The foundation has raised tens of millions of dollars for the cause. The extreme weather event was her first introduction to the consequences of climate change and from that point on, she dedicated her life to advocating for environmental causes. In Brazil, indigenous activism is tightly entwined with environmental causes, where indigenous groups have long struggled for access to land and resources and advocate for the protection of the Amazon. Hirsi was one of the lead organizers of the first-ever Youth Climate Strike in the US, which took place on March 15 as part of the global Fridays for Future protests. This man has been a voice of climate change science for nearly three decades. Die Wissenschaft zeigt, dass die Forderungen berechtigt sind. Despite her young age, she delivered a sharp call to action, urging world leaders to stop the release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Plastic Patrol has 23,400 Instagram followers and, although based in the U.K., organizes free clean-ups all across the planet from litter pick walks to beach cleans. DiCaprio also produced “Global Warning” and “Water Planet,” two short climate change documentaries, and has spoken twice at the U.N. about the subject. For the past 30 years, environmental activists have been calling on governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avoid catastrophic climate change. She’s taken her message to the United Nations in talks that resulted in the Paris climate agreement, and she works as both an activist and conservationist in her native Aotearoa, which is the Māori name for New Zealand. When she speaks about climate change, she doesn’t mince words, downplay the situation, or take it easy on her audience. Brianna Fruean, a 20-year-old Samoan activist, has been involved in communities fighting for climate justice for most of her life.

But for the emerging generation of activists whose future depends on the overhaul of a global economy still heavily dependent on fossil fuels, there is no other option than to fight for change— and they’re making sure that governments, businesses, and powerful interests everywhere understand the stakes of inaction. Take action to protect the future, we are the future and we demand “This will impact both me and future generations.”, Read More: 6 African Youth Activists You Need to Know. With 38,500 followers on Instagram, climate activist Lizzie Carr ― aka Lizzie Outside ― is a speaker, writer and founder of Plastic Patrol. Populations around the world are becoming increasingly aware of and concerned about the effects of global warming on the climate and the planet. Activist Nakabuye Hilda F. has zealously campaigned to raise awareness of the hazards of climate change and plastic pollution. The man-made climate change is real and we are experiencing these days the serious changes that it brings.”, INSPIRING! Getty Images. Flint, MI has been without clean water for more than four years. “We all have to come together at some point.”, Read More: Meet 7 Youth Activists Who Won the UN's 'Champions of the Earth' Award. We were put in this car without being asked. The tragic event prompted Ubaldo to dedicate her life to fighting for climate justice. Biologist Phil Torres counts more than 60,000 followers on Instagram and more than 27,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, The Jungle Diaries. You are killing our mother with your waste, our earth is dying, You can save it. He supports environmental organizations and founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which promotes awareness of climate change. Please contact us at if you would like to re-activate your account. The Philippines is extremely vulnerable to cyclones supercharged by warming oceans and rising sea levels. This growing awareness is thanks, in large part, to a vocal new generation of climate activists. Lawless is a "climate ambassador" for the Greenpeace, Dr. Syukuro Manabe is a Japanese meteorologist and climatologist who co-wrote one of the,, Glaciologist Dr. Jean Robert Petit made history when he published a paper called, Johan Rockström is at the forefront of sustainable development as the executive director of the Stockholm Resilience Center, where he strategizes how land regions with low water supply can survive and flourish in the coming years of extreme weather from climate change. Climate change activist Vic Barrett is one of the 21 young plaintiffs suing the United States government and fossil fuel companies for the right to a safe climate.

You can check out our Privacy Policy to see how we safeguard and use the information you provide us with. Here are 12 female activists from around the world who are fighting to save the planet. “It really feels like we're sitting in a car heading for an abyss,” she wrote in a blog post for WWF. Take Action: Protect Our Oceans! In 2018, she traveled to New York to speak in front of thousands of people gathered to protest environmental injustice. and “But instead of braking, it accelerates. In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan hurtled toward the Philippines, ultimately killing more than 6,329 people and causing more than $4.5 billion in damages. testimony on climate change to congressional committees, A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-based Decisions, first evidence of anthropogenic contribution, most influential climate change papers of all time, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a speech about climate change in the senate every single week, What You Need To Know About The Paris Climate Summit, After Years Of Lukewarm Climate Talks, Paris Cranks Up The Heat, Watch How Rising Sea Levels Could Swallow Coastal Cities, Why Some Conservatives Still Won't Accept Climate Change Is Real, The Devastating Consequences Of A 'Small' Rise In Global Temperatures, Mayors Take On Crucial Roles Fighting Climate Change, Why This Goal To Curb Climate Change 'Is Not Ideal', Here's All The Nonsense 2016 Republicans Have Spouted About Climate Change, How Tech Is Pulling Ahead Of Politics In The Fight For Our Future, These Will Be The Biggest Losers If We Don’t Properly Address Climate Change, This Is The Beginning Of The End Of The Fossil Fuel Industry, 3 Strategies To Make Cities Stronger Against Climate Change, The World Isn't Spending Nearly Enough To Combat Climate Change -- Not Even Close. She wants to ensure that any climate action prioritizes communities of color and those likely to be marginalized, who are often disproportionately impacted by climate change. But luckily for all of us, plenty of powerful people around the world have dedicated themselves to speaking out about the risks it poses and the need to address it. “I think people of color are automatically ignored.

