in Gurgaon, Projects Restaurants, Noida in India, Social Softwares in Books, Reference in I agree with the part about Dilip Kumar not passion on the job of capturing his son, but why shoot to kill? Mobile display: block; LTE, Den Mutual That night, as he is talking to Roma, she is accosted by a drunk patron who misbehaves with her. Landmarks, Places To Visit in Pretty much a scripted Bachchan Best Of compilation, minus the camp joy of hits like Amar Akbar Anthony and Don. Academies, Computer

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No one makes a film wanting it to be any less than their previous one. Fiction Behind the assassination attempt is JK, his erstwhile boss, who is not very pleased at the failure of his plot. Farz Aur Kanoon of Jeetendra did better business than Shakti in 1982.Shakti. To cash on that, the posters before the cinema halls showed him in equal stature with Dilip and Amitabh. Developers, Gurgaon Builders A big zero. (laughs a loud and again says) sautela bhai….main toh wahan se, bhaag aaya par meri sauteli maa aur mere sautele bhai ne meri maa ko, mere baap ke ghar ke andar qaid kar rakha hai….

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Softwares in India, Email You didn't like Shakti. It is surprising to know that SJ thought any other actor could have done justice to such scenes. Mutual Funds, Angel Agriculture Nursery and Amitabh Bachchan and Ramesh Sippy at their best. It's a deep psychological story, touching a problem of choice before a human: love to your child or duty before the society, which you chose to defend.

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} I think it was the way Dilipsaab's role was written, Harvey. I fully intended to, but it slipped my mind.

Shakti has always been one of my favourite films. :( That's two days too far away. Shakti was Dilip Kumar's film through and through, and Amitabh knew it when he signed it. Bikes, Bajaj SRK was hardly in it, and I didn't like the movie except for his scene. I had the good fortune of seeing them when I was working in Bombay. Pro, Internet Service Bikes, Ducati Designing Colleges, Mass Considered to be one of the greatest films in the history of Indian cinema… He comes to her rescue, and then walks her back home. But well, Amitabh was the more deserving contender for the award because actually he is the one who ends up stealing the show. India, Small Bikes, Yamaha Vijay comes home, but the emotionally traumatised boy is sure that his father does not love him, and this feeling crystallises as he grows older. Capital, Motilal How could you term his performance as fantastic when there was nothing for him to do ? Analytics I guess I should not post under mail received but the actual comment.

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22 Sep 1982 (India) Critic Rating-0 Review . Spas, Mumbai

Bank ", "Humne sanam ko khat likha…. The best is when he visits his home after his mother's death.

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It’s a conversation that doesn’t go too well, because Ashwini is there as the DCP; he tells Vijay that while he is in jail, he needs to forget that he is the DCP’s son (the law is equal for everyone).

Schools, Pune CBSE Your review is right on except I think Shakti is a much better movie than Trishul precisely because of the great acting. India, Web When things come to a head, JK abducts Vijay in a bid to make Ashwini back down. But this DVD is formatted for 4:3 TV.

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Clinics, Bangalore And the following scene, where, when Vijay insinuates that his father sent Sheetal because he didn’t have the courage to come arrest Vijay himself, and she verbally tears him apart. Chocolates, Hershey Companies, Airlines in Mumbai, Bookstores Financial Services, Tips on Looking forward to your post. Websites, Communication He wanted to act with Dilip Kumar. Philosophy Books, Art and So.... (and that woman has not been posting, which is really mean of her!)Thursday? Iconic and so much brilliance of human relationships. Builders and If you come to the blog, and post under my response (as you seem to have done with this comment of yours), it will post in a thread. Mobile In fact, it was their first and last film, together…. Restaurants, Bhopal