This is shown to be the truth in Book of the Damned when Castiel locates his remaining grace inside a book in a library.

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Angela is a female name. .table_d2e105 { } Angela Grace on Twitter, , , Visit } border-color: #660000; .table_d2e12 td { border-color: #ff99ff; It is an open heart that allows Love to pour in abundantly. })(); . border: 0px none; border: 1px none; border: 0px none; } -->, Angela of Foligno: Transformation into Christ through Prayer, Click Angel picture for Angela in YouTube, Click on image of Angel for her YouTube page, Site sponsored by America's Top conservative Talk Radio diectory, Atlanta's Top Carpet & Upholstery Carpet Cleaning Service "Dirt Blasters". document.write(yseBadge.render({s:0,t:0,d:"",c:"",a:"",ai:"m.o.mjHV34FLPi9u4XviKgLoznbhAFaEVNwsQxcUbsJBszuHKt7vHxoNOwsaDHKAvsA-",tr:{s:"Links .table_d2e58 {

border: 0px none; In the United States, the name "Angela" peaked in popularity during the mid-1970s. -->,