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It’s definitely a serious hour, but Rob Benedict’s Chuck makes everything funnier every time he’s on screen. Season 9 gave us “Steve.” This human Castiel continued to try to protect the world and help people. Get the “Bitch” to your “Jerk” or the Dean to your Cas, grab some popcorn, and watch these hilarious episodes today! Despite Castiel being human and an addict, he still put his life on the line when the time came. Share in the comments below. Live fast, die young! But unfortunately for him, and hilariously for the audience, he decides to call himself Agent Beyoncé, which means that he isn't taken quite as seriously as an FBI agent as he would like.

The revelation that Kendricks requires its students to bump each other off, quite literally, to know who can survive in a fight, is disturbing, to say the least. Get more 25 Days of Cas-mas by following SPN Hunters on Twitter.

There’s also a strong focus on Castiel and his vessel, Jimmy.

To celebrate one of TV’s longest running series, this is the 10 funniest Supernatural episodes. Sam and Dean are zapped into an alternate universe: ours. Supernatural has tried killing Castiel off before and it just didn’t work. And not just any cartoon, Scooby Doo! Surangama, or Sue, as she is called by many, has been writing on films, television, literature, social issues for over a decade now.

Fans got to know the differences between angels taking a vessel over and demons jumping into what is referred to as a meatsuit. To celebrate one of TV’s longest running series, this is the 10 funniest Supernatural episodes. The episode is also important for the bond of Castiel to the Winchesters, especially Dean. It’s in just being. RELATED: Supernatural: 7 Reasons Sam is Better than Dean (& 3 Reasons Why He's Not). By the time the Winchesters get there, Castiel is gone and Jimmy Novak (the vessel) has been left behind.

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From forgetting which key goes into his baby--the Impala's-- ignition to not remembering cozying up to a waitress at a local bar and getting smacked across the face for that, Dean is completely lost. Time to watch Supernatural cartoon-style! Also Read | If you loved 'Lucifer', here are some supernatural-thriller-dramas you can binge on.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Did Snoke live up to the hype? Jensen Ackles’ rant about why the Winchesters would chase monsters is still one of the show’s funniest moments. Every once in awhile, you’ll hear about a crossover and think “oh that’s interesting, how will they ever make that work?” Then there’s a Supernatural/Scooby Doo crossover that makes complete sense, but still seems impossible. Dean gets infected with a strange illness that causes anxiety and full-blown terror, and now we get to see him running away from a cute little Yorkie.

In another, she's a forensic pathologist. Literally.

Perhaps the most surprising development comes when Dean is “one Hell of a PA.”.