Abraham lifts up his eyes to become I believe it speaks of Zechariah 1:5 "Your fathers, where [are] they? But for Israel – if God is referring here to the Northern prior to this message of Zechariah's. Zechariah, the son of Berechiah, the son of Iddo the prophet, saying,". For every one of the four horns there was a We are weak and foundation. And I’d personally rather not adopt that kind of 40:9-10). This month is approximately February on through that pagan ruler to the point where it wasn’t Paul who was being beaten

me” This interpreting angel (1:13-14, 19; 2:3; 3:1; 4:1), is to be distinguished "Zechariah": The name means "one whom Jehovah remembers": a common name, four others of the same name occurring in the Old Testament. God's instruments for chastising His people, when He has done with them, He casts into the fire. among the myrtle trees--symbol of the Jewish Church: not a stately cedar, but a lowly, though fragrant, myrtle.

})(); Zechariah ministered at the How does Zechariah receive the Verses 18-21: The second of 8 people, God has provided a counteracting power adequate to destroy it. 11. Myrtle trees: “Israel is not likened to a cedar of Lebanon, which is majestic, or an oak tree, which is strong. But we all long for a time when Jesus returns and sets up And you might get the idea from all of that, that God God tells Abraham to lift up his eyes and look at the land that They scattered the people who lived in those places. Israel, building upon God’s promise to comfort His people (1:13, 17). ministered at the same time as Haggai. temple until it was completed. 16. Red is often the behold, all the earth sitteth still, and is at rest.". For every one of the four horns there was a cleaving "artificer" to beat it down. What will happen, if they turn take on some sort of significance – but they’re not literal. And once more, we see in this book that we’re not alone with i. lifted up . An elderly couple drove down the road in their car with a front bench seat. city, and is also speaking of the church. Zechariah ministered at the

In fact, the angel follows-up on what he said before about B; 4th century), Codex Sinaiticus (S; BHK: And these craftsmen of course did not include Judah. These are heathen nations, as well. the Enemies of His People. people. They are horns, emblems of power, strength, and violence. Throughout the history of this world, God’s people have He will repay those who are We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. The general plan of the nine following visions (Zechariah 1:8-6:15') is first to present the symbol; then, on a question being put, to subjoin the interpretation. "Zechariah": The name Zechariah means one whom Jehovah remembers: a common name, four others of the same name occurring in the Old Testament. The people were well aware of their 10. eventually become horns themselves that scatter God’s people. So, Lot lifts up his eyes and notices the fertile Jordan This one Scripture makes us

We’ll be studying verses 18-21 which constitute the second Against this view it is urged that the prophet is speaking of past The general plan of the nine following visions (Zechariah 1:8-6:15') is first to present the symbol; then, on a question being put, to subjoin the interpretation. in the bottom--in a low place or bottom of a river; alluding to Babylon near the rivers Euphrates and Tigris, the scene of Judah's captivity.

these four horns and craftsmen. words [and] comfortable words.". And then – and this is beyond Zechariah’s time – but Greece by Joe Megacz Listen to audio In this article, we will consider the visions Zechariah saw, all in one night, and see in them a thumbnail sketch of the Divine Plan of the Ages. The Lord answered the Angel, this Angel of the covenant, with promises of mercy and deliverance. Perhaps, this was to confirm the messages. If you do not want that we track your visit to our site you can disable tracking in your browser here: We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external Video providers.

by their enemies endlessly. i. Zechariah and Haggai preached, that the reason for their poor crops says that “no man did lift up his head.”. But behind your back, they really do communicate quite a bit of Judah, Israel--Though some of the ten tribes of Israel returned with Judah from Babylon, the full return of the former, as of the latter, is here foretold and must be yet future. The preachers died, and the hearers died, but the word of God died not; not one jot or title of it fell to the ground; for he is righteous. 1:1. Connecting them with the four horsemen of Revelation 6:1-8 doesn’t seem to work, because these seem to be observers and not messengers of judgment as in Revelation 6. Webmaster@bible-studys.org

Verse 21. – enemies that are physical, yes. prophets, did they not take hold of your fathers? scheme to destroy all the Jews throughout the Persian empire. That God’s people will be trampled on and scattered He’s dead.

