", Getting nothing more than a muffled reply, the group opted, instead to watch as the face plate lifted upward, revealing a dark skinned man with dark brown eyes and a no-bullshit attitude. Even Pepper and Fury's reaction towards the sight of the metal man did nothing to tell the group otherwise.

Gasping at the feeling of being one lung short, Tony grinned down at the hand slowly skimming around the sides of the reactor's home. "Mommy?" "- miss a very important meeting with the company's managers," she continues. ", Eyes flashing at the mention of the AI's Father, Pepper shot a glance at her boss and grinned.

"Jesus Christ, guys," he started and like she had only waited for that Natasha shifted her concentration to him. "I think this is 'Daddy'. He would never admit it, but the dumb founded look on the World War Two vet was just too funny for words. So hurt him and we'll have a problem. Jarvis sent him the coordinates when he picked me up. Patting the bots gently on the arm, the man thudded his way over to the table and stared down as if he could see the man curled up beneath it. ", Lifting his head to face his husband in the eye, Tony felt his heart beat painfully, as he took in just how much the last couple of hours had affected the man he cared more than anything else. Steve, Natasha, my kitchen is well stocked. But his partner was much worse. Sam asked with a smile in his voice and pushed his hands further under Tony's shirt. Bitting his lower lip to keep any noise he may produce from escaping, blue eyes slid over to catch a similar look on Bruce's face, whilst Natasha barely let her lip twitch. "That's why I'm the genius in this marriage.". ", Blushing lightly at the threat, Steve glanced around the rest of the team, and was surprised to see that none of them were the least bit fazed by what the engineer had just spouted out. He couldn't wait for the day they could finally cuddle during movie night. Last time I let that she-devil near it, she played operation with my ticker and sent me into cardiac arrest.".

"My spouse can take care of themselves," Sam replied to that and now Natasha looked up. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Written for this prompt on Tumblr: “Do you want to tell me what really happened?". he shrieked, his usually tamed hair frizzing with static electricity. "Making up for lost time," Tony whispered and Sam shuddered under him. Pulling himself back together, Steve rounded on the billionaire, and puckered his brow. "You're disgusting, I can already tell. "You use whatever you have on hand. "What are you doing?" They looked at each other and then simultaneously reached out to take the other's hand. "Fury, listen, I know that we got off on the wrong foot-", Mimicking the petite red head, Fury stared down at the panicking man and smirked. Catching the Captain's questioning look, Bruce smiled faintly, and shrugged. "Anthony Howard Stark, you get your arse out from under that table right now.". "What?" Whirling around to face the Director, Tony mentally cringed, but did his best to look like he was not begging. "But just how did you come to be here?".

Sam asked back instead of giving a straight answer and Tony pressed his lips together. Steve further inquired and Tony had to work hard to keep his face straight. for ironfalcon please :). ", Closing his eyes as the shrill tone echoed through the carrier, startling many of the agents and support staff working on the floor. "I've been wearing this for the past week.". "Not that it isn't amusing to see Stark being taken down a few knots," Fury called out, standing from his position at the table.

"Team mates," Tony interjected, the words not missed by anyone bar the woman in front of him. The only pair that remained oblivious to the upcoming events was the one eyed man, and the target himself. Clint gaped at him and even Steve was staring wide eyed at him. Bowing his head in agreement, the armoured man gently picked the still silent man up from the floor, and propped him up against the table. "What are you waiting for?" Glancing at the glowing red eyes of the suit in front of them, the team could honestly not see a possible threat. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "You two are married and you never thought to bring it up?" Poking his head up from behind the desk, Tony flung a pen at the back of Thor's head, and motioned wildly at the Norse God to start fighting. Written for this prompt on Tumblr: I just really need some secretly married Ironfalcon and the team finding out from some random reason like noticing a ring on Tony's and Sam's finger and they've been married for like 20 years or something. They were all still aching from the battle with Loki, and none of them had felt like sitting through the debriefing, much less going through this; but if there really was a threat, they would tackle it head on. Pepper was known to go off the rails when he did something stupid, yell at him for a while, and then act like nothing happened.