She must have ran all the way here from the forest.

The nurses and doctors were clustered near the reception counter, eyes wide with fear.

"You just beat up my brothers," she said as Clarke inspected her wound, clicking her tongue at the length of the cut. I.. Unlike Clarke, she had control over her power and only Lincoln felt the effects. Will her plans change when she is reacquainted with a certain Omega holding power to her heart. She sniffed the air and smelled blood coming from the patient. tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title.

Nancy nodded, her face pale as she scurried off to get the restraints. said Octavia who had laid her whole body weight on top of Lincoln. Like Maggie, I paid dearly when standing up to mine. "What do you think I'm trying to do?!" Sam shot her a glare as she made a poor attempt at climbing onto the stretcher. Clarke can't deal with the guilt she is carrying from the events at Mount Weather. "Follow my finger please," she moved her finger from left to right,keeping track of the lady's eyes. Apologies in advance! Follow her harrowing journey to exact revenge, her sole purpose, kill the Alpha King Bellamy Arelius. Lexa/Clarke/Luna smut in chapter 21 in case anyone wants to read just that skip ahead. What would have happened if they lived? Clarke Griffin is a double major student at Polis university, who is in love with her Art History Professor. Pack magic and pack bonds do go a long way. Would she finally be leaving Camp Jaha… for good? Nothing goes as planned, and it turns out her professor happens to be a very strong Alpha. "Holy...You're strong!" Follow her adventure as she faces jealous rivals, the dreaded Ice Nation, and the struggle that comes with earning Lexa's respect and eventually, her heart. Her own wolf was raging in her as it urged her to use its power to save Lincoln. But what happens when Clarke asks Lexa to be her fake girlfriend for a weekend away with some friends, and they both come face to face with ghosts from their past. The tattered remains of the restraints lay on the floor, long forgotten. The roar reverberated throughout the ER followed by sounds of thrashing and muttered curses. "Drop it Blake," snapped Clarke. A moment at the conference turns from pleasant to painful, but can Maggie and Alex work through it? It's only when her best friend's older brother discovers her secret that she decides to make a change. Between them, Clarke and Octavia managed to place Lincoln on the bed. OR Was this her chance to make her dream come true? Lexa gave everything for the empire and she has lost everything in return. Nancy turned to carry out her task. A woman that holds the seven seas in her eyes, hair like all the gold in the world, seen as a beauty to most and a friend to all (give or take a few people, maybe take all).

His eyes that were shut tight with pain flew open, wild and gleaming gold, the colour of his wolf's eyes indicating that his wolf was close to the surface.

Your review has been posted. "We are short on staff and your sister's health will be compromised if she's not attended to immediately. She could already feel the strain of having to maintain this control over her wolf's power.

cried Octavia stumbling towards her.

Not being allowed to have two children, John and Athena's mother couldn't give up one of her children, so Athena has spent all of her life hidden from others. Why are your eyes blue and not gold?"

When the nurse started to roll her away, she shot out her arm, grabbing the sleeve of Clarke's coat.

They are already madly in love and were well before Skairkru fell to the Earth. Can they really trust Arkkru to have their back? She took a staggered step forward and she could see the brunette Alpha's face looking at her with concern. Clarke is an Omega, who despite her position of power among the Hundred, has always been treated badly by Skaikru.

"His body is trying to reject the silver.

A deal is struck, and the rest all unfolds quite differently.

For this step was a step Clarke didn’t want to take. Lincoln roared and his face began to contort as the change started to takeover. Journey with them as an old myth becomes new when the long forgotten story of Wanheda reappears. "Whatever you're about to hear, please stay away. "Why don't you and I go over there to check with one of them pretty nurses to see if there's a 'normal' doctor around eh?" "I don't know why Larry here has a thing against your folk but I sure as hell ain't complaining," he said with a sneer, giving her a once over as he stepped forward.

clexa the100 lexa clarkegriffin clarke octaviablake bellamyblake ravenreyes bellarke commanderlexa lexawoods heda linctavia octavia johnmurphy bellamy lesbian … On a bright and sunny morning it was announced Clarke would be marrying her childhood friend, Wells Jaha. Clarke and Lexa, living happily ever after? "You dare challenge your Alpha?!" Clarke and Lexa been dating for two months now.But Clarke has some other ideas.I know I suck at summaries. Now it is time to venture further into the Coalition, learning and exploring. cried Octavia, gripping his shoulders. "Blake? You're almost there," Clarke muttered. He stepped forward and slung his arm around her shoulders attempting to pivot her towards the counter. "You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru! "Touch me again without my permission and you'll find out exactly why my kind comes with a warning label," she snarled into his ear. Thankfully, I didn't die. The two sidekicks were down on the ground while Lumberjack 1 stood frozen staring at her with shock. cried out Octavia Blake in desperation, her face and clothes covered with blood that was mostly not hers. "Right away doc."

