Sansaco is the premier furniture store in the Tukwila, Washington area. We never found what we wanted, or if we did, it was super expensive. , which is pretty unusual for a furniture store. We didn't end up buying our furniture here because we were in too much of a rush to wait for something custom order, but I wanted to give a shout out to the service. I've visited the Tukwila area consistently every couple weeks for the past year in search of furniture to furnish my home.

I've been coming here for about 10 years after ACE Closed. Get a U-Haul and make double-sure of the space the item is intended for! The staff is small because most of their business is as wholesalers. Extremely rude. Their sales people need to be educated on which items are no longer available.My only option was to buy the floor model which was not exactly what I wanted and was actually marked and frayed. … We have gone back to them a number of times. How is this business handling reopening?

Sansaco offers high quality furniture at a low price to the Tukwila, Washington area. They patiently walked us through EVERYTHING ,and then went through catalogs until we found something we liked. Dear Stein World,I attempted to get a price for your desk at Sanasko Furniture, Seattle area. Tough to find, but worth the hunt. Customer service is a large island in the centre of the store.

I will definitely refer them to friends and family and will be shopping there and only there from now on.

Map & Our order was done in 3 weeks. Randomly chose Furniture World because we had not been there yet and... Best Random Choice Ever. You can either buy your furniture off the floor (they always have stock in the warehouse), or you can custom order it in the fabric or leather of your choice. We will definitely go again! My advice to you is to proceed with care since the store has no cancellation or return policy - basically you're stuck. When I pay 30-50% less than retail for a product I am smart enough to realize that I am going to sacrifice something in the purchasing experience. They are very incompetent. When I called back a few times for the next hour, they put me to voice mail. The table is of superior quality and the wood grain is gorgeous. My takeaway from this experience is --- I'll never shop there again.

I have had much worse customer service experiences at full price furniture stores. Sansaco is the premier furniture store in the Tukwila, Washington area. Have to love this place for what it is: a sort of obscure location between big box stores and a warehouse full of furnishings scattered in no particular order. They will advise you if you need it, and leave you to enjoy your browsing. With Sansaco, you have got to look for them (very small sign to their door), you can expect a warehouse not a showroom, a knowledgable but small staff, and do it yourself delivery. 22 other reviews that are not currently recommended. Right now, I am ready to throw the whole furniture piece out the window ...but after having spent $500, it's a little hard to do.

Check out the Stanton and Stylus websites, find the item you want then head to Sansaco to chose the fabric you want from hundreds of swatches and get a price. You will get better service if you go in person. We didn't end up buying our furniture here because we were in too much of a rush to wait for something custom order, but I wanted to give a shout out to the service. Several times we have walked in and described what we are looking for. That was over one year ago. If you do they are rude, and not customer savvy. – I just called got a rude lady. I live in Anchorage and they have always been able to coordinate shipping or delivery for me with no hassles. It can be very overwhelming to a novice at this store. After being unsatisfied with most of the products available at nearby stores a friend suggested I try Sansaco, which is unadvertised and only easy to find for the people in the know. Know what you want before ordering. I have purchased various furnishings from Sansaco several times. All I had to do was bring in a drawer from my existing piece and they matched it perfectly. I would never give a place like this my business. I admit the first time I walked in it seemed like a typical dingy warehouse furniture store selling low quality furniture. Good customer service goes a long way. The prices are at least, did you hear that, at least 30% less than Macy's or other major furniture stores and the quality is superb. BUT, if you want to get an idea of what you want and then talk to someone, they are friendly and helpful. next time i waited an hour while spaced-out slow workers poked around the warehouse looking for my stuff. Lots of selections – Sansaco is a furniture warehouse in its purest sense, a big open space with lots of furniture. But fortunately for us, they are willing to sell to the public. I thought I would have to drop off my vacuum cleaner and pick it up another day and pay more than I thought I would have to pay. This place has a ton of furniture and it is all reasonable priced. They have so many books from various furniture manufacturers along with fabric swatches from each. Sansaco does not deliver, but they have some moving companies they recommend. And shocking how rude the employees are. Information Accuracy - We have taken great … Every time I call to check on it, they say they'll look into it and call me back, which they have yet to do. But if you are like me, that is fine because you will get great quality furniture (they have lesser quality too) for a great price; at least 1/3 off the showroom stores! The prices were reasonable, but I found this to be the case because most of their floor inventory is Ashley furniture left overs on mark down, with no delivery. It was brand new in a box and found out at home while putting it together... What an awful vibe.

I had not problem with the customer service- they were very nice and helpful to me. My husband called and spoke with a woman who was courteous and helpful; she said it was due to arrive either that day or the next. If you can get past the warehouse showroom, you can find almost anything you're looking for. Dont settle for walmart quality when you can get better for the same price! It had been just over a month and we hadn't heard anything. Purchased storage bench for $150. It was an additional $150 to have an 8 seater + 4 chairs and a bench to be delivered and constructed in Issaquah.I give 4 stars for two reasons:1. A few months ago we finally purchased two lift recliners with the help of Bill. Customer service has always been great for me. The employees were not pushy but were very helped when approached. First of all, it would have been nice to know that before I wasted my time. Definitely would go back to them. They told us it would take 1-2 weeks to arrive, and so far we are at 4+ weeks... which is a long time to go without a dining table. First of all, it would have been nice to know that before I wasted my time.

They don't run sales, they don't negotiate on their prices at all and I never felt pressured. Sansaco should not have to be responsible for the customers' mis-measuring. He was also great! It is definitely has a warehouse feel to it. Are they allowing in-store shopping? Yes, it's dark and cluttered but they are working on fixing this by opening a new warehouse showroom directly across the parking lot. The balance is due at pick up.

I do not usually do this, but, here I am!!! If, however, you are looking for an excellent price in the item you are looking for, look no further!