That's how Republican officials are describing how Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan felt after the president sided with Democrats on a major deal. Once we know more about the details, people are going to hate some things. And here on Key Largo, you can see there is all kinds of people still filling up with gas right behind me. You know, I feel for a lot of people that I can't help that I can't get to because I'm only one guy and my brother and i, you know.

Our other story breaking right now, though, the president blindsiding, well, Republicans. ADAIR: Yes, Homestead. If you are inside that eye, you look around and see the wall of convection around it. That you're not alone and you are together.

Governor Scott and his staff were here. So, you know, right now, it's dark here, so it's really -- we won't know the extent of the damage until the morning. We have some cabins, and we're in a more secure area here out of the wind. RUBIO (via telephone): OK. BURNETT: And Senator Rubio, I hope you and your family and your mother are safe. And next, Florida taking Hurricane Irma extremely seriously.

You obviously have a business in Rincon.

We're getting wind gusts up to 100 and 110 miles an hour. CVS had no water. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise program or taking any dietary supplement. If you go back and you look at the path that we had from Andrew, 25 years ago, it came in from the due west, and sheered off the bottom section of Florida. BURNETT: And pretty stunning what he said, just that he had never seen anything like it in terms of eye wall, but also the bands of wind and rain, 60 miles to 70 miles out from the center of that storm. It is already devastating island after island in the island after island in the Caribbean. When you have an eye right now that's 23 miles in diameter, that's where the winds are the strongest at 175, 180. There is also a state of emergency in Florida. BURNETT: And Senator, just before you called in, we had a report from Homestead which of course obviously was decimated by Andrew. People are heeding. To the Oval Office window, you see the president mid-hug with the Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer. It's too bad, Erin, that this front was not moving through this area come Friday or Saturday, because that would really help push Irma away from the U.S. but timing is everything. I said, yes, you can. But is this a possible alliance he could use against the GOP so angry at? You know, we talked to one woman who isn't planning to do that. Just to show you, that's the strength here, already doing that and days away from it happening or knowing if they are getting a direct hit. Come up. I think Facebook is learning along the way. Are you prepared for that, Dennis? © 2020 And thanks for joining us. Just obviously everyone now hoping against hope that there's going to be sense of a little bit of a tweak here that could avert such a major catastrophe. BURNETT: All right. ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT. She is not evacuating even though of course it's under a mandatory evacuation. You were there though in the category five storm.

Thank you very much. Look, we all hope that changes but I know that your citizens have so far at least, many in the Keys, have taken this incredibly seriously, as they should. So, those are things that we're dealing with.

How high are you all going to be able to go up? We may be going through a reorganization process, but one thing we know for sure, that secondary eye, that's heavy rain fall. And next, more our breaking news, Hurricane Irma, the deadly storm and extreme threats to Puerto Rico at this moment. It is easy to see. (END VIDEO CLIP) BURNETT: Senator, what do you tell her? That's never happen. If someone has a problem, they are really in trouble. The hurricane force winds extend outward 100 miles. You heard Governor Scott, but also Georgia and North and South Carolina. I know you are also going to be speaking with him. [19:25:06] CATES: Yes. LAH (on camera): People are fighting for water? It has nearly wiped out entire islands, crushing 95 percent of the buildings in Barbuda, although, miraculously so far only a reported death there. Floridians not, not ignoring the warnings.

BURNETT: All right. This is life threatening. We saw it following Irma for some time and we saw, OK, this will become a hurricane.

But, again, in its way through our many islands right now, Erin, that are uninhabitable.
And I'm going to tell you, you can lose your life if you do not heed these evacuation orders, these warnings to have supplies and fuel. Haiti, not prepared for this massive storm, seeing torrential rain falling right now rushed in big fear. They now had a chance to ask questions. We've already heard some (INAUDIBLE) reports of flooding.