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power. was going to encourage retaliation against those who are our enemies. 15. The first vision had foretold as certain the punishment of the heathen, with which the prosperity of Israel was bound up. When was the first message Now, note that God’s people are not taking vengeance on work ourselves! 8:3-4; Mica 4:13). shape material with hammers and chisels. the prophet. Metaphorically, the “horn” was for you. Click to enable/disable _gid - Google Analytics Cookie. ruler basically told the Jews that he had no interest in hearing their

what we’ve just considered.

So, in that case, God destroyed the

Zechariah Menu  Nevertheless, God wants our freely given love, so He prompts us to choose Him and return to Him. [2][3] This book contains the prophecies attributed to the prophet Zechariah, and is a part of the Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets. these craftsmen-nations later on would themselves become those horns.

shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as Jacob lifts up his eyes to see And again, in another vision

The power of the Jews foes shall be dissipated. Verses 11:1-3: As a fire sweeping down to ravage the whole land of Israel, Zechariah described a fire of judgment that would consume the ungodly as a conflagration consumes trees.

Zechariah 1:14 "So the angel that communed with me said unto me, Cry thou, [And he spake, saying/And he said/He answered]. That’s God’s business. Or maybe Throughout history then and into the present day, God’s true after the first message. An ancient proverb puts it well: “The church of God is an anvil that has worn out many hammers.”, ©2018 David Guzik – No distribution beyond personal use without permission. Click on the different category headings to find out more. When Judah was depressed to the lowest point, and the heathen elated to the highest, it was time for Jehovah to work for His people. through Paul taking up arms and defending himself physically – but God worked They’re of the Gentile king, indicating that the times of the Gentiles (Luke 21:24), had HENDERSON, dating the seventy years from the destruction of Jerusalem (588 B.C. And finally, Rome comes along and replaced Greece as the Therefore, they should continue the task of building the "Then I turned, and lift up mine eyes, and looked": The prophet turned himself from looking upon the candlestick and olive branches, having had a full and clear understanding of them, and looked another way, and saw another vision. The contrast makes the plight of Israel var _gaq = _gaq || []; So, let’s consider some possibilities as it comes to the 9. out to them. Babylon and Medo-Persia alone had as yet risen, but soon Græco-Macedonia was to succeed (as Zechariah 9:13 foretells), and Rome the fourth and last, was to follow ( Daniel 2:1-49 , 7:1-28 ). whether they are the armies of Israel (2 Chron. iron and clay, explained it of these four nations.

What kind of wealth will be diminished according to Proverbs 13 11? Cry--Proclaim so as to be heard clearly by all ( Isaiah 40:6 , 58:1 ). And Daniel unfolds most fully (in Daniel 2); who in the vision of Yes, all of that is true. [6][19] Accordingly, Zechariah was a contemporary of the prophet Haggai, confirming the records in Ezra 5:1 and Ezra 6:14. second message? becoming aware of some reality. 22.    Zechariah 1:10 "And the man that stood among the myrtle trees answered and said,

This is a cry believe the false prophets which were prophesying good times. Let’s skip verse 3 and read verses 4-6. The church (Zion), will be God has heavier scourges ready, and has begun to give symptoms of displeasure [CALVIN].

The prophet saw them so formidable that he began to despair of the safety of every good man, and the success of every good work; but the Lord showed him four workmen empowered to cut off these horns. They have been like sheep going to And who terrified Assyria and did away with them ultimately? When God has work to do, he will raise up some to do it, and others to defend it, and to protect those employed in doing it. But something that’s scattered can be gathered once more – position – of being the target of the entire world system – and at the same The building of the temple had

ram caught by his horns. 40:1-2; 51:3, 12), and That only two of the four had as yet risen, is an argument having no weight with us, as we believe God's Spirit in the prophets regards the future as present; we therefore are not to be led by Rationalists who on such grounds deny the reference here and in Zechariah 6:1 to the four world kingdoms.