Xiye Bastida | USA. Read More: Youth Leaders Tell Us Why They're Skipping School for Climate Action. With 37.4 million followers on Instagram, actor, producer and ardent environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio has a sizable audience for his climate advocacy. His posts show him as a concerned shirtless hunk and a serious climate activist identifying jungle insects perched on his nose. Ahead of TED’s Global Climate Change Summit, 10 Youth Activists Share Their Visions for a Better Tomorrow. Authors:Joe McCarthy Today is National Voter Registration Day! In the cases of Greta Thunberg, who has received international attention for her advocacy, and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, they number in the millions. As a child living in New York, Barrett and his mother experienced the destructive effects of climate change firsthand during Superstorm Sandy. Some of Marinel Ubaldo’s friends and family were killed and her home was destroyed by the powerful cyclone. Often referred to as the “German Greta Thunberg,” Luisa Neubauer is … Climate activist influencer discovery is possible for brands and organizations that promote sustainability and are searching for campaign partners. Often referred to as the “German Greta Thunberg,” Luisa Neubauer is no less determined in her activism. Parkland shooting survivors, various ages, gun control. As a child living in New York, Barrett and his mother experienced the destructive effects of climate change firsthand during Superstorm Sandy. While her mother Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is advocating for the passage of the Green New Deal — a broad proposal to transform the US energy system and enact redistributive polices —16-year-old Isra Hirsi is mobilizing her peers in support of bold climate action. Few countries are more exposed to climate change than Fiji. Earth Day Network awarded Villasenor a Youth Climate Leadership prize, and her climate change activism has also earned her a scholarship from the organization The Common Good. Not all top climate activists are millennials or members of Gen Z, and climate change awareness isn’t a new concept. The 22-year-old has helped organize the country’s massive Fridays for Future climate marches, works with climate organizations such as, and regularly advocates for climate action at major global diplomatic events. Some of these prominent voices, such as President Barack Obama, Pope Francis, and Bill Nye, you already know. Swedish teenage powerhouse Greta Thunberg is a climate and environmental activist who has 8.1 million followers on Instagram. “I’m here in front of you, not just as a climate statistic you see in the news, but I’m here as a human being  —  hoping to remind you that we need to value lives again,” she said at the event. The movement is driven by young people who see climate change as threatening their ability to access their basic human rights to things like food, water, and a safe place to live. “We want these groups to be able to make the linkages between the local, regional, international processes so that even when they come to the COP, they are able to take that knowledge back home and be able to link their own local activities, original activities, to what is happening at the international level.”, From where I stand: “It is time that the world hears our voice” - Rayanne Cristine Maximo Franca via @UN_Women Welcome back! Prevent Ocean Plastic Pollution, sparked a protest movement involving millions of young people worldwide, Youth Leaders Tell Us Why They're Skipping School for Climate Action, according to the World Resources Institute, These 9 Badass Youth Activists Are Changing the World, 6 African Youth Activists You Need to Know, submerged in the next few decades as  sea levels, Meet 7 Youth Activists Who Won the UN's 'Champions of the Earth' Award, his livelihood are endangered by climate change, 'Extinction Rebellion' Protesters Block London Roads to Confront Climate 'Emergency', deadliest country in the world for environmental activists, deforestation throughout the Amazon rainforest, indigenous land rights have been trampled, centers primarily on women’s indigenous rights, one of the best ways to mitigate environmental consequences. He’s also a Fellow with the Alliance for Climate Education. In fact, she wrote the book on it: ", Jamie Henn has garnered impressive social media support for climate change activism as a blogger, grassroots organizer and co-founder of, You may have heard of the late Dr. Charles David Keeling (1928- 2005) for his famous graph, showing the ongoing change in carbon dioxide concentration in the Earth's atmosphere, called the, Naomi Klein is at the intersection between policy, economics and climate science -- and is leading the way. The 16-year-old has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her work, has spoken at the World Economic Forum and in front of the European Parliament, and sparked a protest movement involving millions of young people worldwide.

In her lawsuit, Pandey called on the government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, develop a carbon budget strategy, and create plans for recovering from the effects of climate change. Rayanna Cristine Maximo Franca’s activism centers primarily on women’s indigenous rights, but empowering women is also critical to protecting the environment.