Everything that you would ever need to research about the Titanic. . These are going to simulate your watertight compartments. Laura sent me these pictures of her students’ marvelous Titanic models that they made! Wavelet Based Machine Learning Algorithms for Binary Classification, Ship collisions with icebergs:a brief review, past to present. What could be the earliest description of an iceberg comes from the account of St. Brendan?s voyage from Ireland to North America in about 570 A.D, in which there is a description of a column of pure crystal. Each year, I did a week-long study on the ship, and my kids absolutely adored it. Here is an example…. We talk about the difference between conserving and restoring artifacts from the Titanic. THE TRAGEDY OF TITANIC: A LOGISTIC REGRESSION ANALYSIS. Anything to put weight in your boat. Magic Tree House Research Guide: Titanic Nonfiction Novel Study, Flip-Flap's: The Titanic readers' theater (2nd & 3rd Grades), THE TITANIC Lapbook History Project | Social Studies Activity | Unit Study, April Writing Projects for Upper Elementary Students. This online research project will help them explore different theories about the Titanic, while helping them find the facts about what really happened! This Titanic experiment is another that I originally got from the free Titanic Science resource linked above. In theory, if you weigh the water that is displaced, it should weigh the same amount as the piece of wood that you put in. Sometimes, I tell the kids who have a 3rd class ticket (see above) that they can’t eat the 1st class foods. over five lessons students will engage with the following standards to form a supported opinion on what truly caused the sinking of this unsinkable ship:

Although there was some element of luck involved in surviving the sinking, some groups of people were more likely to survive than others, such as women, children, and the upper-class. Aligned with Common Core, this 100% digital activity will keep your students in grades 6-12 wanting to learn, The Titanic Research & 3D Writing Project, Titanic Meets Twitter Research Project Aligned w/CC - google docs available, Titanic fake news lesson plan: digital literacy research project, Titanic Unit Research Project BUNDLE-lesson plans, printables and worksheets. Third class tea menus are readily available on Google!).

It’s a great geography lesson, too. Several years ago, I created these Titanic Math Printables for FREE. Authors: Mr. Hamza Safdar Mr. Muhammad Ibtesam Arshad Mr. Waqar Ashiq Dr. Rao Muhammad Adeel Nawab Titanic Passenger Survival Prediction System using Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? This shows how difficult it was to get eyewitness testimony from those that witnessed the sinking, even if they WERE right there. Then this Titanic flapbook is the perfect go-to solution for you and your students! Research, Projects, Rubrics. Everything you nee, The Titanic Mini-Research Project is an assessment of a culmination of skillsets. Research begins with the purpose of the Titanic and leads students through the five day voyage which ended in tragedy. Again, there is a detailed lesson on this in the Titanic Science book. (Fun Fact: There were no actual menus for first class tea. I don’t have any pictures of this, but this really drives home for the students the differences in classes. The students are always ready to get right to the sinking. Here is a link to that free resource: Here is a picture of my lessons plans when I introduce the newspaper…, We also write Subject Predicate Poems about the Titanic.

I offer the food to anyone who wants it, and we listen to fun music and munch on our “goodies.”, The next day, I encourage my students to dress up a bit if they’d like to, and I tell them that we are going to have a First Class Tea Experience. Students will choose a passenger from a website, using the website the child will research the passenger and write a paper. You can use the recording sheet for free HERE to go through the experiment  with your students. Also included in: Titanic Bundle Digital - Distance Learning Activities Google Classroom. Have fun and always, always, always Remember the Titanic! (I too was weirdly fascinated by the Titanic and not by anything else normal or teenager-y) I do want to know what time of the year you typically teach this, and if you are able to connect any standards to it. The Titanic Mini-Research Project is an assessment of a culmination of skillsets. Titanic passengers, who traveled in time appeared. This watertight bulkhead Titanic experiment is hands-down my favorite experiment. I also included a page that can be passed out if you would like to add an additional element of fun to this project by having students dress up like th, Printable Titanic tickets and information for 26 Titanic passengers. There is a really neat activity in the Titanic Science book on plotting ice bergs and ice berg warnings.

*How to Gather Titanic Passenger List NOT LONG AT ALL! In that moment, they realize the gravity of it all–the fact that these are REAL people that this awful thing happened to, not just actors on a movie screen. Next, we talk about buoyancy and how it relates to the Titanic. Subject. You can get a box of frozen eclairs for less than $5, a bag of cheese cubes, scones from the bakery, some fruit, etc. Over the following centuries ice must have been a threat to the Norse settlers and the, Edward Riou (1762-1801) was a sea officer in the British Royal Navy. One of the reasons that scientists suspect that so much damage was done to the Titanic was the weak rivets that were used in her hull.

Titanic Research Project and Presentation-Distance Learning or Independent Proj. They will rust within 24 hours! *What the Titanic Meets Twitter Project Is THE NORWEGIAN SAILOR ALBERT MOSS SURVIVED THE TITANIC TRAGEDY AS WELL AS WW1 AND WW2. In corporate environment, group activities can be used to introduce a topic, improve communication, review previous training or teach a new technique. This famous tragedy stunned the international community and led to better safety regulations for all ships. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Back to top, Cathy Akers-Jordan and Captain Charles B. Your email address will not be published. It's the mother lode of all 20th Century American History research ideas. We put nails and a few other metal items in a small bowl with regular water and salt water. Then, open the bottle and time how long it takes to sink. In this project, I created decision functions that attempt to predict survival outcomes from the 1912 Titanic disaster based on each passenger’s features, such as sex and age. It is adaptable for, In this creative research report about the Titanic, you'll find a variety of templates that are perfectly sized for lapbooks and interactive notebooks. This is a great simulation for life on 3rd class. Parent: Mother or Father of Passenger Aboard Titanic; Child: Son, Daughter, Stepson, or Stepdaughter of Passenger Aboard Titanic; Other family relatives excluded from this study include cousins, nephews/nieces, aunts/uncles, and in-laws. I love your guiding question… are you an IB school? Printable Titanic tickets and information for 26 Titanic passengers. Now, open the bottle top again. S, With this project, students will research a noteworthy passenger that sailed aboard the Titanic, and create an informational page for a class book. What a great activity! biography sheds new light on Riou's notions of his duty as a King's officer and on his methods to enforce cleanliness and discipline aboard the ships he commanded. *Student Directions A Titanic Challenge: An Opinionated ELA Activity Plus Math! This sensational tragedy shocked the international community and led to better safety regulations for ships. in water. Steps for your research 1. After all, it’s the part they know the most about and are most interested in. Font Credit: KG Happy, KG Thinking Out Loud -- YOU WILL NEED THIS FONT IF YOU WANT PROPER FORMATTING OF POWERPOINTS. Pair with the Magic Tree House fiction, Flip-Flap's: The Titanic readers' theater - Unit 1 (2nd & 3rd Grades)--Throughout the year, use this unique and engaging product to help explore the tragic sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

This is always SUCH an exciting day for kids! Each student gets their own ticket aboard the Titanic and we research our passengers. This is a GREAT experiment, and kids get all riled up about something so small that could possibly have prevented such destruction. I LOVED teaching this class just about as much as I loved learning about the Titanic. You will choose a person involved with the Titanic from the list provided by your teacher. These project posters are student friendly and help guide your students in what exactly to research. The skillsets addressed by the titanic Mini-Research Project include research on a guided topic, pre-writing concepts, written composition and editing. I love that this student took note of only three of the steam stacks being functional.