Excuse me? SAM moves out of the way of the fridge. I’m tired of fighting who I'm supposed to be. BOBBY STUART This is the park where your mom took you on her day off, right? You’re losing faith. Zodiredo…noco…aberamage…nazodpesade… He’s coming. That’s not bad, is it? It’s not too hard to figure out the stops on the Farewell Tour. DEAN CASTIEL Just relax, you're safe. DEAN CASTIEL appears carrying a bloody and battered DEAN. That’s all they care about upstairs, ain’t it? ZACHARIAH Cas either. SAM unlocks DEAN’s handcuffs, releasing him. Whoa, wait.

I—I don’t get it. DEAN The bar shakes, bottles start to fall over, glass shatters, and there is the ear-piercing sound of an angel’s true voice. SAM DEAN ADAM You know what I’ve learned from this experience, Dean? SAM shrugs and scoffs. Yeah well, I guess the monster that ate me didn't get that memo. We're working on "the power of love.” It's okay. Got to nail that bottom line, right? Angels? You are nothing but a maggot inside a worm’s ass. Hmm. Where? BAR – DAY ZACHARIAH I was on the fast track … In what? You know this has been a really moving family reunion, but uh, I got a thing, so— DEAN

What the hell happened to him? Just watch him. BOBBY Dean, Sam, and Castiel are horrified at the angels' new game plan and take on Zachariah (guest star Kurt Fuller) to prevent an all-out war on Earth. I don’t want to. What are you waiting for? SAM DEAN falls to the ground. ZACHARIAH closes his hand-mouth and causes ADAM to fall on the table, spitting up blood. DEAN So, what changed your mind? For Michael. The end is nigh!

ADAM Six? Dean… Sit down. DEAN You pray too loud. See, Sam and Dean, they’re gonna put aside their differences and they're gonna come get you, and that is gonna put Dean right…here…Right where I need him. DEAN

Written by: Jeremy Carver. ADAM DEAN Michael can ice the devil, save a boatload of people. Okay, yes. Do I look like I’m lying? ZACHARIAH waves his hand and ADAM falls to the floor, coughing up blood.

SAM So. So no offense, but she's the one I give a rat's ass about, not you. Outside, it fades, and Dean can touch the door.

STUART Stop it, please. SAM The few people whose safety you have to guarantee before I say yes.


ZACHARIAH DEAN sees ADAM on the floor against the opposite wall. You know Sam and Dean Winchester are psychotically, irrationally, erotically codependent on each other, right? ADAM is sitting on a park bench, looking out at the playground when ZACHARIAH appears sitting next to him. ZACHARIAH Yeah, no, this is good. SAM SAM ZACHARIAH You remember that? You’ve been a hell of a sport, really. EXT. DEAN Word to the wise: don’t piss off the nerd angels. “Outsourcing.” What was your crime against humanity? DEAN BOBBY Great. SAM Now...you want to see your mom again or not? Hey, how do you think I feel? I’m gonna get a beer, do you mind? To save the world.

We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. You’re a ghoul! Just…please. In you. Doc Brown explains it as, "That is our fail-safe point. Michael. The Winchesters got one blind spot, and it’s family. I'm his uh, sword or vessel or something, I don't know. ZACHARIAH Whatever you’re thinking of doing, don’t do it. ADAM Get it over with. ADAM grabs a burger and digs in. Who’s more important to him now? Wait, what? Dean! DEAN

I’m Dean Winchester. You’re fast. Yeah, I know. BOBBY’S STUDY – DAY I am.

Who, Adam? CASTIEL Honestly? He walks towards a room and is attacked from behind by an angels. You won’t regret it. Help. ZACHARIAH BOBBY I have to. ZACHARIAH I'm not, either. Maybe they're moving on from you, Dean. They warned me about you. That kid's not taking a bullet for me. And? That’s on me. DEAN We’ll get you out. The emotional fallout from …

DEAN SAM DEAN SAM No. Should I say it in Spanish? Where am I? Well, Cas, not for nothing, but the last person who looked at me like that…I got laid. 5.18 Point of No Return. Directed by Philip Sgriccia. BOBBY sets the bullet down on his desk in front of him.

I’m not letting him do it. DEAN SUPERNATURAL. Maybe they wrongly assumed Dean would be brave enough to withstand them.

INT. ZACHARIAH turns his fist in SAM’s direction, causing him to cough up blood like ADAM. SAM We gonna hop in the family truckster? INT. That obvious, huh? CASTIEL goes downstairs to check on DEAN. ZACHARIAH Look, no way. Dean, help! SAM SAM How? A blade of grass? ZACHARIAH turns and speaks in Enochian, summoning the archangel MICHAEL.

Why not?

He is John Winchester's bloodline, Sam's brother. I cooked my own dinners. In there. Not necessarily. Are you gonna do something stupid? Yeah, well, you’re family. CASTIEL reaches to touch it, but is attacked from behind. DEAN Yes. So, it's got to be me. BAR – DAY

You may have noticed, he’s got a slight height advantage. And me. Go ahead! Michael’s not gonna kill me. Couldn’t even get the one simple ‘yes’ I needed. I’ll take that as a yes. SAM CASTIEL disappears.

