With love. Of course it was gay. Stiles answered defiantly. He finally lifted up his face and kissed Stiles' lips gently. "Damn it, Stiles!" Protect. Derek nodded in Stiles' neck, still too embarrassed to look at him. Stiles bit his lip seeing Derek's bright red eyes. His boyfriend was such an asshole.

My pups!" Mais ce que ces gens ne savent pas c’est que, derrière les portes closes, Stiles passe ses soirées en tant que chien de Derek.

The Wolf growled as he aimed his knot right at Stiles' prostate over and over again.

He was frail.

"That's so hot! " His claws sprung to life, beyond any level of control. The Wolf howled inside of Derek's mind, clawing his way to the surface. ), ... Hopefully, Derek won't kill him. He closed and locked his window, pulling the curtains together. Sighing he grabbed his bag and keys and headed for his jeep.

I try so hard and you don't give a fuck, do you?" When Peter buys Derek a slave the younger wolf thinks that he must be joking when it comes to light that his uncle is in fact not joking...Derek caves and accepts the slave. Derek kneeled down in front of his mate, sated yet needing more.

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Wallowing in self pity, you ASS!

Just for good measure he made sure to pull Derek's underwear down in the same motion. You comment a question or dare to one or more of the 5 and they do it or tell and if they dont ... lets just say they live a nightmare I do not own any of the art Everyone wants the riches, fame, glory, and an Alpha to keep them safe and warm at night. He couldn't stop his feet from moving. Damn him. Stiles asked softly breaking the silence. Perfect muscles wrapped in perfectly worn clothing. [All the tagged teens live in the rebuilt Hale House with Derek and hilarity ensues...along with the PTSD, nightmares, trust issues, etc. Stiles let out a chocked sound. Your review has been posted. He smiled gently.

It was why he'd let it get this long, too long.

MATES. The Wolf moved again. Derek had no idea how this happened, but somehow, all of the annoying teenage supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills had managed to subtly move into his house without his permission--which he definitely wouldn't have given--or him noticing. NO FUCKING DUH! “No icing?”. Derek had no idea how he felt about this, but he was definitely going to act much more annoyed than he truly was. "There's a lot of food downstairs... You usually cook when you're upset. FUCK THIS! He crushed their lips together in a deep kiss that had Stiles melting in his arms the very next second. "Swallow around me."

Or the one where a research binge leads Stiles straight to a BDSM club and ends with him as Peter Hale's sub, boyfriend, and ultimately, his lover.

The Alpha howled in frustration. I'm also in the process of writing another Sterek fanfic called "WHAT DO YOU WANT DEREK!?". The hot tears burned his cheeks as he went to the kitchen and began to cook. At the very least, Derek believes actions speak louder than words. "Starting the healing process." WARNING YAOI (BOY x BOY) *PLEASE NO FLAGGING* This feature is not available right now. Just a little thing I've been working on for a while now. But Stiles had been neglected lately. The Wolf actually moaned at that. "I take care of you."

Derek hid his face in the crook of Stiles' neck to cover the blush now spreading over his chest. Derek gave in with a smile and made out with Stiles for the long hours until his knot finally shrunk. Series. Claws formed on Derek's finger tips as he slowly started to lose control. It came as a total surprise. His cock began swelling inside of Stiles.

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Crossing the distance between him and Stiles. Derek wanted to growl but even that was hard even if his Alpha healing powers were slowly - too slowly - starting to kick in. When Stiles gets lost in the woods in the middle of the night, he finds Derek Hale's car parked by the side of the road and the man gives him a lift. Did he mention that Derek's dad is a total DILF? The CEO and his assistant. Stiles simply made a tiny noise and just barely nodded his head before Derek's cock was fully sheathed inside of him, in one swift move, Stiles screaming out in a mix of pleasure and pain, head thrown all the way back into the pillows, back arched completely off the bed, body bent in half under the Wolf's grip. MATES. But the Kanima was distracted as stupid, valiant Stiles came to his rescue.

The Wolf let out a strangled sound of appreciation with every item of clothing Stiles was stripping off for him.


He was serious. "Derek?" THAT IS IT!

At the mercy of the Kanima. Derek slowly took control of his own body, the Alpha moving back filled with pride and content over knotting his mate, filling them with pups.

Scott had told him it was too weird. Derek looked up from his spot on the couch and stared at him, his expression blank. "Put your tongue out for me." "Get out of my house. It growled appreciatively, possessivly as Derek felt his body heat go up about ten whole degrees. "Like what you see?" A fan fiction for Sterek! Fought to make Derek's body work again.

He took another deep breath inhaling Stiles' scent. Stiles decided to check his phone. He turned away from Derek and walked out of his room. So loud Derek thought for sure he'd be deaf. It was that moment, when the world slowed to a crawl, when the volume hit zero and it was just him and Liam. Stiles thought about not opening the window but decided to open it and then tell him to go away. Derek simply looked at him, green eyes following him.