She had first met the fiery brunette earlier in the month when Clarke was taking a break at the diner having just moved into town. Clarke ducked a flailing arm as she continued to dig into the bullet wound to extract the silver bullet stuck in Lincoln's thigh. "I'll hold you to that," said Sam and gave Clarke a small wave as the nurse wheeled her off.

"We sure as hell are not going to allow some freak to come near our sister.". The blade had worked itself deeper into his back, narrowly missing his spine. A quick check told Clarke that most of the cuts were clean so she set to work on the stab wound. What happens after will lead Clarke, Lexa, and the entire Coalition in directions they never imagined. said Sam her eyes wide with surprise.

She looked over Octavia's head and locked gazes with Clarke who ignored the shiver down her spine and maintained eye contact with her. "Blake speak to him. Chaos reigned around them as victims from a road accident, a man having a heart attack and a child with a broken leg were being brought into the TDC Hospital's ER. The 100 AU one-shot where Clarke died instead of Lexa. Her mental health was as low as it could be and it was a miracle Madi wasn’t suicidal because she was fearless and wouldn’t have hesitated with killing herself, she was too stubborn and brave for that. Clarke, Raven and Octavia landed on Earth; Raven had rebuilt the old pod so the three of them could escape their fate. Clarke and Lexa are set to make a political mating that will strengthen the alliance between Skaikru and the Coalition, except the mating isn't political at all.

She had barely placed it in the small tray together with the 9 silver bullets when Lincoln's body began to seize. "I will personally see to your stitches," said Clarke, patting her hand reassuringly.

Move everyone else to the other end of the room as far away from us as possible. Will this blessed peace prevail or is it merely the calm before the storm? Choose!" Finally, she managed to find the broken blade and yanked out a bloody, silver shrapnel the length of her finger from his back. We wanted to do something special and celebrate it by going for a nice dinner and a normal human couple would," said Octavia flushing. They both agreed to steer clear of each other after that first meeting, much to Raven’s chagrin. Lexa promptly shut the curtains behind her and held out her arms just as Octavia fell onto her, clutching onto her sweater tightly, drawing comfort from her. Her punishment, for having abandoned it for years. Nancy turned back towards the grim-looking blonde doctor. "I'll handle their injuries should they suffer any from this altercation," she muttered at him as she strode past him and met no resistance. They refuse to give up, even in the darkest situations.

Her instincts were screaming at her. She bent down to check the young lady who was squinting at her with pain as security guards rushed over to prevent the men from interrupting Clarke any further. In the wake of Queen Nia's death her son, King Roan, commands the Ice Nation and a tentative peace has settled between the thirteen clans. How are Raven and Clarke managing their pregnancies through their struggles. He opened his mouth and let out a guttural howl. When the 100 reach the ground Quinn Valentine is among them.

They decided they didn’t want her when she was born and she just figured this was because they were too young. With the betrayal at Mount Weather, Clarke finds herself unable to forgive her once lover. The blonde doctor noted as she stepped back from the pair that the bed will have to be sent in for repairs after today from the amount of violent actions happening. Also, will they be able to find their way back to each other after everything is said and done (especially because, despite Maggie's search attempts, Alex seems to be non-existent)? Clarke tried and failed to hold him down as he growled and snapped at her. Alone and heartbroken, Clarke spirals down a world of self loathing bringing herself further away from Lexa. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold back his wolf," said Clarke through gritted teeth. "Now, now doc," said Lumberjack 3, standing on the left. asked Clarke as she grabbed a pair of scissors and with Octavia's help, began to remove Lincoln's bloody clothes. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Her feet were bare and she smelled of night air and pine. Lexa just wants some relief after a few hard workoutsMaybe a massage will help?