You would think he would get a clue that all is not right when they visit one of Garrett and Nikki's favorite restaurants together and the chef acts as if he already knows Tom.


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When you look into the eyes of “Prince of Peace,” the resurrection of Jesus painting, you may (like many) feel a stirring – a sense you are feeling His love and witnessing the Real Face of Jesus. Scientists favorably compare both the Shroud of Turin and the ISA mosaic with “Prince of Peace.” In response to this scientific documentation, Akiane said, “I feel humbled and privileged that my art is being recognized in the world of science.”. I like Wine.

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We transform you through fantasy face painting and body painting. Neighbor and needy widower Roger (a wasted Robin Williams) clearly would like to be closer to this lonely lady but he practically has "Just a Friend" stamped on his forehead.

Since she was 4 years old, she has been gifted with what she describes as “inspirations from above” with visions of Jesus, heaven, and angels. We will send you an email to reset your password. Explore for yourself and let us know if you agree that this Jesus picture is worth a thousand words. Akiane describes her access to the divine as “visions from Heaven.”.

Enjoy daily inspirations, art & encouragement!

And for a good reason. Even Meyers might be stymied by what to do with the all-too-convenient twists and turns of this morbidly warped melodramatic story about a grief-stricken, middle-aged widow who decides to take a second chance on love with a man who is the spitting image of her late husband. But, then, that would make sense.

mood board made in c a l i f o r n i a Instagram: @slufoot, So many festivals!!

Then, one day, she decides to go to the art museum by herself for the first time since Garrett's death. It all too easy to view Bening's character as a manipulative monster bent on destroying this innocent man for her own selfish purposes instead of someone who should be seeking psychiatric help.

Substance is hard. Akiane’s paintings are as precise as photographs.