Property owners over age 65 who renew their Covenant may elect after 3 years into the second 10-year Covenant to terminate the Covenant by filing in writing a declaration with the Assessors' office. Owner agrees to maintain the property in a qualifying use of ''good faith'' production of agricultural products or timber for 10 years. 119 W. Arch Searcy, AR 72143. If the taxpayer is still dissatisfied with the decision, an appeal to Superior Court may be made. Each of these specialized or preferential programs requires the property owner to covenant with the board of assessors to maintain the property in its qualified use for at least 10 years in order to qualify for the preference. Owner cannot have over 2,000 acres statewide in the Conservation Use Program. 1241 Helen Hwy, Suite 180 If you have any questions please call the Assessor’s Office at (501) 279-6205.

The second type of preferential program is the Conservation Use program which provides that certain agricultural property, timber and land property, environmentally sensitive property, or residential transitional property is to be valued and assessed for ad valorem tax purposes at its current use value rather than its fair market value. This figure is subtracted from their overall budgetary needs, and then a millage rate is set that will generate the necessary revenues to fulfill budgetary requirements. White County Assessors Office The assessment information is from the last certified tax roll. As property sells, the office is able to document ownership information, tract sizes, and sales prices of properties sold. Meet Albert Uresti.

All other data is subject to change. If a taxpayer does not return his or her property value, then the prior year value is considered to be the returned value for that year. This favorable tax treatment is designed to protect these property owners from being pressured by the property tax burden to convert their land from agricultural use to residential or commercial use, hence the name ''conservation use'' assessment. Conservation values are set by the State of Georgia and cannot be appealed by the taxpayer, however the Board of Assessors must still maintain the fair market value on the property which may still be appealed by the taxpayer. Conservation Use was approved by an overwhelming majority of Georgia voters in an effort to encourage agricultural landowners to keep their land in production in exchange for favorable tax treatment. For more information on property values, call BCAD at 210-242-2432. If the property is sold, and if the purchaser continues using the property as it was originally covenanted then no penalty would be assessed. The Board of Assessors can provide details regarding this procedure. The White County Assessor's Office, located in Carmi, Illinois, determines the value of all taxable property in White County, IL. Property is allowed to lie fallow or idle for up to 2 years within any 5-year period. Bills can be paid in person with cash, check, or card (convenience fees apply). Property tax bills are sent out each August and are due November 15th. Assessed values can be appealed during a certain time period.

Assessed value is determined by the White County Tax Assessor's Office and the millage rate is set by various taxing authorities.