PREACHER Pop on down to Wally World? ADAM

Really. Like what? ADAM There is a table with beer and burgers piled high. Yeah, I don't think so. The room where they took you. SAM

Why not? ADAM DEAN ADAM They're full of crap. ADAM I saw your eyes. No. You’re Zachariah, right? Sending someone a candy-gram?



DEAN You listen to me. SAM But not all of them.

DEAN And if I do my job, I get to see her again. Michael’s seen it. Please. ADAM Hey, don’t get me wrong. Up until there, we still have enough time to stop the locomotive before it plunges into the ravine. DEAN Well, I was dead and in Heaven. ADAM I figured. And the place is crawling with mooks…Pretty much a no-shot-in-hell, hail-Mary kind of thing. In Back to the Future Part III, a windmill is used as a landmark and referred to as the "point of no return" in their planned trip back to 1985. I don’t have the same faith in you that Sam does. You really think Michael’s gonna go for that? It’s not like we pulled the trigger. Every morning, I look at it. Cas did a re-con. You ain’t helpin’. The walls are coming down on us, and I look over to you and all I can think about is, “this stupid son of a bitch brought me here.” I just didn’t want to let you down. INT. 'Cept it—it uh, kinda looked like my prom and I was making out with this girl, her name was Kristin McGee-- INT. Oh, you son of a bitch. Adam doesn’t have to be cursed. DEAN Well, you didn’t, so… JOSHUA ADAM ZACHARIAH BOBBY’S STUDY – DAY You can’t kill the devil. DEAN SAM CASTIEL However, Castiel brings their half-brother Adam, who is the Plan B for the angels. He kills one, drops his blade, and taunts the rest. DEAN That’s better.

BOBBY’S KITCHEN – DAY Alright, you know what? Wait a minute. ADAM So screw destiny, right in the face. ADAM wakes up. Isn’t that suicide? Just listen, okay? Well, where would they have taken him? SAM ZACHARIAH So that you could surrender to them? ADAM DEAN ZACHARIAH Doubt it. DEAN turns around to find CASTIEL standing behind him. Still, trust me. But who’s keeping score? I owe you an apology. DEAN It's not perfect, but it's possible. SAM Results, results, results. Did you get to third base? Cool your jets, corky.

THEN The green room is filled with white light. ZACHARIAH Employee of the month, every month, forever. SAM But she will…soon. Sam! SAM nods his head a little. Yeah, I know. Hell, I have let you rot in here. ADAM You…or me? DEAN ZACHARIAH But once we pass this windmill, it's the future or bust." SAM Can you hear me?! Should I keep going? Lucifer's gonna wear you to the prom, man. DEAN SAM Cas, what the hell? SAM After everything that's happened? You're finally ready, right? But then I won’t have to watch you fail. How could you do that? Why? Anything, of course! Because I promised you I wouldn’t give up! What do you mean, for what? Boys! I know who you are. He marks the box for ROBERT SINGER after he tapes it shut. What? Because… you’re still my big brother. ZACHARIAH But I'm begging you. About that…Look, this is never easy, but I’m afraid…we’ve had to terminate your position at this time. Tell you one thing, with an attitude like that, you would have fit right in around here. ZACHARIAH You’re not Adam. But I am. Where the hell are we? Just uh, just keep going. DEAN Every single time I did. I’m tired, man. ADAM What’s wrong? Now where the hell is Zachariah? Expendable. DEAN DEAN I’m the one that’s got to put up with that dumb, slack-jawed look on your face. A hand reaches up, and CASTIEL pulls out the body of ADAM MILLIGAN. DEAN Yeah, but there's another way. Oh, no, no, I "get" you perfectly. ADAM So, uh… We ready?

You know, if tables were turned…I’d let you rot in here. Uh, why don't you, uh, go keep an eye on Adam? DEAN Do you know who I am…after I deliver you to Michael? DEAN How’s Lisa doing, anyways? What was that? SAM Cas, you okay? Please, just trust me. Call Michael down, you bastard! DEAN looks from ZACHARIAH to SAM and ADAM who are lying on the floor, still coughing up blood. SAM SAM DEAN I—I want to know. CASTIEL Where’d you think it was?

I don’t know. SAM ADAM I hear that. He opens it to find it an abandoned office. And then they assigned me you.

Dean? SAM

Reality happened. “So” what? Our night. Cas. No, man. DEAN BOBBY Well you gotta be kidding me. No! SAM comes at ZACHARIAH from behind with an angel blade. BOBBY You branded his ribs, didn’t you? Yeah, I’m not gonna let you do this. SAM In yourself. But I'm not letting you do it, either. BOBBY'S PANIC ROOM - DAY This is our only chance. She’s not coming. So? They’re faster. Hey. CASTIEL

He’s a Winchester. What the hell happened to you? But if you have one good memory of dad, just one, then you'll give us a little more time. CASTIEL grasps his head and hunches over in pain. Where’s the beautiful room? DEAN leaves SAM and attempts to open the green room’s door from the outside. Sure, fine. ZACHARIAH ZACHARIAH

They don’t know. DEAN CASTIEL Whoa.

Dean begins to think the only way to stop Lucifer is to say yes to Michael, but the angels decide they don't need him anymore.