Gilead, Offred is at her first ultrasound appointment and Serena Joy (Yvonne Strahovski) is in a mood.

Elisabeth Moss manages to convey so much in her piercing looks. Book editor June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss) lives with her best friend, Moira (Samira Wiley). And apparently, per federal (?) She hugs and kisses the man who drove her there. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, The Unerring Power of ‘This Woman’s Work’, By submitting your email, you agree to our, Patiently Wait for the Nevada Results With These Very Impatient Memes, Colbert Tossed Out His Monologue, Made a New One After Trump’s Speech Thursday, WELP: Guess How Many People Voted for ‘President Kanye’, Anderson Cooper Has Snapped and He’s Taking the Good Name of Turtles With Him, When It Comes to Steve Kornacki, Please Don’t Cock Block Leslie Jones, And On Top of Everything Else, Rachel Maddow Has to Go Into COVID-19 Quarantine. The ultrasound reading is an emotional moment for the Waterfords, and Serena is so moved that she kisses Offred on the head. “I’m from Brookline, Massachusetts. In a tense moment, Serena sights June fleeing with ‘their’ baby, but after tearful consideration, no doubt aided by the pain of her phantom pinkie finger, she permits June to whisk the baby to freedom. RELATED : THE 10 BEST MOMENTS FROM ‘THE HANDMAID’S TALE’ SEASON 1 Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work” swirls in on the soundtrack.

Just a year ago, Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale hit the ground running with a harrowing second season that expanded well beyond Margaret Atwood's original novel. Like any good authoritarian, she knows that the best way to torture an individual is to show her how easily she can destroy those closest to her. She burns her robes and rips her Handmaid marker from her ear, in a triumphant and bloody act of reclaimed identity. She stops performing the role of the aggrieved woman. Eventually, everyone leaves Offred to get dressed. And when she realizes that she’s going to have to get rid of her Gilead-issued tag, she steels herself (and I close my eyes) and then she uses the scissors to cut the small piece of metal out of the cartilage at the top of her ear. Eden, meanwhile, starts to suspect her husband when he is reluctant to perform his marital duties.

It’s not like there’s an, Clare Crawley and Dale Moss couldn’t even wait until the west coast got to see the new Bachelorette episode before they started posting photos of the. What follows is an extremely disturbing scene. In the only moment of improbability throughout an otherwise magnificent season opener, June also hacks off her hair — as if the loss of a few inches will make the most hunted woman in Gilead less recognizable — and then brutally, stoically carves the tracker out of her ear. The terrified women are forced to take their places at their own noose. The women are, I’m ready for the Aunt Lydia backstory, by the way. As Offred prepares to dress, an orderly calls out, “Blessed is the fruit, June.” She finds a key in her boots (placed there by the orderly), escapes the hospital without detection and makes her getaway in a truck full of animal carcasses. The Gilead delegation’s proximity to America’s refugees enables Luke to confront his wife’s rapist (and to also make the acquaintance of her new baby daddy, Nick, not that Luke knows that). 7 hours ago, by Monica Sisavat Recognizing her moment of privilege — Aunt Lydia can’t physically torture her, right? We caught up with the glowing comedian on Instagram Live. “Our Father, who art in heaven,” Offred prays at one point in The Handmaid’s Tale‘s excellent Season 2 premiere, “Seriously? TBA. Offred is then hurried inside to remove her wet clothes while Aunt Lydia rushes to ring the bell that heralds a handmaid pregnancy.

SEAL Team's Return Pushed Back a Week, Gets Two-Hour Premiere, Joe Biden Makes Primetime Speech as Vote Count Continues — Watch Live, Are Credits B Positive-ly Disturbing? From there she’s down some stairs, through a dark hall, panting all the way, close to the first step towards freedom. June is then whisked to a visit to the Gilead gynaecologist, where Nick’s underground connections have orchestrated an escape. Emily, too (thanks to a lift from the strange Commander Lawrence) - to Canada. As June boards an escape flight and prepares to leave Gilead for good, she grapples with maternal guilt at leaving Hannah in Gilead. It also comes with a macabre show. A second double episode will … ... since we’re reading the words of a handmaid who made it at least as far as Northern Maine. Gay women (labelled ‘gender traitors’) are either forced to repent for their ‘sins’, or are strung up in the street, with other enemies of the state.

