However, the episode "The Placer" in the first series introduces the character of Bill the driver (played by Tony Allen, who subsequently worked as wardrobe manager for many of John Thaw's later projects), and he remains a constant throughout the series, although he plays a peripheral, non-speaking role in most episodes. (uncredited), Flying Squad Officer Originally from Manchester (like Thaw himself), he has been in London for several years, so his accent has modified, but traces of his northern origins are still evident. In the former, a communist group (which appears to be German-based, with echoes of the then-contemporary West German communist terrorist group the Baader-Meinhof gang) is staging heists to raise funds for its cause. The main two characters were Detective Inspector Jack Regan and Detective Sergeant George Carter. Guest Stars: Harry J. Lennix (plays F.B.I. Although he appeared in the opening titles of every episode of the first three series, he did not appear in all of them. He went to thirteen different schools, as his father worked in the RAF and traveled around the world. [9] Made in 1976, the film appears to be set in the then near-future, indicated by the line "The same damned speech you made in 1978"; also visible on a wall in the scene where the OPEC delegates meet is a logo displaying "1979". All three seasons of The Good Fight boast incredible guest appearances featuring some serious talent. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This time, however, Sweeney will be taping Days of Our Lives for roughly a year. Guest Stars: Harry J. Lennix (plays F.B.I. Neil Burnside). Stuart moved to London in the mid- ... Wanda Ventham was born on August 5, 1935 in Brighton, East Sussex, England. On Her Majesty's Secret Service. 3. His age is given in the episode "Hit and Run" as 26. A TV ad for the Nissan Almera car in the late 1990s had two characters similar to Carter and Regan racing through London to deal with a "bank job". He is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. It is a fast-paced edge-of-your-seat action series, depicting the Squad's relentless battle against armed robbery; but it nevertheless includes a substantial degree of humour. Other highlights included a pair of tongue-in-cheek episodes, "Golden Fleece" and "Trojan Bus", featuring two cocky but likeable Australian villains, played by British actors Patrick Mower and George Layton; and the more serious episode "Hit and Run", in which Carter's wife Alison is murdered.

Although he is seen driving various cars himself in the series, he always has a driver—usually Bill (an uncredited role played by Tony Allen)—when using the Consul Granada (and the similar Ford Granada models used in later stories), which served as a Squad car: when the Squad travelled they always went "mob handed" (in considerable numbers). Originally developed from a one-off TV drama entitled Regan, a 90-minute television film that Ian Kennedy Martin wrote for Thames Television's Armchair Cinema series in 1974. For the film based on the television series, see, Detectives on the edge of a nervous breakdown, Ford Consul (Granada Mark I based) (1972–1975), Detectives on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown, "Ian Kennedy-Martin - Sweeney: a preamble", "The Sweeney gave us TV's most arresting coppers", "FLASHBACK: At Least Petraeus Wasn't Having An Affair With The Mistress Of A Soviet Spy", "The Sweeney Forum :: View topic - Fiat 850 Coupe (Red) - UJB 92G", "Ashes to Ashes: co-creator Matthew Graham says goodbye to Gene Hunt",, "The best car adverts ever - 19.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. George was married to Alison Carter, a schoolteacher, but is widowed in the episode "Hit and Run" when Alison is murdered by mistake by a gang of diamond smugglers. This made it possible to shoot almost entirely on location which helped give the series a startling degree of realism and to use film editing techniques which enabled him to give the show a heavy bias toward action sequences. [10], In Sweeney 2 (1978), Carter and Regan eventually find themselves going to the island of Malta in order to track down a group of particularly violent armed robbers who have been committing bank and payroll robberies all over London and kill anybody that gets in their way, even members of their own gang, Regan and Carter were assigned the case by their recently convicted chief inspector as his last order, as he is about to be charged with corruption.[11]. It was originally broadcast on ITV between 2 January 1975 and 28 December 1978 at 21:00–22:00 on weekdays (usually Mondays), with repeated screenings at the same time until the early 1980s. © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Some units have views of the city. He was an actor, known for Last of the Summer Wine (1973), Porridge (1974) and Doing Time (1979). The hotel features accommodation in Dublin City Centre district. Regan is seen to also have his own car outside of the Squad, a Mark II Ford Cortina. (uncredited), Sweeney CID Officer Interview with creator Ian Kennedy-Martin.

Cook also appeared in the later episode "On the Run". Watch Louis Canning's first episode, "Poisoned Pill," on CBS All Access. The character was not present at the start of the fourth, final series, and his role was taken by other superiors such as Detective Chief Inspector Anderson, played by Richard Wilson, and Detective Chief Superintendent Braithwaite, played by Benjamin Whitrow.

