In the past asiago was made with ewe's milk. A concentrated flavoring made from alcohol and bitter-almond oil, primarily used baking.

A sweet French liqueur made with aniseed. A Philippine national dish of braised pork, chicken, or fish. The aboyeur accepts orders from the dining room, relays them to the appropriate stations of the kitchen, and checks each plate before it leaves the kitchen. New Mexican chiles; very few, if any, Anaheim chiles are grown near Anaheim, California now; mildly hot peppers; slim, ranging between five and eight inches long and sometimes twisted in appearance; not normally stuffed because their flesh is thin; dried and tied in strings (ristras), or ground and blended in commercial chili powder mixtures; may be purchased in cans labeled as mild green chiles. A manufacturers' term for a retailer or wholesaler that buys and resells the manufacturer's products. This French term refers to dishes garnished with almonds. It's flesh is a light green or yellowish green with a smooth creamy texture. A sour paste used to marinate fajitas (Mexican skirt steak) before grilling, made with vinegar, chiles, and herbs. [Spanish] in northern Mexico, name given to ribs of beef. Non-nutritive (contain no nutrients), high-intensity sugar substitutes (See Lab Seven). The Japanese use it in soups. Desserts served a la mode are served with ice cream; meats served a la mode are braised with vegetables and served with gravy. Box 3556 Washington, DC 20007. A lean, mild fish found along the South Atlantic coast. Experience how different and efficient our method is. A spice which produces a licorice-like flavor. It has a bitter taste and a pungent aroma similar to garlic and truffles.

It is used to prevent darkening of fruits and vegetables after peeling. Made by hand, in small quantities, with respect for cheese-making traditions; frequently farmstead, but sometimes using others' known herds. The "baker's dozen" refers to providing 13 baked items for the price of 12 and originated as a way to avoid shortchanging the customer.

On the other hand, practically any breakfast food, whether it's eggs, omelets, pancakes, is prepared à la minute. Modern versions add garlic, peas, and less expensive parmesan. Ambrosia may also be served as a salad. 1764 Old Meadow Lane, Suite 350 McLean, VA 22102 (703) 821-0770, 28-12 Broadway Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 (201) 791-5570, 1700 N. Moore St., Suite 1600 Arlington, VA 22209 (703) 841-2400 or P.O. Sour, unripe mangoes that are dried and sold in slices and powder. A steak cut from the chuck which require rather long slow cooking. The sale of merchandise through a coin-operated machine. A retailer's or wholesaler's unpaid bills and invoices; the money owed to vendors and suppliers.

It is made from whole or part-skim cow's milk, and comes in small wheels. Also called "bison.". A chain stores' and wholesale grocers' method to determine how many products and the amount of a product to deliver to retail stores, based on the retailers' market share and profitability, whether or not the retailer has a specific order. [French] means "in the Greek manner." However, one could say: “j’aime le poulet cuisiné à l’indienne” meaning I like chicken prepared the Indian way… But it is not common. A dessert of chilled fruits combined with coconut. [Portuguese] rice. The acid salt reacts chemically with the bicarbonate to release CO2 gas. Can You Understand Today’s Spoken French?

Drain all but two tablespoons of duck fat. Estimates of sales and profits on all advertised items.

This gastropod can be found along the coasts of California, Mexico and Japan. Quand elle sera grande, ma fille veut être cuisinière – When she grows up, my daughter wants to be a cook.


Found in temperate marine waters throughout the world, it weighs between 10 and 60 pounds. A member of the lily family, the earliest stalks are a beautiful apple-green with purple-tinged tips. A paid, public notice that food retailers place in newspapers, on television and/or radio, on the Internet, in circulars, or on in-store signs and displays to promote products and prices. A rich cream sauce made of Veloute (usually veal), a liaison of egg yolks and lemon juice. La cuisine = cuisine and kitchen; La cuisson = the cooking, how it is cooked; Le cuisinier cuisine dans sa cuisine: Il a une bonne cuisinière à gaz – The cook cooks in his kitchen: he has a good gas stove. a la Provencal : French for dishes prepared with garlic and olive oil. “Faire la cuisine” is never followed by the thing that you prepare. French for the style of, such as "a la Francaise" meaning "in the style of the French", French for cooked on a skewer over a flame, A list of food items each priced and served separately. Also, a seasoned Mexican sauce made with vinegar and chilies like the sauce in which Chipolte peppers usually are sold. A long Scottish beef sausage that is wrapped in a cloth, boiled, and then coated in bread crumbs. Used often in baked goods.

Brown 12 chicken breasts in a large brazier or sauté pan. A clarified jelly used to cover cold foods. A software program used to analyze shelf space and product movement in order to develop planograms for specific categories. Commonly grown in the Mediterranean, California and other warm climates, almond varieties are classified as either sweet or bitter.