We’ve been helping to make our clients’ wants come to fruition for the past ten years. You can't even watch the planes on the runway because of the opaque fencing. This lot is great. As long as it isn't full just park here and wait to pick up that awesome friend or adoring family member. The machines do take credit and debit cards, but I don't trust the owner of a vending machine with my cards. Suggest your friends use the Sandiego Airport parking "Cell Phone Lot", which is free.

Enjoy an evening sailing under the sunset on a relaxing sailing cruise with a unique perspective on San Diego that you can only get from the water. Origin Arrival Flight Airline Terminal. AssistAnt can carry out these seemingly impossible plans simply by choosing premium service providers. Arrived at 1030pm on a Thursday. There are signs that discourage idling your car in order to reduce emissions, which I can definitely appreciate. Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about Cell Phone Lot at San Diego International Airport. Ahhh... the cell phone lot.

Very pleased to have come across this lot because I save time and Petrol. It is free, there is no charge, and it's easy to get out and in.

A convenient, no frills spot to wait for arrivals. Once you finally get the cell phone call that the person you're waiting for is at the terminal curbside, the entrances to terminal 1 and terminal 2 are right away to the right - very well-planned. It's free and serves its purpose in the most efficient way. Leave your car at home and take a, Tip: there are cold beverage and snack vending machines in this lot. I'm not joking. Search: or. Other than that, this place is perfectly located so that you can see the plane land that you're waiting for. Here's what you need to know: This place is 3 to 5 minutes from many of the terminals, and it is easily found. Global Travel Concierge Make a wish and we will make it happen. San Diego International Airport's cell phone waiting lot is a great idea, beneficial to travelers and their local connections, and it's sited in a great location.

With our assistance, you don’t need to be concerned about lengthy lines checking in for your flight or passport control because our quick and efficient service speeds you through security, check-in, and passport control. There's some vending machines along with some portapottys. Learn more. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. At AssistAnt, our objective is to make your next travel experience seamless, smooth, and hassle-free. No tickets for being on your phone hey that's a beautiful thing. It was completely full including the lanes. See photo.

Then as soon as your person texts you with, "we landed" you can reply, "yeah I know, I saw your plane land." What's great is this parking lot is designed to use your phone, text, etc. There's also an attendant present which makes me feel safer. Whoever decided on the size and placement of the signs probably works for Apple, no doubt. It was completely full including the lanes. Only 3 minutes from the airport departures or arrivals. If you're here before your friend lands just hang out in the one hour free parking lot until your friends call, and then swoop into the terminal in less that 5 min.The entrance is located the light before the commuter terminal. It takes me exactly 4 minutes to get from this lot to Southwest Airlines baggage claim / passenger pick up area.2. No more with the handy dandy cellphone lot. There is a trash can.That's all she wrote! If you can snag a parking spot facing the bay, you'll have a nice view while you wait.

The Port Authority has a page about the cell parking lot.

It is free, there is no charge, and it's easy to get out and in. So exciting. We will assist you with passport control, pick up your luggage, and help you with customs. An embarrassment for SAN. People couldn't even get into the lot because it was full of people circling. I guess people are bored like me sitting around waiting for their friend or family to arrive.

Make sure you speak with us to determine if the airport you are flying into or out of allows the VVVIP package. But they are in fact *just* possible to read, and they have flight arrival and departure times on them. These immigration facilities were built in 2017 (and opened in June 2018) and are located at T2 West gates 45-51. For me, I'm not there for more than 10-15 minutes depending on if there are any delays.