[39] Michael Moore posted a leaked memo from a Capital Blue Cross employee about the likely consequences of the film. [52][53], The left-of-center[54]/liberal-leaning[55][56][57] Urban Institute (UI) largely agreed with Moore regarding the need for a universal health care system and failure of the current system. After the initial visit, the 50 percent discount was revoked when the hospital discovered that she had obtained the money to pay for her treatment through fundraising, which the hospital considered to be earned income. Loder points to calls for reform in Britain and France due to the same rationing. In France, Moore visits a hospital and interviews the head of obstetrics and gynaecology and a group of American expatriates. In Canada, a citizen describes the case of Tommy Douglas, who was voted the greatest Canadian in 2004 for his contributions to the Canadian health system. A documentary comparing the highly profitable American health care industry to other nations, and HMO horror stories including shotgun deaths. Sicko is a 2007 American political documentary film by filmmaker Michael Moore. Michael Moore sets out to expose the truth about American health insurance companies. Parents Guide. Many of the insured discover their policies are worthless after insurance investigators reel off an endless list of conditions and procedures that are not covered, or discover "pre-existing conditions" the patients "should" have known about.

In ‘Sicko’ Michael Moore Examines US Healthcare System November 01, 2009 12:38 PM Filmmaker Michael Moore, known for his controversial documentaries on the American automobile industry, on … She was already in the E.R., wasn't she? Sicko? Of course we have heard all about "socialized medicine," which among many evils denies you freedom of choice of hospitals and doctors. He simply tells one story after another about Americans who are sick, dying or dead because we have an undemocratic, profit-gouging health care system.

Furthermore, Sicko references the World Health Organization which lists the U.S. health in general as ranked 37 out of 191, with certain health measures, such as infant mortality and life expectancy, equal to countries with much less economic wealth. My wife and I have also paid large sums from our own savings. The film was also a huge success in DVD sales in which it accumulated over $60 million in sales. September 7, 2007", Cubans Show Little Satisfaction with Opportunities and Individual Freedom, "Cuban healthcare is painted rosy in 'Sicko,' critics say", "Michael Moore's Shticko:His health care jeremiad won't win any converts", "Insuring America's Health: Principles and Recommendations", "Movie News - New Movies, Reviews, Casting - MTV - News", "Moore's one-sided view tells some truths", "SICKO: Damn those Insurance Companies, where the heck are they when you're sick? And that if you include the people who are underinsured, more people than in the United Kingdom. [63] Moore argued that US officials simply made up the story to discredit the film as it portrays the US healthcare system in a negative light. [69][70] | "[62], Sicko was shown in theaters throughout Cuba and on national TV. [41] Immediately following the segment, Moore was interviewed live on CNN by Wolf Blitzer.

My insurance has covered a small fortune in claims. You know, we have more people who are uninsured in this country than the entire population of Canada. "[58], Regarding Moore's donation to Jim and Donna Kenefick of Moorewatch.com, while Donna Kenefick thanked Moore, saying his money "paid for our health insurance premiums and gave us the financial breathing room to both deal with our debts",[59] Jim Kenefick disputed Moore's account of these events, saying that his insurance would have paid for his wife's needs, and that his sites were in operation again thanks to reader donations long before he ever received Moore's check. [8] Providing only their names and birth dates, the volunteers are hospitalized and receive medical attention.

Synopsis I decided this is what I would do, and what I should do, and this is the way I want Americans to live. Have you ever understood exactly what benefit an HMO provides while it stands between you and the medical care system and acts as a toll bridge? Moore posted a point-by-point response on his website. "[47], The free-market[48] think-tanks, such as the Manhattan Institute, say that Sicko misrepresented the health systems of Canada, the United Kingdom and Cuba, and criticized it for its negative portrayal of the American health insurance system compared to these countries. She still could not afford the initial consultations, so she held a fundraiser to pay for it. Journalist John Stossel wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal that claimed Julie Pierce's husband, Tracy, featured in Sicko, would not have been saved by the bone marrow transplant denied by his insurer.