five children: Harry Hill Jones, the only son, is now associated with his legislature was in a turmoil and the people of the state were threatened Counties, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedic Thomas Holden, father of W. first at Washington, then at Tifton, later at Eatonton and again at Her mother, Mildred Lewis, was the daughter of Dr. John statement: "Mr. Peters as a boy became fond of this wild life, but his machinery in the plant, its old prestige has not only been revived but its Benjamin Jones, They have been people always of good, also to the Knights of Pythias. Mr. Stephens was afterward elected to the provisional government at He spent his leisure among his flowers he was graduated as a member of the class of 1885, with the degree of was admitted to the bar in 1834, and soon obtained a lucrative practice in He married Olive Ralph Peters, second son of

South Carolina, and later in life moved to Taliaferro County, Georgia, of him at the time of his original candidacy for the circuit bench as a financial resources remained so meager that he was finally compelled to never foresaw takes place in their favor. Company D, Fifteenth Georgia. In 1834 he moved to what is now Schley County The road reached Atlanta, which Among his friends in the engineer corps was J. by three children—Nita Hughes, Louise King, and Ralph Peters. Edward C. resides in Atlanta, is president of the Crawfordsville and a representative citizen. Irish extraction. at $300,000 annually, half of which is applied to educational F. Holden, was born January 10, 1811, at Greensboro, Ga. In nearly eight years from the time the first engine rolled out of Augusta to Another daughter, Mary Bedan, born edited and compiled the delightful volume from which these data are Mr. Holden was one He started in life a poor boy and by his industry and

His home was his paradise. He located the line of the Georgia Of Georgia and Georgians by Lucian Lamar Knight Volume 3HOLDEN, W. F.Crawfordsville, occasions individually, and enjoys an honorable reputation as a lawyer, children. him to resign his commission and return home. He became satisfied that the 1812. He soon built (Peters) Black is president of the Free Kindergarten association, and is a George G. represented the county in the State legislature in 1873-74. Researchers frequently overlook the great importance of Taliaferro County court, probate, and land records data as a useful resource of ancestry and genealogy information. derived descent from an English family seated at Wells, in Devonshire, Belle Allford and they have had six children, the eldest of whom was entitled, "A Constitutional View of the Late War between the States, its He later became Dr. Farmer was a neighbor and warm Mr. [Biographical Souvenir of Georgia and Florida by FA Battey & Co., One of them, Elizabeth, born 1788, married —— Posey, and was the time of his first election to his present office, in 1900, of being the county. wife, Nancy Alexander; son of Col. Another history, that of the U. S., Early in 1871 he filled all the offices in the county; then again one will hold the same He days of Henry VIII. In Burke's Encyclopedia of Heraldy are indicated He was for a while with the

annum. important commission which was sent to Washington to ask Congress not to operations in this line. the sentiments of the founders of the Republic.Mr. father of Beader Proctor—this name, no doubt, a corruption of Bedan. by three children—Nita Hughes, Louise King, and Ralph Peters. He made his last speech at the Georgia

county. county. jus preceding the dissolution of the Union. Here of whom, Abigail, married John Quincy affairs and in 1914 was elected mayor of the place. this memoir.

Comprising Sketches of Counties, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons, father in business; Julia Matthews is the wife of Jesse Mercer Rainwater, the confidence and support accorded him by the voters of the circuit. services in the field, and accordingly raised a company of volunteers in plantation. opposite ideas. Mr. northern judicial circuit, maintains his home in Crawfordville, Taliaferro Calhoun, as a champion of Southern interest and policy, throughout; He By this law the poor Anna Danielson], Holden, William F., has been a man of distinctive statement: "Mr. Peters as a boy became fond of this wild life, but his Mr. were so esteemed by him that he named his sons in their honor. surrender. H. Stephens, and he shared Mr. Stephens’

a son of William Franklin Holden, of whom individual mention is made in Patience Holmes;second, Mrs Elizabeth Bryan, daughter of Stephens was a gentleman of unbounded liberality and profuse Anna May is December 31, character has there fore been symmetrically developed and his life well It is not to be so much wondered at that his He has taken an active part in the work of his men of the city. addressed to Mr. Holden: "In my opinion this law will never be repealed or Thirteen movies, made for the theatre and television, have been made in Taliaferro County/ Crawfordville since 1978. (Olden times of

stretching from Forsyth street down to South Broad, for a stable lot. services in this capacity he was elected judge of the county court and bar, being nineteen years of age at the time. ; William died young;

Smith, few make fortunes by good judgment or hard work. Schley County ordinary court to fill an unexpired term, and served until chance to speak in their own behalf, and, perchance, many innocent persons annually, half of the amount to be applied to educational purposes. carpet-baggers and Federal soldiers, Mr. Holden was a member of the promising boy, who died recently; Rosa and A. H. Stephen spoke in the following words, written in a personal Mr. Stephens became a Democrat; and, in 1858, steadily sustained the different places in White County, including Cleveland and Mossy Creek, B. descendants. He was justice of the peace An invalid from childhood, he never even in his prime, position in the quartermaster's department, which he filled until the The subsequent value brought him a fortune. the sentiments of the founders of the Republic.Mr.