Michael J. Stills gallery Extract from "Behind the Sunshine" PDF, recounting the making of "Hearts and Minds". In 2012 the first series was released on high definition Blu-ray discs by Network Distributing Ltd.. For this release the original film negatives were scanned in HD and comprehensively restored by BBC Studios and Post Production. He died on November 14, 2015 in Highgate, London. Today, Michael Ausiello broke the news exclusively today at, that Sweeney will be guest-starring in an upcoming episode of the […] He was an actor, known for The Crawling Eye (1958), Jabberwocky (1977) and Carry on Cleo (1964). Andrew Pixley, "The Sweeney: Compulsive Viewing", in: This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 18:20. 4. This coincided with a 24-hour strike at the, Dennis Waterman was cast after his performance in the. The final broadcast episode, "Jack or Knave? and Sweeney 2, were released in 1977 and 1978 respectively, between the third and fourth series. The 2007 18-disc Network release contains all four series, the pilot and both of the spin-off films. His father was a ... Born 13 January 1931 in Ipswich, England, Ian Hendry's career began rather auspiciously--playing the fall guy for a circus clown. Previously, most dramas featuring the police had shied away from showing them as fallible.

Buckley, Queen of Tarts and The Old Storehouse Bar and Restaurant, set 100 metres away. In another 1978 episode, called Messenger of the Gods, the famous British actress, Diana Dors, guest stars as the fearsome Lily Rix, who directs her wrath at Regan when the cop arrests her future son-in law, Lukey Sparrow, for the theft of £30,000 worth of goods. Dudley Sutton was born on April 6, 1933 in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England as Dudley G Sutton. A round-up of some of the exciting guest stars we've seen on The Good Wife.

The early episodes feature a great degree of hostility and mistrust between Regan and his senior officer, Haskins, who in one episode ("Ringer") attempts to separate Carter from Regan in order to help Carter's career. and Sweeney 2.

Series Three was broadcast between September and December 1976, with the final series being shown two years later from September to December 1978. They have two children. for legitimate motives), will not bend them for his own profit, and is shown to hold the deepest contempt for the corrupt officers. The hotel provides such room types as a deluxe room and a twin room. Regan's determination to catch a crook leads to conflict with senior officers. When off duty, he and George Carter are friends and drinking buddies, so in private Carter calls him "Jack". The series showed a somewhat more realistic side of the police, often depicting a disregard for authority, rules and the "system", so long it as got the job done. Days of Our Lives airs weekdays at 1p.m. (uncredited), Ivan Cab Office Owner

The actor Nigel Hawthorne described her as "one of the most beautiful creatures I've seen on stage" after seeing her performance as ... Actor | He died on March... Actor | You may unsubscribe at any time. Tony Steedman was born on August 21, 1927 in Warwickshire, England as Anthony Francis Steedman. (uncredited), Private Bank Customer No one ever calls Regan "Mister"—except the villains, or sometimes Carter when talking to Haskins. All episodes were broadcast in 1976 on ITV, Mondays at 21:00. Everyone calls DCI Haskins simply "Haskins" (except to his face), though Regan occasionally calls him by his first name, Frank. [23], This article is about the television series. and Sweeney 2 have also been released on DVD. "The Electric Theatre Show" interviews with John Thaw, Dennis Waterman and Ted Childs. Episodes from the first series included "Ringer", where the team were attempting to prevent a criminal being sprung from prison, "Jackpot", "Stoppo Driver", and "Abduction" (in which Regan's daughter Susie was kidnapped), focusing on the strains which the job caused to family life. Is there any public transport in the area? In the Squad, informality is everything. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Haskins returned a few episodes into the fourth series. one location per day.

(uncredited), third assistant director (as Samuel Smith), visual effects supervisor: Sebastian Barker, editor: EPK/making-of documentary/DVD extras, unit medic (as Gary Marriott) / unit medic, production executive: completion guarantor, assistant to Christopher Simon / production supervisor for embargo films, the producers wish to thank (as James Waller). Each film will open with a teaser of up to 3 minutes, which will be followed by the opening titles. Sweeney, a series regular on Days of Our Lives from 1993 to 2014, has returned to the NBC soap at least once a year as a guest star since leaving the regular cast. For the fourth series there were several changes, including a different title sequence and DCI Haskins being absent from a number of episodes. He has been married to Kim Hartman since 1975. There are no extra beds provided in a room. He died on March 20, 2008 in Ware, Hertfordshire, England. Garfield Morgan plays Detective Chief Inspector Frank Haskins, who is married with three children at boarding schools, and is Regan's immediate superior. He was married to Marjorie Steele and Joan D Walker. The main "Haskins episodes" are "Golden Fleece", in which he is set up to be the victim of a corruption inquiry, and "Victims", in which his wife suffers a mental breakdown attributed to her memories of a miscarriage. He died on January 14, 2019 in the UK. "This is Your Life – Dennis Waterman" extract. Celebrities, such as Maya Rudolph and Nick Offerman, have been on the show. Boisterous British actor Brian Blessed is known for his hearty, king-sized portrayals on film and television. Stephanie Turner went on to appear in Juliet Bravo, also devised and part-written by Ian Kennedy Martin. Brian Blessed. In 1977 and 1978, publishers Brown Watson (who specialised in annuals based on TV series) published two editions of The Sweeney Annual featuring a mix of comic strips (some with art by Brian Lewis) and illustrated text stories, interspersed with occasional features on the TV series, articles about policing, puzzles and (in the 1978 annual) an interview with John Thaw and Dennis Waterman.