With active—and beautiful—Tumblr, Github, and Instagram presences, their aesthetic could be described as royal…ly hip. By laying out their standards point-by-point, with resources for every step, they’re helping build the inclusive internet we’re dreaming of, all the way from Oceania. Efforts like creating a font such as Public Sans might seem irrelevant, but they are steps in a bigger well-thought strategy. Find government information on education including primary, secondary, and higher education. Along with key contact numbers for police, fire departments, and hospitals, weather alerts and snow cancellations are also valuable to residents and visitors to the area. Decrease your customer support costs with effective self-service. And had a capable Public Digital Agency to make their websites. For that reason, a municipal website can be just as much of a focal point as City Hall or the local post office. Local government, public bodies, open government and transparency.

The opening statement of New Zealand’s digital transformation directive reads: “We want all New Zealanders to be thriving in a digital world.”.

For that reason, posting maps, local landmarks, and community profiles is a great idea.

The infographic explores solutions for better citizen experiences. The site includes personal course information (instructor, times, course website, etc. In addition, the portal’s easy-to-use dashboard meant that users could quickly find the information and tools they needed for better self-service, leading to an increase in both unique visitors per month and quarterly savings. Of course, things will change: this will be one of many extensions of the Design System. Still in beta, the design system is comprised of styles, components, and patterns, all of which are fully WCAG 2.0-compatible.

With personalized dashboards, members are able to easily view relevant content and review their plan information. Domino’s equipped their workforce with a modern intranet designed to provide employees with news updates, important links, department-specific homepages and more on a single site. Let’s take a deeper look into three other exciting—and hopeful—wins for design in governmental design history. The mission of Grants.gov is to allow applicants for federal grants to apply for and manage grant funds online through a common website. Not surprisingly, those people would often prefer to go to the web to find the information they need about services, events, and more. You can do it too. The examples are based on claim periods in July and August using a common scenario in which the employee has a fixed monthly salary, fixed working hours, and is flexibly furloughed. The Seneca Regional Port District in Seneca, Illinois is located in North Central Illinois, 65 miles southwest of Chicago. Oswego Township Visit Site. Now, here’s the tea: The GOV.UK’s design team, Government Digital Service, celebrated its 7th birthday in November 2018. In addition, these services were tailored to unique user roles including students, staff, faculty, alumni, administration and more on a campus-by-campus basis. The Design System and all of its contents are now fully supported by a dedicated team at the Government Digital Service (GDS). Combined with single sign on capabilities and custom portlets, the portal lowered MedImpact’s operational costs and increased their control over the programs they manage for pharmacies. Get ready to build better solutions faster with guided journeys that take you from novice to expert. The digitalization of public services was a key agenda item because it’s critical to meeting a better Finland in 2025. A portal’s functionality can provide a far-reaching impact on an organization and its processes. Access Liferay technology, source code, updates and legal benefits for embedding software. Oswego Township is located to the south of the Fox River in the northeast corner of Kendall County, Illinois.

A global auto parts and technology leader in autonomous driving and connected cars, Aptiv needed a solution to connect over 10,000 employees to production data around the world. In 2015, the Finnish Prime Minister released his 10-year strategic plan, including a section on experimentation—the need to explore unchartered design territory in order to make design progress. © 2020 Weblinx, Incorporated. With over 650,000 users across 174 countries, HPE struggled to deliver relevant information to their partners. MedImpact’s portal centralized authentication and authorization control across numerous sites that had been previously built to supply and manage various benefit programs. Unify your new and existing systems into one powerful platform. West Bend Mutual Insurance Company recognized the need for enhanced digital offerings for their customers and agents. to straight up pouring haterade on Helvetica. Global partners are now able to receive content in a targeted and relevant way. All Rights Reserved. A widely-publicized example of Finland’s new openness to radical design is its two-year universal basic income trial. They updated the Public Sans font page https://t.co/eCGqurfeYk pic.twitter.com/LBLCmmnLwi, — Maya Benari (@mayabenari) April 19, 2019, I wish my country (Spain) had an official custom font too. To sum it up: we talk more. To improve both customer and employee satisfaction, Volkswagen overhauled their extranet and intranet, with new portals supporting existing applications and providing new needed features. Meet thisisFINLAND, the Finnish government’s website—and the direct result of their experimentation mindset. Features: Web Design, Responsive Design, WordPress CMS, HTML5. Find information for federal, state, and local government agencies and elected officials.

It’s not about experimenting for experimentation’s sake. *The websites shared within this blog post are copyrighted and solely belong to the companies they reference. Excellus’s existing aging IBM WebSphere portal and content management portal was no longer sufficient to provide the experiences their 1.5 million policyholders needed. Village Web Design - Police Department Web Design - Fire Station Web Design - Municipal Web Design - Section 508 Web Design - City Web Design - Park District Web Design - Fire District Web Design - Municipal Web Design - Local Government Web Design. You can reach us directly at 630-551-0334 x1 to schedule a free consultation.

Excellus regularly hears from their customers how much they love using the new sites, and plans to broaden that experience to all of their audiences. But the tide is turning. Solidify your partner relationships with a robust partner portal, BlueCross BlueShield, Policyholder Portal. Including links to local hotels, restaurants, realtors, and other resources is a win-win situation. What challenge do you need to solve? We are constantly building, evaluating and working hard to make things better. Bus passes, road improvements, local transport plans, cycling and walking. Together, we will show your constituents that you are as creative and concise as you are committed to your service. Welsh language. Discover new marketing documents and collateral, or register opportunities.

Volkswagen’s intranet portal supports five sites for each of the Group’s brands and provides various internal services, document access, internal news and a vehicle repository.

There are many good examples of e-government, some are transnational and some are not. To remedy this, the new HP Partner Portal offers a single entry point to all of the services and tools available. And at the same time, it's a great way to promote the various businesses that make and support your community. IMHO.https://t.co/RJi5nugXN5. Features: Responsive Website Design, WordPress. Your municipal website isn't just for people who live in your town - it can be a valuable resource for visitors, tourists, and even investors.

In the six months since its release, the design system has been celebrated by those using it. And yet. They’re…practical. Features: Responsive Web Design, WordPress CMS. But with their intranet, Aptiv Intelligence, employees are able to access a one-stop shop for global manufacturing data and intelligence. An increasing number of users that represent various audiences led UMS to replace their old portal with a new system that supplied class information, communication channels and more services. Our expert team provides custom, full-cycle solutions. And if the UK government can get this together in between “everything else” they’re dealing with—well, take that a sign. MedImpact provides pharmacy benefit programs to hundreds of organizations, each with their own unique combination of offerings for members. The Oswego Fire Protection District is located approximately 40 miles southwest of Chicago. Web portals are excellent at providing personalized customer experiences after purchase, but enterprises find that they need solutions to address the entire customer journey.