She survives, but Lydia assembles the Handmaids to stone Janine for her disobedience, in yet another ritual, The Salvaging (an act orchestrated to make Handmaids complicit in the violence of the regime). I hoped that feeling — with more parenting, a little less fear, and entire season under my belt — would abate the second time around after which I could enjoy the craftsmanship of Handmaid’s Tale more and relive it in my nightmares less. A grisly discovery in the former printing press reveals that the premises were used for executions, and she says a prayer, and creates a touching memorial to those who lost their lives there. Happily, Moira has a hand in exposing these firsthand accounts of trauma, and gets to lock eyes on Fred Waterford to reclaim her name, as he and Serena are thrown out of Canada. After sexually assaulting the handmaid, he arranges for her to briefly visit Hannah in an abandoned home. Airs. If you need us, we’ll be trying to process all this in therapy. It isn’t until a fellow Aunt tells Lydia that Offred is preggo that she’s spared further punishment. But before they meet their untimely demise, Aunt Lydia comes out spewing threatening scripture venom: “You will love the Lord thy God will all your heart. Nick, who has had a fleeting experience of fatherhood in a shared moment of tenderness with June, assists by containing Fred in the house.

A battle of wills ensues between Offred and Aunt Lydia, as the latter engages in psychological warfare to gaslight Offred into subservience:  Disobedient troublemaker June is blamed for all the wrongdoing, and good, dutiful Offred is promised a rich bounty if she complies with the Lord’s will. It’s bad for the baby.”. So Aunt Lydia lines up the handmaids, drags Ofrobert into the kitchen, and then chains her hand to the stove and lights it. The Handmaid's Tale; Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Recap ... it's been about a year since we last saw new episodes, ... return to Gilead from the Colonies because there's a shortage of handmaids. The niceties will continue, Aunt Lydia promises, as long as Offred cuts out the nonsense (like refusing to kill her friends) and plays the part of a “good girl.” *Cringe*. In a fit of rage, Emily violently stabs Aunt Lydia, who drops by for a visit to check up on her ceremony with Commander Lawrence. She’s like a goddamn terminator phoenix. She and Dale Moss got engaged and left the show together. Blood spools all over the left side of her body. Coded conversations at Loaves & Fishes.

In the midst of Aunt Lydia’s rant, a lesser Aunt comes to inform Aunt Lydia that June is pregnant. The Handmaid’s Tale Recap: The Last Ceremony. We’re certain now that it’s both. Kids go to school with fevers all the time, then go home. In this case, it is an elaborate ruse. Holy God, indeed. The eleventh hour arrival of Guardians ground the plane and June is remade back into Offred, as her robes are returned, and her Handmaid marker is reinserted in her earlobe. She’s free, it appears...and then she sees Nick (Max Minghella). The two embark on an affair until he leaves his wife for her and they marry and have a daughter, Hannah. June cops a(nother) Lydia lecture. In the closing moments of season one, a van arrives for June, and Nick tells her to "go with it", and to trust him. SBS will air the double-episode season premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale at 8.30pm Thursday 6 June, with episodes 1-3 available at SBS On Demand. 14 hours ago, by Grayson Gilcrease “There is freedom to and freedom from,” Lydia sermonizes from beneath an umbrella while the handmaids shake from fatigue and cold, explaining that their pre-Gilead lives were examples of the former. June burns her horrible red uniform, that symbol of her forced identity, and burns her hair. They scream. Grade the premiere via the poll below, then hit the comments with your details thoughts on the episode.

Season two does not shy away from revealing the brutality of the regime and as June approaches her due date, she suffers another of the brutal ‘rituals’ (rapes), this time at Serena’s urging. When the first season of Handmaid’s Tale debuted last year, I itched to suck it all down. CNN Anchor Forced to Endure Terror of Doing Math on Live TV, Warner Bros. SBS will air the double-episode season premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale at 8.30pm Thursday 6 June, with episodes 1-3 available at  SBS On Demand. Emily snaps and lets Lydia have it with both barrels. 17 hours ago, by Maggie Ryan Democracy in America died by a thousand paper cuts. “There’s nothing like hot soup on a rainy day,” she cheerfully chimes to Offred, who has been changed and dried. But there’s business to be done. So, ding-ding-ding, there goes the dinner bell. Or, June suggests, she doesn’t. She believed, until the blindfold went on, that the setup itself was the punishment. The absence of Marthas this episode is explained in a dramatic finale sequence, as Rita informs June that both she and newborn Holly/Nichole are getting out of Gilead, tonight. 19 hours ago.

SIGN IN Recaps for TV shows View TV episodes as 50 thumbnails The Handmaid's Tale. In the weeks after giving birth to baby Angela, Janine/Ofwarren reveals that her commander had promised to leave his wife for her, but his lies were just pillow talk to lead to sex outside of the rape ritual.