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World Cancer Research Fund International. Welcome to the online Grant Management System for World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) International.

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However, we do not publish our success rates. To make sure we only fund the best, we have set four criteria that we look for in an idea. We are looking for innovative and truly novel ideas that have the potential to revolutionise our understanding of cancer and how to beat it.

Privacy Policy  | Financial Information  |  Content Usage   |  Terms of Service   |  Do Not Call Policy. Proposed projects should have an original and sound hypothesis, a clear study design, and be relevant to WCRF International’s general and specific priorities. Comparing more & less developed countries. With your help we are able to advance research, improve cancer education and connect patients with life-saving resources. We fund cutting-edge research and give people practical tools and information to help them prevent — and survive — cancer. So although we're a Scottish based charity, the funds you help us raise will be invested in research projects worldwide. Results from our projects are often used to secure larger funding awards from other organisations to take the research to the next stage. Accept - What is the available budget? The next grant round will open in the spring of 2021. The host institution is responsible for the progress and training of the PhD student, and must ensure adequate supervision and assessment of the student’s progress and research training. AICR is committed to putting what we know about cancer prevention into action. Read real-life accounts of how AICR is changing lives through cancer prevention and survivorship. This website uses cookies to improve your experience and help us improve the website.

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The Regular Grant Programme comprises two main grant types: Investigator Initiated Grants (IIGs) and Seed Grants (SGs). Innovation and creativityWe are looking for research that takes intellectual risks to tell us something new about cancer or how it could be prevented, diagnosed or treated. Find out about our application process, how it works and what to expect.

Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

We do not fund research on anti-cancer drugs or cancer treatment.

Applications that propose solely cell line studies will not be accepted.

AICR champions research that increases understanding of the relationship between nutrition, lifestyle, and cancer.

How Can I Eat Healthy Portions at the Holidays Without Measuring? The Continuous Update Project (CUP) is an ongoing program that analyzes global research on how diet, nutrition and physical activity affect cancer risk and survival. AICR’s resources can help you navigate questions about nutrition and lifestyle, and empower you to advocate for your health. ©2020 American Institute for Cancer Research. Grants awarded by WCRF UK will be paid in pounds sterling (£). - If my application has not been accepted, can I apply for the next round? Research Principles questions Multidisciplinary or discipline-hopping projects are encouraged where this helps stimulate innovation.

Our goal is to support research that seeks to answer the difficult questions in cancer biology. Contact the research team, WCRF International, Upper Ground Floor, We are a not-for-profit organisation that leads & unifies a network of cancer prevention charities with a global reach. For more detailed information, please check our Regular Grant Programme guidelines.

Our grant programme adheres to AMRC's 'Statement on the use of animals in research'. You can refer to our website for further information on application procedures and eligibility criteria.