Tanya tells him that she had a difficult childhood after she was abandoned by her mother in order to marry Komarovsky. Yura’s father left the family years earlier and taken the family’s fortune with him. The Question and Answer section for Doctor Zhivago is a great Book Summary. Summaries. When Yura returns to town, he first goes to see Lara who tells him that his family fled back to Moscow after he was taken. The funeral procession of Marya Nikolayevna Zhivago passes through town. “Doctor Zhivago” is a 1957 novel by the Russian author Boris Pasternak. Background information is given. Victor Ippolitovich Komarovsky – a lawyer and former friend of Yura’s father. She is treated with an emetic and the boys are  embarrassed to be ushered into the room to see her half naked and covered in sweat. Larissa (Lara) Fyodorovna Guishar – Yura’s love interest and the main female character of the novel. She is then caught by the police and put in prison until she eventually dies. This gives Pasha a sense of happiness. He is able to foresee and make an accurate diagnosis, but does not seek to correct or treat, that is to interfere with the natural course of things. Part One. A week later, Lara leaves for her home. A train of Cossacks arrive and they surround the deserters in the woods. Unaware that she is being watched, Lara wakes and shares a private moment with Komarovsky. These are only the novel’s most obvious symbols. The writer went on way too long about tiny details repeating some of the story over and over again, making it difficult to keep reading, especially toward the last half of the book. After reading the letter, Yura begins having chest pains and faints. Pavel’s son Patulya (or Pasha) goes to live with Pavel’s friend Kiprian Tiverzin. this section. Sensing that he has overstepped a boundary, he apologizes. The artistic center of the work is the life of Yuri Andreevich Zhivago, inscribed in a complex and contradictory current of history. Yura’s father left the family and took his mother’s fortune, later committing suicide on a train.

Komarovsky is said to have driven the elder Dr. Zhivago to suicide but how exactly he did this is never revealed. Pasternak’s main intent is to show the mass of interconnections tying the hero, Urij Zhivago, to the whole of Russia. Complete summary of Boris Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago. One of the performers is a friend and neighbor of Amalia. Please discuss it. They are there to meet with Ivan Ivanovich Voskoboynikov, a teacher and writer who lives at the estate. How does paragraph 6 mainly add to the development of Mr. White? Zhivago is like many Russian literary heroes, a weak man endowed with a poetic soul. But only a short time later he suffers a heart attack while riding the tram and dies. But life is not a childish game, it is a reality that has intervened in the fates of the main characters. He coerces her into a relationship at a young age and she wishes to get away from him after a few months. Despite this, Yura follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes a doctor.

Indeed, in their lives more than once will happen the "destiny of the wreath". Her family, Russified Belgians, represents the debt owed to the rest of Europe for some of the best things in Russia. Before Yura can tend to Lara he is told that he must return home because Anna has died of her illness. On the train back to Moscow, Yura resolves to try with all this might to not love Lara.

Some nights, the train is stopped so that it can be searched by security patrols. But one night, when Yura is returning home after meeting with Lara he is abducted by three men who tell him that he is being conscripted into a military unit as a medical officer. He soon meets and marries another woman and has two children with her. Pasternak insisted that he did not share his friend’s views and Stalin hung up.

It is revealed later that Lara and Komarovsky married and hinted that perhaps this was the outcome that she feared when she refused to leave with him. Though he is never strictly defined as one, Komarovsky is a definite villain in the novel because of his control and coercion of Lara. From the very beginning of the novel there are boys - Yuri Zhivago, Misha Gordon, Nika Dudorov and girls - Nadia, Tonya. A while later, they begin having an affair but Yura is kidnapped by the Bolshevik guerrilla army and forced to work as a doctor for them. Directions: Click on the correct answer. I'm sorry, Dr.Zhivago does not include a character by the name of Mr. White. On the way, a man commits suicide and the train gets delayed. It is Pasha's gift from Yury before he (Pasha) takes his own life. Unfortunately, his speech backfires so spectacularly that the Cossacks dismount their horses, put away their swords and begin fraternizing with the deserters. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. In the Spring, they begin working on the farm. Yura marries Tonya and has two children with her. The following day, the boy and his uncle take a train journey to a rural town named Volga. She becomes aware of Komarovsky flirting with her and when her mother is sick one night he takes her out dancing. He calls out to his mother’s spirit and faints. Pasha, who is not dead but is being hunted down the the Party, returns for Lara.

On the train to Varykino, Yura meets a man named Kostoyed whom he invites to dinner. This novel - a work deeply symbolic. It is now 1903 and Yura is visiting an art patrons estate with his uncle Kolya and a handyman named Pavel. You'll get access to all of the eNotes.com will help you with any book or any question. Yura is wounded by artillery fire and sent to Lara’s hospital. Lara and Pasha are married and leave town for Yuriatin. When he offers to sneak her out of Soviet Russia, she refuses and only relents when Yura convinces her that he will follow her at a later date. The father of the Gromeko’s, Alexander Alexandrovich, Yura and Misha go with the man to his house to find that Amalia has taken poison. But Ida’s parents did not like Pasternak and persuaded her to refuse his marriage proposal.