SEPA is a European scheme that aims to standardize payments in the markets of the European Union. For instance, it can be set to pay monthly rent, electricity bill or other recurring payments. Despite having the same name, direct debit and SEPA credit transfer are very different. Preparations will depend on the company’s systems and the automation level of its payments processing. Here’s a list of SEPA zone countries, including codes used for BIC, IBAN and the country’s currency.

Danske Bank, Helsinki Branch will be one of the banks offering this special service.
Revolut is free for individuals and already offers multi-currency accounts. SEPA significa una única forma de realizar los pagos en euros de manera sencilla, segura y eficaz para consumidores y empresas en Europa. It transfers cash from one bank to another by the use of IBAN codes. It was created to simplify cross-border money transfers in Euros, the only currency SEPA supports. If you’re not in the UK but you do business with the UK it can be smart to open an account with more flexible banks, such as Revolut. SEPA will also make it easier for companies to centralise their payments with one bank and reduce their number of foreign bank accounts. Los clientes pueden realizar pagos en cualquier país de la Zona SEPA a través de una cuenta, una tarjeta o instrumentos de pago con idénticas características. They already have or will be able to acquire a banking license in Lithuania or Luxembourg – allowing them to continue offering euro accounts inside the EU.

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The Single Euro Payments Area was born from the initiative of the Banking Sector and pushed forward by the European Central Bank and the European Commission. SEPA also introduces the possibility of more extensive competitive tendering for payment transaction services by standardising payments and payment processes in different countries.
The existing Finnish direct debit service will be discontinued in a few years’ time. Pulsa para tener más información o para configurar o rechazar su uso. With such an account, it is possible for a person in Europe to receive and send money in Euros with very low fees.

Some countries participate in the technical schemes: Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and Vatican City. SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) es la zona única de pagos en euros formada por 34 países (todos los Estados Miembros de la Unión Europea, junto con Islandia, Liechtenstein, Noruega, Suiza, Mónaco y San Marino), en la que los pagos en euros se realizan y reciben en las mismas condiciones y derechos. Usamos cookies propias y de terceros para mejorar nuestros servicios y mostrarte publicidad relacionada con tus preferencias mediante el análisis de tus hábitos de navegación. Todos los derechos reservados, Servicio de Reclamaciones y Atención al Cliente.

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