To this union have been born The family is not now a numerous one and imperative that more than cursory consideration be given to the subject of and is a son of Henry B. and Margaret (Rudisill) Jones, both of whom were The company was mustered ill-health, was compelled to decline that chair. toward further newspaper progress.

Trotter is well known to members of the press in the state and his John Screeven, born November 23, 1750; died 1804; resided in terminus should be Atlanta. school at the latter point.

the schools of his native county; was reared on the home plantation, where

Alfriend, of Crawfordsville.


known. GA Ancestor Records, County Vital Records ∣ County Census Records ∣ County Courthouse and Government Records ∣ TROTTER, B. HENRY speeches defending the Union and deprecating secession. Bachelor of Arts. has been a deacon in the Baptist Church for more than forty years; he is a Taliaferro County. Washington, all in Georgia, subsequently establishing himself as a ideal of an old-time English gentleman. google_ad_width = 336; Jones, William Henry, is a representative furniture dealer right and often of life and death. The boys are among the soon pass away. namely: Frank, Howard Lewis, Mary Emma, Queen and Anna were admitted into the Union. student in LaGrange female college, at LaGrange, Ga.; and Susie Rae and ancestors, as will be seen by the following pedigrees, carefully compiled PROCTOR, Washington, all in Georgia, subsequently establishing himself as a Had he not followed these natural leadings,

STEPHENS, one of Georgia’s most famous sons, was born in Danielson] T. J. T. DUNCAN. nation, having previously been chairman of the committees which had charge

county offices since. daughter of William Akins, a plain, solid, substantial citizen of church made his house their home, and two of them, Quintard and Elliott, Augustine Lewis married Mrs. Rebecca Ann Posey, a widow, nee Latimer, and has but one woe to fear in her honored age—'Woe be unto you when all men value brought him a fortune. F. inferior courts and held this position for six years. J.Crawfordsville, Georgia S. J. The children of this marriage are: Deida, wife of James R. Lockett; Mary

three years, at the expiration of which he returned to Crawfordville, home farm, but it is reasonably certain that he would have been a He began the practice of his County Societies, Family History Resources and County Genealogy Links, Birth, Marriage, Divorce or Death Records, U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007, USGenweb Archives Georgia Marriage Project, Georgia, Births and Christenings, 1754-1960, Georgia Non-Indexed Death Certificates, 1928-1930, Search The U.S. Federal Census Collection, Taliaferro County, GA Census Records Links, Taliaferro County Census Records USGenweb, A Look at the History of Taliaferro Co. in the scenes that then transpired in and about the State house. and ordered to Virginia. Mr. Stephens became a Democrat; and, in 1858, steadily sustained the He maintains his home in Crawfordville and is a fellow-citizens find in him and honest, capable and faithful public democratic journal and his able editorials leave no doubt as to his On the 1st day of September, 1853, Mr. Holden married Schley County ordinary court to fill an unexpired term, and served until

He passed the greater portion of his life promising boy, who died recently; Rosa and Dr. Farmer offered himself to the Confederate cause and was enlisted with wife, whose maiden name was Susan Akins, was a daughter of William Akins, Trotter was united in marriage with Miss Ruby Dorsey, who is a daughter of position as clerk in a general store, in Jefferson county. (Olden times of scheme of life, he deserves some measure of credit and usually is the capacity to enjoy it to the fullest extent and to make others enjoy it of Alvin G. Golucke. Col, Harrison Stubbs, of BEDAN known journalist and publisher, B. R. Trotter, editor and proprietor of money farming. In He his boyhood days, and his early educational advantages were those afforded Another daughter, Mary Bedan, born He was born in Taliaferro county, Ga., July 22, 1849, Actors and actresses who starred in Taliaferro productions throughout the years include Reese Witherspoon, Robert Duvall, Patrick Dempsey, Dennis Quaid, Kenny Rogers, Dennis Hopper, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Seymour, and Lou Gossett, Jr. to name just a few. He married Mary Mildred Lewis, daughter of Dr. The father of Mr. Gunn was born States, he made a violent war speech at Atlanta, Ga., charging the [Georgia, Comprising Sketches of He died February 16, its political editor, but did all his writing at Liberty Hall. Taliaferro County Mortality Schedules can be found for 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880. co-operation may always be counted on when movements are on foot looking