I mean, will Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, Senator, get revenge on the president? You don't start putting things together and getting your votes together, you know, there is another way for me to get things done. If you're in the path of this storm, and I say this with the greatest of sincerity -- take shelter, prepare, because this is not one of those storms you want to ride out. You weren't able to get a flight home before the storm. PSAKI: But I think the difficulty here is the awkwardness of trying to be daughter and first daughter and be a surrogate, which is entirely appropriate while also being an advisor. BURNETT: All right. There has been some flooding in Saint Croix in New Harbor. And then there is Irma, so much bigger on the right, dwarfing Andrew. Thank you again. She says she's got baby formula and food for them and she's going to ride it out. Governor Rossello, thank you so much for your time. But there were wide swaths of rural Virginia where I've done well for years that didn't support her this past election. So a storm surge as you can imagine, some savvy folks have been marking their cars alongside these bridges where they can but there's not a lot of space. Senator, thank you for your time tonight. Not just from winds -- not just from the rain but canals overflowing nearby. 5 hurricane very seriously. Clearly, the president went out of way to lavish praise on his daughter and a key adviser when he was in North Dakota today, and spokeswoman for Paul Ryan's office says it's not true that leaders were annoyed. BURNETT: So, Reed, I mean, when you think about for a moment the fact that we're saying it is already because it's been spinning with the wind strength of 185 miles an hour for longer than any storm in recorded history, what does that alone tell you, that it has been able to sustain that strength? BURNETT: And I know you are both about, what, two minute walk from the beach and, you know, you're at sea level, if not below.

The content on our website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. But you heard him say, Turks and Caicos right now could be getting the worst of this at this moment with a possible storm surge of 20 feet. My next guest has made several flights into Irma, just returning. Please stay that way. And that statement, of course, was led by the president of the United States. I don't like to play mind games with you, but get yourself prepared because this still can happen. So the biggest things we're looking at are the exact location of that eye, that center. (END VIDEOTAPE) LAH: So, what you're seeing behind me is something that we've seen at gas stations, if they're open. This storm has the potential to devastate our state and you have to take this seriously. And because of the size of the storm, that's the other point, because of the trajectory in the size of the storm, getting assistance into South Florida is not going to be in the first six hours. I mean, we've got a cold front dropping through the southeastern U.S. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) BURNETT: Breaking news, we're watching the massive deadly hurricane this hour. It is which are you? It's bigger than France, it's bigger than -- including parts of Germany and Italy. Irma could make landfall on the three most populous areas of Florida, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. All right, Tom, thank you and Tom is going to be back with us later this hour as we get some updated information on this track. We had an idea it was going to slide into the open Atlantic. We actually went inland and went up on a hill. CATES: Yes, more than ever. Right now, we are getting new pictures in from St. Martin. I think the public needs to know what kind of misinformation and disinformation might be appearing on their Facebook news feed or their Twitter news feed. BURNETT: All right. A top senator investigating Russian meddling is "OutFront." CHAMBERLAIN: Well, we try not to watch that news.

They didn't want to vote on raising the debt ceiling again in December. SANTIAGO: The prime minister expressing shock more lives weren't lost. Will they make him pay for this? He is in San Juan. As Bill said, people heeding these warnings as they should. But, you know, for many of these islands in the Caribbean, the path to normalcy is just beginning. Maybe no longer will we have interaction with land in Cuba. But most of the restaurant is in a low lying area. 90 percent of their structures are gone. Take a look at this, the before and after. You know, when you look at Mitch McConnell, right, they haven't met for a week -- in a month, I'm sorry. 3.4 million people right now are in the path of that storm in Puerto Rico. They believe the president threw them under the bus, to say the very least, because they didn't want to vote on the debt ceiling again. They haven't had power all day. (END VIDEO CLIP) MURRAY: And this is yet another vignette in the president's day-to- day. I know you and Kelsey are both from Colorado. Paula Newton is OutFront live in Haiti. And with all the debris from all the buildings that are scattered all over the islands, one, they can't just take a flight out because the airport is damaged. I appreciate it tonight.

What are you seeing? Just a few folks scurrying north to get out of harm's way.