Will everyone laugh at him because his dad can only speak Bengali?

Publisher: Otter-Barry Books

Format: Paperback / softback Release Date: 03/05/2007. But T's dad is cleverer than T thinks. Author: Lindsay MacLeod Cave-boy Glog is accidentally left behind when his tribe move to new hunting grounds - and things look bleak. He soon realizes, however, that it's your imagination that counts. One of an innovative new series of linked stories designed to build reader confidence. You currently have JavaScript disabled in your web browser, please enable JavaScript to view our website as intended. Each title features three highly-illustrated, individual short stories linked by one character, so readers can build familiarity and confidence. Author: Lou Kuenzler Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy - Disclaimer, Diverse Voices - 80 Children's Books that Celebrate Difference, 70 Series of Books for Kids with a Voracious Appetite, Girl Power - Inspiring and Informative Books with a Feminist Edge, Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature Amazing Animals and the Magical Creatures of Harry Potter and, Blue Planet II – Interview with Leisa Stewart-Sharpe and Emily Dove, Science, space and time travel; author chat with Carl Wilkinson.

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Interest age: 6-10

Publisher: Flying Eye Books 1 0 obj It offers a wide range of opportunities and new ideas for parents and schools, working across the curriculum through art, history and beyond. The paper covers might be a bigger concern for schools, as they may not hold up so well in an early primary classroom. As the three stories progress, Lucy, Zack and Ibrahim overcome the awkwardness of being alone at a new school, and become the best of friends, drawing together. Reading age: 8-11. Author: Shane Hegarty Children will love this beautiful and fascinating introduction to Everest, and it’s a particularly useful resource for primary schools who are looking at international features such as mountains in Key Stage 1 and 2. Little Witch doesn't mean to get into mischief. Reading age: 9+. The Walker Stories lack the gloss of some of the alternatives, but the black and white illustrations are, to my mind, better than the cartoon-like colour in many early readers. After all, she's supposed to be the grown-up one! He draws them on the cave wall for company, but it's not the same as his own tribe. 3 0 obj

Author: Eileen Browne

Format: Paperback / softback Release Date: 01/08/2005.

Author: Clive Gifford Publisher: Walker Books Illustrator: Livi Gosling

}�9�on���?E��#���՛_��$L�Y��_Š\F"+Y,#)9��h��z�����d����_L����OQ�������$�{�z�il%q� Jake is excited when Uncle Paul offers to take him and his little sister out for the day. Fables, short stories, English talks, ebooks. The heartwarming story of Boot, a junkyard toy, will hook readers from page one. <> Each title features three highly-illustrated, individual short stories linked by one character, so readers can build familiarity and confidence. Publisher: Stripes Reading age: 7+. Reading age: 8+, Hannah’s parents seem to have forgotten her, preoccupied by current quarrels with her older sister. This brilliant and imaginatively illustrated book is the perfect addition to any classroom library; a book of clever poems picking out some of the many personalities that pupils will find sitting next to them in assemblies, lunch queues and in playgrounds.